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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Royal waste of tax money


Photo by Siyabonga Mosunkutu

South Africa is not ruled by a monarchy, but by a democracy, albeit a shaky one. However, would you be surprised if I told you that South Africa loses at least R66m per year to supposed monarchs in South Africa.

There is Goodwill Zwelithini (picture left), the Zulu king (Kwazulu-Natal); Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, the Thembu king (Eastern Cape) who burnt down the huts of his subjects in the Eastern Cape’s Tyalara community and abducted the families in 1995-1996; Zanozuko Sigcau, the Pondo king (Eastern Cape) who, with his family remained holed in a 5-star hotel on the Kwazulu-Natal south coast for two months at the tax-payer’s expense; Zwelonke Sigcawu, the Xhosa king (Eastern Cape) who does not like his tax-payer provided official vehicle (Mercedes-Benz ML350 CDi – R778 000) and, together with Dalindyebo thinks that their R10 000 monthly petrol allowance is too little; Makhosonke II, the Ndebele king (Mpumalanga), Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, the Venda king (Limpopo); and Thulare Victor Thulare III, the Pedi king (Limpopo), who at the moment gets nothing, but is a director of 16 companies.

This is daylight robbery by the South African government, of its people. Not one of these “kings” has a subject total of any majority of South Africa’s people, yet, our hard-earned money is handed out to these people who squander millions annually.

I can certainly see absolutely no reason why I must pay taxes to supply money to “kings” who have no authority over me, legally or traditionally!

nomonarchyholyromanempirecrownThe way I see it, these kings must get their money from the very people who deem them their kings. Therefore, a register of subjects for each of these kings should be established, and the people who deem these men their kings should be taxed a “monarchy” tax. This way, these kings will be “kept” by their own people and not rob the rest of the citizenry of their hard-earned money!

Of course, these kings will soon find out if their people really think they are kings or not. Money talks, and I wonder how soon these kings will be “subjectless” and penniless? On the other hand, I wonder how long these “subjects” will put up with such a tax, and then eventually overthrow their “kings?”

If the South African government, led by the ANC, is willing to throw away so much money, then why not make use of this money for a good cause. R66m annually can provide 330 low cost houses annually (at R200 000 each).

Personally, I think that the government must get rid of these monarchies that do not serve the country, and let these men work for their money..., like the rest of South Africa..., obviously excluding all the ANC fat-cats in government and elsewhere!

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