Thursday, December 21, 2006

Grading the South African Cabinet

The Mail & Guardian, again, presented "its yearly, no-holds-barred Cabinet report card."

In this report card, each cabinet minister is graded from A - F (F is a failing mark), and is compared with the mark received last year (2005).

Here are the scores for this year:

Thabo Mbeki - President - Grade: A-
Ngconde Balfour - Minister of Correctional Services - Grade: E
Thoko Didiza - Minister of Public Works - Grade: C
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Minister of Foreign Affairs - Grade: B-
Alec Erwin - Minister of Public Enterprises - Grade: B-
Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi - Minister of Public Service and Administration - Grade: B-
Lindiwe Hendricks - Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry - Grade: B
Zweledinga Pallo Jordan - Minister of Arts and Culture - Rating: C+
Ronnie Kasrils - Minister of Intelligence - Grade: A-
Mosiuoa Lekota - Minister of Defence - Grade: D
Brigitte Mabandla - Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development - Grade: G
Mosibudi Mangena - Minister of Science and Technology - Grade: A+
Trevor Manuel - Minister of Finance - Grade: A
Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula - Minister of Home Affairs - Grade: F
Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri - Minister of Communications - Grade: E
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka - Deputy President - Grade: B (Flight class: Jet set)
Mandisi Mpahlwa - Minister of Trade and Industry - Grade: D
Membathisi Mdladlana - Minister of Labour - Grade: D
Sydney Mufamadi - Minister of Provincial and Local Government - Grade: C
Charles Nqakula - Minister of Safety and Security - Grade: F
Essop Pahad - Minister in the Presidency - Grade: B
Naledi Pandor - Minister of Education - Grade: D
Jeff Radebe - Minister of Transport - Grade: C+
Lindiwe Sisulu - Minister of Housing - Grade: A-
Zola Skweyiya - Minister of Social Development - Grade: A
Buyelwa Sonjica - Minister of Minerals and Energy - Grade: C-
Makhenkesi Stofile - Minister of Sport and Recreation - Grade: E
Manto Tshabalala-Msimang - Minister of Health - Grade: F
Marthinus van Schalkwyk - Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism - Grade: B
Lulama (Lulu) Xingwana - Agriculture and Land Affairs - Grade: B-

It would be interesting to know how other political analysts have scored the cabinet. Analysts that are not in the government's pocket, that is! I am not saying M&G is in the government's pocket. What I am saying is that there are many analysts out there, but many of them are as objective as a baby's mother could ever be!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

God's Peacekeeper!

A Cartoon by Chuck Asay

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Monday, December 18, 2006

When a cell phone is the barometer of society

Just a week ago my wife and I decided that it was now time to give my son his first cell phone. My daughter has had hers for two and a half years.

Well, got an upgrade to my phone, and so the pass downs began. I gave my, now, older phone to my wife, who gave her older phone to our daughter and our son received our daughter's older phone. Jason was soooo excited! He quickly SMSed the rest of the family to give them his number. The next thing he did was to play the games on it.

In all of this, I think I was just as excited about him getting a phone as he was. Since my daughter, Nicole, got her first phone (the one Jason just got from her), I had been sending her SMSs every now and again just to let her know that I was thinking of her and that I loved her. I do this for my wife on a regular basis.

So, I was excited about the fact that I would now be able to do that for my son too! I have been doing just that in the past week.

Well, yesterday (Sat, 16 Dec) we were at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre to do some of our Christmas shopping. We arrived there at about 13:00 and we did a little shopping until 14:00. Then the whole family, my wife's sisters and parents and nieces together with our family, came together to watch Open Season.

After the movie we all went our separate ways.

Some hours passed and we finally arrived at Game , an apartment store selling almost everything that a house could need or want.

Jason and I decided to sit outside and wait for my wife and daughter. I have a problem with my neck, and by this time my back had started killing me! So, there we were watching people walk by.

Jason had been complaining that the pockets in his shorts were too small for his cell phone, so while we were sitting there he took it out of his pocket and played some games on it.

While we were sitting there my son's cousin and her dad arrived there. My son's cousin had a balloon with her and the two of them started goofing around with the balloon. This continued for about 10-15 minutes. Finally, my wife and daughter came out and I told my son, "Come, let's go!"

When we were two levels up (Menlyn has six levels), and at the parking pay point my son suddenly said that he did not have his cell phone with him!

Well, that was it! I knew exactly where it was! In somebody else's hands who had no intent of handing it in somewhere, just in case the owner was looking for it.

Jason and I ran all the way back, and by the time we got back to where we were sitting, the phone was gone! There was a key-making vendor close by, so I asked him if a phone was handed in to him just in case someone was looking for it. I went in to Game and asked the security at the entrance the same question. I did the same at the cell phone department and the jewelry department, both of which are just into the entrance to Game. Nothing!

I did not expect any better! Why! Because that is exactly what we expect from the vast majority of South Africans to do. Pick up something that does not belong to them and then to keep it as their own!

When I was a kid, I was taught very clearly by my parents (and that was the expectation from society), that if I ever picked up something that did not belong to me, I should hand it in to the closest store or counter in case the owner came searching for it! Else, look for a name on the item and then try contacting the owner.

