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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looting just the beginning: South African government starts reaping

When people in this country get angry, the first thing they do is break the law. They burn trains, kill foreigners, have violent strikes and now simply walk en-masse into supermarkets, helping themselves to food and other goods.

Each of these actions, performed mob-style, is a criminal action. To burn property, commit violent acts during strikes and taking what is not yours, is criminal. When people commit such crimes they should pay for those crimes. Especially those that instigate such actions. Nozipho Mteshane, chairperson of the South African Unemployed People's Movement (SAUPM), should be charged for instigating theft on such a scale. It is one thing to say that people are hungry and can't make ends meet, but it is a whole different issue when those people are instigated to commit crime.

When you look at the pictures in the gallery at IOL, it doesn't seem like these people are that bad off. Certainly, these are Click to see the gallerywell-dressed looters. Apart from instigating people to steal food en-masse from food stores, SAUPM also wants the government to pay each unemployed person R1500 ($187, €136, £118) per month.

South Africa has 17.87m people that are employable. Of these, 23.5% or 4.2m are unemployed. That leaves 13.67m that are employed. Based on the R1500 that SAUPM is demanding for each unemployed person per month, the South African government will need an additional R6.3b per month. That means, R75.6 billion ($9.45b, €6.87b, £5.9b) per annum! This is simply ridiculous!

On the other hand we have the ANC-ruled South African government. Their policies have brought this type of action on themselves. They have kept pushing up the minimum salaries that people are supposed to be paid, and in the domestic worker market, some people can simply not pay the minimum salaries anymore, with the effect that some have lost their jobs.

Furthermore, the ANC bred a people of strikes and violence pre-1994, and the children of those people learnt from their parents. As a result, we have a people today that know only one way of dealing with problems: violence and looting!

The ANC has a lot to do before this country can ever be normalized, and my guess is that they don't know how to do it! The question is, will that drive us back into becoming a socialistic nation?

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