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Thursday, August 01, 2013

A letter of objection to a casino at Menlyn Maine

I was alerted this week by a friend concerning a casino that may be built at Menlyn Maine, opposite the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in the east of Pretoria. Sun International, the gambling mega corporation started by Sol Kerzner many years ago, has applied for gambling rights in order for them to build a casino at Menlyn Maine.


I felt it necessary to write an objection to the relevant person at the Gauteng Gambling Board (Bheki Nkosi – bhekin@ggb.org.za). My letter of objection follows:

To whom it may concern:
I was made aware of an application for a casino at Menlyn Maine, across from the Menlyn Park Shopping mall. I would like to object to such a venture for several reasons:
1. There are 2 schools in the immediate vicinity of Menlyn Maine: Glen High and the Hatfield Christian School. For obvious reasons it is not a good idea.
2. Gambling does not uplift people, but makes them poorer. The lure of quick money makes people go to extremes and end up squandering their money, making gambling corporations rich at the expense of the people.
3. Apart from being a costly enterprise for the individual, it further ruins marriages, the building block of society. The number one cause of divorces is money, and gambling brings severe monetary strain to marriages.
4. Gambling can lead to bankruptcy, where people can lose their homes and more.
5. Statistics have also shown that crime rises in metropolitan areas after casinos have made their inroads into those areas.
6. When people start losing all they have because of their gambling addictions, they themselves tend to turn to crime to make money or turn to loan sharks for their money, putting their lives at risk.
7. Those that do gamble the most to alleviate their hopeless situations are the poor and the elderly.
8. Gambling is an immoral venture by definition, since it feeds on the hopelessness of the poor, promising them great rewards while gambling houses know for a fact that the gamblers are not the money makers but the casinos themselves. Thus, casinos pull the old bait and switch, luring the defenseless with images of great riches, and once they are trapped, they are sucked dry by a vicious entity who does not care about the lives it has ruined.
William Dicks

If you feel like objecting to this casino, please make use of this opportunity to write to the Gauteng Gambling Board.

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