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Thursday, January 25, 2007

South Africa, a "friend of torture?"

Map of BurmaThe South African government, led by the ANC, keeps proving my point.

I have for a long time had the idea that
the South African government is not really interested in real justice and real human rights.

Our government had the ideal opportunity to stand up for justice and human rights when the U.N. Security Council voted on calling on the military government of Burma to ease up on its repression of its people. And what did our government vote in its maiden vote on the Security Council?

Together with Russia and China, South Africa voted against the measure.

What was the so-called reason for this vote? According to Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad, the resolution did not fit the mandate of the Security Council and belonged to the U.N. Human Rights Commission. What a bunch of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo!
Surely, while the ANC was in exile, they would not have agreed with such an argument about the previous apartheid regime?!

For once the South African government could have proven that it had more
back-bone than we all knew it didn't have. Yet, they rather sided with their partners-in-crime, China. China is another major human rights violator, which makes me wonder what the South African government really stand for. It seems that the ANC government was only willing to fight for their own freedom from apartheid, and "basta" with the rest of the oppressed peoples of the world. It seems the attitude is, "I fought for my own freedom; you fight for yours!" Is this what the ANC government seeks to make us believe? From its actions, what else are we to assume?

Has the government ever said anything to China regarding its oppression of
people in that country, especially Christians? I think not! This government would rather side with oppressive governments elsewhere, such as China and several Islamic and communistic countries. I do not think that this government is playing open cards with its citizens. I bet if they do, they will soon lose all their votes! Are they aiming at emulating these oppressive regimes? Is that perhaps why they have been so soft on Mugabe, just north of us? I certainly hope not!

Just recently, reports of escalating persecution against the Burmese Christian minority were confirmed by a leaked secret memo from a Burmese government ministry.

Naturally, the South African government, led by the ANC majority will not do or even say anything against this persecution. My guess is that the ANC does not care about what Christians think or believe, until elections come around again!

How can I say that the ANC-led government feels nothing for its Christian citizens? Well, look at some o
f the major laws it has passed, each of these laws an abomination to God and a source of heartache to Christians! The ANC government has legalized pornography, abortion and same-sex "marriage!"

I just hope that the already weakened U.N. has not been weakened further with a country like South Africa represented. I can see that our government simply does not have the resolve to commit to anything that may perhaps require change of oppressive regimes!

Before the ANC acquired its "freedom" from apartheid, they wanted countries from everywhere to interfere in South Africa's business; yet, now they have changed heart when it comes to other countries that are experiencing violent oppression. Human rights only matter if it concerns them directly, not if someone else is concerned!

Maybe, as someone else has said before, South Africa is a "friend of torture!"

Updated 7 February 2007:
South African government strengthens bonds with China as a "friend of torture!" Also read about the Africa/China connection here!

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