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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back from world cup euphoria, South Africa returns to its old self!

South African flag at the #wc2010 fanpark in Centurion after ... on Twitpic
Euphoria as South Africa beat France 2-1
After the euphoria of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, it seems that everything has returned to normal in the country. All over the country, right through the duration of the world cup, there were flags on cars and on the fences of many homes.

The world cup made us think that we could conquer the world, that nothing was too difficult for us. However, that feeling soon came to an end after all the world cup touring visitors had left.

South Africa is not just a multi-racial country, but also a country of many worlds. It has the world of the mega-rich, those from black and white communities. Then there is the world of the destitutely poor, from black and white communities.

The side of South Africa that the world did not see during the world cup is its destructive side, on a national scale and on a more individual scale.

Yesterday was the start of a nation wide strike by public servants. South Africa's annual calendar should actually be marked from strike to strike. Every year we have several strikes and it is always about money. Now the fact is that people do get small salaries, it cannot be disputed. What also cannot be disputed is that South Africa does not have the means to keep on giving raises each time there is a strike! There are so many people without jobs in South Africa, that every one person that has a job, carries 3 people through the tax system and the South African economy. The way that things are going is just not viable for the SA economy. When the money runs out, what will these people strike for? Strike action in South Africa has one purpose behind it: Blackmailing the employers!

Don't look at us!
Don't say anything about us!

The ANC's stance on freedom of the press and the free flow of information through its proposed tribunal is a dark foreboding of what lies ahead in a country that still has no clue about democracy. I have already written about this issue. Also read "Four lessons on the media tribunal" by Guy Berger.

In an article on News24, the ANC informs the nation to thank them for freedom and that the "print media did not seem committed to transformation." What is clear from the ANC's arguments concerning freedom of the press in South Africa, is that the ANC does not like it when they are called out for their corruption and undemocratic behaviour. Obviously, the "transformation" that the media is supposedly not committed to is by (ANC) definition anything that the ANC claims it to be, which is to do, walk and speak like the ANC. Any resistance is not tolerated.

In a further return to its old self, South Africa is returning to its criminal psyche which is so very deeply ingrained in our society. Just a few days ago a boy was found hanging with some of his body parts cut off, supposedly to be used in muti (evil witch doctor's evil medicine). These muti-related killings are not that rare in a country grappling with its own modernity. In this country we want to host a modern world cup tournament, but we also want to placate the dead forefathers and kill people to make medicine. Makes no sense at all!

In another case, a father slashed his 4-year old son's stomach open because the mother of his child (his girlfriend) did not want to sleep over at his place! South African society may seem like it is on the mend from the political outside, but on the inside it is festering and dying.

On the same day it was reported that a mother in Pretoria was assaulted and raped in front of her 7-year old son. [Update 12 Aug 2010: After 2 weeks the police finally paid this woman a visit to start the investigation. Once again, the incompetency of our police stands out like a full moon in the clear night sky!] South Africa, according to a study by Interpol, is the rape capitol of the world. An average of about 55,000 rapes are reported every year. In concrete number of rapes per year, South Africa is 2nd only to the U.S. in rapes per annum, but considering that the U.S. has so many more people than South Africa, it would be better to put this statistic into context. The U.S. has 32 rapes per 100,000 people, whereas South Africa has 112 rapes per 100,000. No wonder South African society is reckoned as the most violent on the planet!

Looking at South Africa, one wonders where it is all headed. It seems like the ANC policies are created to pacify its voters, and not to truly create a South Africa for all, especially when it comes to crime.

South Africa still has far to go in terms of a true democracy and a true fair society. In my guess-timation, this will probably not happen in my lifetime, and perhaps not even in that of my children!

We need to continue praying for this country, that God will raise up godly leaders that will stand for what is right and not for what is merely expedient; leaders that will lead this country out of the morass of corruption and immorality towards godly justice and a society open to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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