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Monday, March 05, 2007

Islamic nuclear weapons assistance from South Africa?

I watched Carte Blanche last night, which aired a segment called "Nuclear Jihad," a creation of CBC.

The program exposed A.Q. Khan, a Pakistani scientist, who sold nuclear secrets and components to a host of Islamic nations. It also showed how far his sales network reached, and also different countries involved in helping manufacture parts for nuclear weapons factories.

What concerns me is that it seems that South Africa was involved in this. Apparently some factory outside of Johannesburg helped manufacture parts for Khan's network!

I am sure that the South African public would like to know how involved the government was/is in this! It is common knowledge that the South African government is sympathetic towards Islamic nations; and, would it be surprising if the factory that manufactured these parts did so with the full knowledge of the SA government?

From this article it seems that the SA government could be innocent. Then, of course, in a court of law, innocence cannot be established, but only non-guilt, based on current verifiable information.

I can only surmise that the SA government knew of the factory. When "
police found the elements of a two-storey steel processing system for the enrichment plant in a factory outside Johannesburg," government officials said that only nuclear components were discovered. However, it seems "that the massive system was designed to operate 1000 centrifuges for enriching uranium."

If the SA government was so circumspect about what was said to the press, what did they have to hide?

Another reason why I think the SA government is not so innocent, is the fact that it is a staunch supporter of Iran's nuclear program. Iran is sitting with all kinds of nuclear "goodies" that they bought via A.Q. Khan, and I am convinced that these "goodies" are not for peaceful purposes. Sure, perhaps the added benefit will be nuclear reactors in order to provide enough power to provide electricity to Iran, but I am not convinced that that is the primary purpose of Iran's search for nuclear capabilities! The reason I do not think that Iran has a peaceful purpose in mind here is the fact that their "nutty" president, Ahmadinejad, publicly, for the whole world to see and hear, said that Israel must be wiped off the map! How else can this be done except with nuclear capabilities?

South Africa, it seems, is a certain threat in the new "nuclear age" started by A.Q. Khan. The South African government obviously would deny this, yet I think that the jury is already in!

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