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Monday, May 09, 2011

Julius Malema proves that racism is not just a “white” problem, calls whites “criminals”

Malema, who is affectionately called Juju (a waaaayyy to cutesie name for a person of his incrementally hateful jibes at white people), by the masses, seems not to put his foot in it, since he knows exactly what he is saying, and, I believe he is very calculating about it! A person puts his foot in it when he says something he didn’t plan and it comes out wrong. On the other hand, Malema is very calculating, and he plans very well what he says. He knows how to get people all fired up and ready for action.

This time, Malema told a crowd in Kimberley that whites should be treated as “criminals.” Read about it here and here.The man is already in court for hate-speech (singing “Kill the boer, kill the farmer”), and now he wants to make a blanket statement that whites should be treated as criminals. Surely we will be able, according to this logic treat Malema as a criminal. Perhaps somewhere in his family’s past there was a criminal, and therefore we can treat him as one!

To claim that people living on those land areas should be treated as criminals smacks of insanity! But, perhaps Malema has a plan. Is he intentionally provoking people into hating whites? And, it can be demonstrated that some people act out their hatred and turn to violence to satisfy their hatred. Therefore, Malema has another “proclamation” that he can be sued for in a court of law. The charge can be hate-speech to provoke others to violence.

The fact that the ANC never does anything of any value to put a stop to Malema’s outbursts proves just once again that they are making good political use of him as their gunslinger. This is all part of their policy; they just don’t want to come out and say it in the open, because they will end up in the fire for that.

The ANC has shown the world that they are racists as much as the previous government was under National Party rule. The only difference is that the world is blind to the ANC because of its Nelson Mandela worship.

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