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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Police force to bring own transport!

It never ceases to amaze me how our government ministers keep putting their foot in it. I mean in their mouths. It seems that the only time their feet aren't in their mouths is when they are changing feet. They really give new meaning to the idiom "to put your foot in your mouth!"

If it isn't our Health Minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, who is busy exchanging feet it is our Safety and Security Minister, Charles Nqakula!

Of all the daft things he has said before, I suppose this ranks quite high!

Everyone in South Africa knows that our police are under-staffed. In fact it is really bad! Apart from being under-staffed, the police is also desperately in need of resources. The basic resources that police might just need at some or other time! Something like cars and fuel. DUH!

When the police started complaining about the lack of resources, our illustrious, caring and wise Safety and Security Minister responded with "if you don't have a car, ride a bicycle or a donkey!" There you go! If you want to join the police in South Africa, be sure to check the application form and tick the question "Do you have your own transport?" It doesn't matter what it is. Just as long as you have something. Anything... bicycle, roller-blades, scooter, donkey, etc. Oh, yes! Remember, if you have a donkey, bring along a donkey cart so that you could transport the criminals!

Is our Safety and Security Minister for real? Sometimes I wonder if he hasn't escaped from The Simpsons!

After his last racist comment (see Nqakula makes racist remark), you would think that he has learnt to temper his remarks with a little "before-thought," but it seems that it is not going to happen soon!

It is one thing not to tolerate apathy among our police, but it is a totally different thing to brush their concerns aside by comments that show how little he is really interested in his job and the safety and security of all South African citizens!

It is time that Minister Nqakula is held accountable for his statements and for the performance of his department.

While 20,000 South Africans die a year as a result of murder, all he can say to his own police force is "get your own transport!"

It is time this man and his department is taken to court for not doing their job in securing the constitutional rights of safety and security for all South Africans!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


As an introduction I would like to say that this blog is not new. Not new in the sense that it has been in existence since March 2006. However, its existence started elsewhere, but due to technological constraints I felt that I would rather move it over to Blogger.

So, it is new to Blogger, but not new to blogdom!

If you would like to know what this blog was about there, and will be about here, then please visit the first post at the previous site.

One of the main reasons I decided to move BiblioPolit to Blogger is that here at Blogger, someone who is not a Blogger blog owner can still leave comments, whereas at the previous site only those who were blog owners at that site could comment to blog posts.

Another reason for moving is that in order for me to post to my blog at the previous site, I have to go to their site to enter the post, whereas here at Blogger I can simply email my post to a special email address and the blogpost will be published automatically.

So, I hope that you, the reader, will at least be provoked to thinking differently if you do, or else to encourage you to start making a difference in your country!

In order to see what I have posted on the issues before, simply have a look at my side bar under "MY FAVOURITE POSTS."

God bless!

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