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Friday, April 23, 2010

Apparently, teenage sex is a social problem

It seems like South African teenagers are all sexed-up and nowhere to go. 41% of pupils between grade 8 and 11 have had at least 2 sexual partners already. 52% of school pupils have had abortions, 19% have been pregnant or made someone pregnant and only 31% have used condoms during sex. As I have said in my previous post, "Criminals are cowards and should be treated as traitors to mankind!", the South African, ANC-led, government has created a godless society, and the results can be seen in the behaviour of our teenagers.

According to "acting director-general of Health Dr Yogan Pillay says there is no scientific intervention that can discourage people from having multiple partners." He also said that "[t]here is no medical intervention, there is no technical intervention. This a social challenge."

This may be a social challenge, but there is no social solution. The solution lies not in any science or social interaction, but in morality. These children behave like animals because they don't believe they are any different than animals. If you believe you evolved from an ape, you will start behaving like one!

The reason there are so many abortions and pregnancies is that these children have no role models and no base of morality that they can stand upon.

Giving them fairy tales about mythical "goo to the zoo to you" philosophies will have this effect on people. Why bother with living moral lives if we are not answerable to anyone higher than ourselves?

These kids need to hear about the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. If the government wants to intervene, silly social programs and stories about STDs will not change their behaviour. The youth already think that they are invincible and nothing will ever happen to them. Only in Christ will they find true satisfaction, and their wayward hearts will be drawn to God and He will change them.

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