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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is Fiji's political turmoil also a miracle?

There is a DVD making the rounds about how God did a miracle in Fiji when He raised Christians (or a Christian party) to rule the nation. How many years ago that was supposed to have happened, I do not know.

This DVD has created quite a stir among a small Christian group in the hope that the same would happen here in South Africa. Of course, this is all in the hope that South Africa will get a political solution with Godly government. I am sure most Christians hope for something like this to happen in South Africa. Is it realistic? Not at all! It is very presumptive to think that God would bring about such a miraculous change in South Africa in order to bring about a Christian political dispensation.

Of course, the New Testament never promises Christians any kind of majority political rule this side of heaven! God's kingdom is NOT of this world!

Coming back to Fiji, the island nation experienced a military coup back in 2006, which has brought the country into disrepute. Just this week, all free news reporting has been halted, and several foreign journalists have been expelled from the country.

Since there was a major change in government run by Christians some time ago, and that was seen as a miracle, are we to believe that the coup was also a miracle?

You see, when you put your hope in political means, your hopes will eventually be dashed.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. (Ps 20:7)

For those who want to think the worst of this blog post, NO, I am not saying that we as Christians should not be involved in politics. Neither am I saying that we should not vote.

What I am saying is that if your hopes and energy are spent on the political process, you are wasting your time. It is NOT the political process that will change people's hearts. Political canvassing can merely get a vote in the form of a cross on a ballot paper.

Political activity leads NO ONE to the cross of Christ.

So, go vote on 22 April and get involved in Christian politics. Just remember, politics don't change hearts, only the gospel of Jesus Christ can!

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