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Monday, August 31, 2009

Nomination process for Public Protector in South Africa is open

Nominations for Public protector in South Africa has been opened again. If you know someone who would do well in this position, please nominate that person! It would be excellent to get a godly Christian in this position!

Nominations must be in by
Friday, 4 September 2009 at 16:00.

I just received the following from the Parliamentary Monitoring Group:

Nominations: Public Protector

The Office of  the Public Protector is an institution supporting  constitutional democracy,  established in terms of sections 181 to 183 of  Chapter 9 of the Constitution.  Although it may not investigate court  decisions, the Office of the Public  Protector must investigate matters  related to maladministration in relation to  the affairs of Government,  improper conduct by persons in the Public Service,  improper use of public  money, improper or unlawful enrichment of a person  performing a public  function, as well as acts or omissions by a person  performing a public  function that result in improper prejudice to another  person.

The Public Protector must accordingly seek to strengthen and  support  constitutional democracy through conducting investigations into alleged   improper conduct by organs of State, facilitate resolution of disputes,  reports  and recommend remedial action and raise public awareness about its  role and  responsibilities. The Public Protector must be accessible to all  persons and  communities and must be efficient and effective in the execution  of its duties.  The Office of the Public Protector must be broadly  representative of the  population of South  Africa in both race and  gender.

In  accordance with the provisions of section 193 of the Constitution, the  National  Assembly hereby invites nominations from individuals,  organisations,  institutions and civil society for a suitable person to be  appointed as Public  Protector.

The nominee must:
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Be fit and proper to hold the office of the Public  Protector
  • Comply with any other requirements prescribed by national legislation, in. particular the Public Protector Act,  1994.
In  accordance with  the provisions of the Public Protector Act and Constitution, the  National  Assembly may recommend a person for appointment by the President for a   non-renewable term of seven years. The person recommended for appointment as   Public Protector must
  • Be  suitably qualified and experienced with a reputation for  honesty and  integrity
  • Be  subject only to the Constitution and the  law
  • Be  impartial and must exercise his her powers and perform his /  her functions  without fear, favour or prejudice thus preserving the Office's   independence
  • Maintain high standards of trustworthiness
  • Account for decisions and actions
  • Display courtesy to all, treating people with dignity and   respect
  • Be  sensitive towards and understand stakeholders' needs and   feelings
  • Strive to execute responsibilities fairly and consistently with  due  regard for the facts of each matter
Nominations  must  contain the full name, address/ e-mail address and contact details of the   person or organisation making the nomination, a signed acceptance of the   nomination by the nominee and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) providing the  nominee's: 
  • Full name, ID number and gender
  • Contact details, including physical address, telephone/cell  number and  e-mail address
  • Relevant previous experience (including relevant dates and  organisations  concerned)
  • Academic   qualifications.
NB: Persons who submitted nominations by 8 May  2009, in  response to the earlier advert, need not resubmit.

Nominations must reach Committee Secretary  Mr Thembinkosi Ngoma  at tngoma@parliament.gov.za    by no later than Friday, 4 September 2009 at 16:00. 

Enquiries: tel:  Mr Thembinkosi Ngoma (021) 403-3733, cell: 072 145   9368

Issued by: Adv TM Masutha, MP:   Chairperson of the ad Hoc Committee to Nominate Person for Appointment as  Public  Protector.

Thank you,
Mlulami Dodo
Parliamentary Monitoring  Group
Website: http://www.pmg.org.za <../../../../../../>
Access to all  Parliamentary Committee information
Email mlulami@pmg.org.za
Tel 021 465  8885

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