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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open letter to leaders of the ACDP and CDA (CDA Reply)

I have sent an open letter to the ACDP and the CDA to ask them why unity talks between them have failed and why there are more than one Christian party anyhow. Of course this is the gist of the matter. If you want to see the complete letter then read “Open letter to leaders of the ACDP and CDA”. I did not only post the open letter on this blog, I also sent the letter to the offices of the ACDP and the CDA.

I am glad to say that the CDA has responded already in the form of an email from Colin Fibiger dated Tue 2009/02/24 14:01. I have also received an email dated Wed 2009/02/25 09:37 from Mrs. Madelein Watson, PA to the ACDP president, Kenneth Meshoe, that she would personally follow the open letter up with him.

So, without further ado, here is the response from the CDA. Comments by me are in [red].

Hi William

Firstly, let me thank you for the very probing questions you have raised as well as your interest in the political scenario on South Africa. We sharpen each other iron to iron and every challenge to us should only strengthen our convictions.

On why other parties were formed, these are for differing reasons of course depending on the relevant party. The UCDP for instance felt that they as a people group needed to look after themselves and never were part of ACDP. The ACDP members that walked over to NADECO, felt that they could express their Christian political convictions better in that platform. I would rather not speak on anyone's behalf but rather express our belief, as the CDA, that the past should be put behind us and that we should look forward to a future political dispensation where we have come together as one voice. Each will have their own reasons, for establishing different parties, some valid, some perhaps not so valid. Essentially, we have a choice. Keep focusing on past differences or humble ourselves and join together.

This indeed is what the CDA is all about, and all the parties that have joined the Alliance, have chosen to look past any minor differences we might have, and form one united Christian political force. As your Blog article so well said "Unity or Bust!"

Wesley Douglas' response on their website is unfortunately a blatant untruth, and accusing members who left, of finding the ACDP Christian stance too radical, implies that these members wished to compromise on Biblical principles. It is unfortunate that this young man chose to insult not only his seniors, but men and women who have shown themselves committed to God over the years.

To add clarity, to the situation, and sadly, I must contradict the ACDP response, by Richard Dinkelman. [This was a response in his personal capacity and not an official response from the ACDP.] The ACDP was approached many months ago in order to get them on board and they responded by saying that they did not wish to jeopardise their alliance with the DA in the Cape Town Municipality. If you wish I can forward you a copy of their letter. The fact that they responded with a press release on 11 July 2008 confirms this. [I have this letter in my possession.]

The latest talks, which indeed only recently happened, were initiated by ACA, the Family Policy Institute and other Christian organisations wishing, as we do, to see Christian political unity. At this meeting, the reasons given by the ACDP for not coming on board, was the proximity to elections and the fact that they had already paid their deposits and submitted their lists. The latter reason being impossible, as the election date had not yet been promulgated so payments and submissions could not have been made. It is therefore abundantly clear that they never had any intention of entering into transparent talks with genuine intent.

We have however, committed ourselves to ongoing talks with all Christian groups and will pursue this striving for unity endlessly. We trust that God's will, will prevail and that the future will see us all together.

Lastly, on your question of which of the two, Christians should vote for......

I must be honest and appeal to all Christians to stand behind, not only Biblical issues politically, but also behind God's will that we be one as He is one. We cannot deny this desire of His and as much as we might perhaps have similar policies on external matters, internally, the CDA represents a vision and dream beyond any one party.

We constitutionally, are a federal party, with a revolving chairman. This means we cannot have any one leader dictating to anyone else, at any level. We operate on a genuine federal management system which means that no one from national may interfere in provincial listing processes etc. This eliminates the hurt and anger that arises from interference at every election. We therefore represent, not only Biblical policies, but also Biblical management and stewardship. Almost, if not just as important.

If a voter chooses to vote ACDP instead of CDA, we have to acknowledge that that is their choice and honour those voters who would vote ACDP, as they are voting according to their beliefs.

As you so rightly indicated however, the number of Christians voting according to their beliefs is minimal and our main concern is the large portion of Christians voting ANC, DA and now Cope instead of putting their trust in God's principles. We can no longer settle for the small percentages Christian parties are obtaining a the polls and believe the CDA represents a fresh and viable alternative for us to come together as one and take our nation forward into real change.

Colin Fibiger

I would like to thank Colin Fibiger’s quick response from the CDA.

When all responses have finally come in, I may add my own commentary to the situation, but this is not definite.

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