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Monday, April 16, 2007

The 'Left' redefining Easter?

It seems that whenever a Christian holiday (read 'holy day') comes up, the 'Left' go nuts!

What is it with them? Maybe we should redefine some of the 'holy days' belonging to the 'Left!'

Of course, two of the most 'holy days' for the 'Left' are Evolution Day (Scopes Trial - 21 Jul 1925) and Abortion Day (22 Jan 1973).

Of course, we know that the "left" had already redefined the Scopes case in its grossly inaccurate film, Inherit the Wind. So, there is no redefinition necessary there, just the need for a redressing of the facts of the case.

Then of course, there is Abortion Day! Here, the 'Left' neatly packaged the lie of abortion as the right of 'choice.' Let's redefine it to speak the truth! It is murder! It is NOT about choice, but about immorality and selfishness. The immorality and selfishness of the parents or one of them. The one who should have the choice,
is never given the choice, but is rather eliminated: the unborn child!

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, decided to take it upon himself to redefine Easter!


Steve Hayes said...

In what way do we "go nuts"?

William Dicks said...

Haven't you noticed?

At Christmas, they have a lot to say about Christmas time.

At Easter, almost every year, much would be said about Easter, attempting to drag it down by so-called historians who claim all kinds of things to try and disprove Christianity.

It is an annual occurence.

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