Unfortunately, the South Africa we live in today is not a country in which ownership, integrity, honesty and dignity are valued above criminal behaviour! I did in no way expect anybody to simply call one of the numbers in the phonebook of the phone to see if they could find the owner! In fact, when we reached the bench where we sat before and saw that the phone was gone, I immediately called Jason's number. Somebody answered the phone without saying a word. I could heard background noise. However, the thief on the other side ended the call and switched the phone off completely. I tried many times after that to call the number, but his service kept on saying, "The number you are trying to contact cannot be reached right now. Please try again later!"

You cannot imagine the disappointment I felt. The anger! Yes, even hatred! I was so angry, I even took it out on my family and especially my son! Driving home I was seething with anger! I was venting beyond anger! Just thinking that someone could be so dishonest, to take what does not belong to them, in the process breaking a little boy's heart. Several times my son was crying out of control! He was so excited about the phone, and now some lowly criminal stole his phone.

And, don't tell me that person is not a criminal. That person took what did not belong to him, and that makes him a thief, hence a criminal!

After we arrived home I sat in front of the TV feeling very sorry for myself! I behaved like a mad man because someone stole my son's phone!

Just there and then I got up and joined my wife and son in my daughter's room. He was still crying his little heart out. My heart was broken by now too! How could I have vented with such anger and hatred?! I sat there with them telling them that with my outbursts and my attitude I had sinned against God and against them. Much of my anger I levelled at them, and especially my son for losing his phone.

I sat there asking each one of them to forgive me for being angry at them, especially since we were being the victims of a crime. I also spoke my forgiveness toward the person that stole the phone. It is not my business hating anybody, even if they commit crimes against us. Jesus told us to love even our enemies. It is not always easy, but that is what He requires of us.

Next, I prayed, asking God for forgiveness, and for the healing of the hurt that I caused in my family through my outbursts.

Please don't think that the cell phone is a small thing and that I must just get over it. In my side of the family, I have had an uncle stabbed to death, a cousin shot to death, a niece raped and two other nieces had their cars hijacked at gunpoint. I had a car broken into, another car stolen and our home was broken into. That cell phone was no SMALL thing! It represents only the tip of the iceberg!

In South Africa, we have lost our moral barometer. When the government has no ability to be leaders in the country, especially in the field of morality, when they are the leaders in corruption, then the people will simply follow. Especially, when more than 67% voted for the current government.

When the government has proven through its own inaction that they do not care in the least about the crime in this country, what is to be expected? More crime!

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Treating the Symptoms and not the Cause

HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that is literally spreading like wild fire. Of course, this epidemic started in the loins of those that are now infected with the virus.

Now, many SADC countries want to start considering fighting HIV/AIDS by having men circumcised. You see, some research have shown that "male circumcision has a 50% to 60% preventative effect." This is where their strategies have gone wrong..., again!

This is like putting Band Aids on the cuts of someone who likes to cut himself! In this way, you simply treat the cuts, instead of the cause of the cuts. Instead of looking at the cause of the spread of HIV/AIDS, SADC simply wants to slap a Band Aid on the HIV/AIDS problem. "There's your Band Aid. Go in peace!"

The problem with treating the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, is that it will not stop the spreading of the virus. HIV/AIDS is, essentially, a moral issue and not a medical issue!

When Uganda started their implementation of the fight against HIV/AIDS, they used the letters 'ABC' to describe this fight. These letters had the following meanings:

  • A - Abstinence
  • B - Be faithful
  • C - Christ
Uganda, thus far has been the most successful in the fight against HIV/AIDS. However, liberal forces have hi-jacked this 'ABC' and condomized it. That's right! Christ was thrown off the team and was replaced with a condom by these amoral/immoral liberals, even though condoms still have a 20% failure rate for protection against HIV/AIDS!

Yet, when these dark forces talk about this fight, you hardly ever hear about the 'A' and 'B' of the 'ABC.' I attended the "1st HIV/AIDS Communications Survey 2006" at the beginning of November, and it was clear in this conference that according to those "fighting" HIV/AIDS, abstinence simply was not an option. Their mantra is: "Use condoms!" There is that Band Aid again!

SADC will lose the fight against HIV/AIDS if they continue this trend. To treat abstinence as a non-option, is to sign the death certificates of millions of people. Yet, the fact is that most of those people who have contracted this moral disease, simply live an immoral lifestyle. This is where the South African government, churches and eventually SADC should take up a leadership role in fighting this scourge. And, that leadership role should not just be a role in which they tell people to use condoms to prevent infection. NO, it should be moral leadership. Certainly not leadership like that of Jacob Zuma!

To keep on suggesting that HIV/AIDS is not a moral problem is to invite massive failure in the war against this disease.

It is with this in mind that the church in South Africa should now start walking the road of the moral high ground. The church must become the example of the fact that abstinence can be followed until marriage. Further, it must also show that being faithful to one's spouse can also be attained. Lastly, the church must uncompromisingly preach the gospel! It is in the gospel of Jesus Christ that there is real deliverance and real forgiveness of sin!

It is time that the church starts speaking out against the sins of our nation, of which sex with someone you are not married to is but just one!

Since HIV/AIDS is a moral issue, the church must start speaking about it as such. We have skirted around this issue for too long. Please, hear me in this! I am not saying that every single person infected with this virus became infected as a result of an immoral lifestyle! What I am saying is that this is true with a great majority of those infected.

The fact is that only the truth concerning this matter can prevent more infections. That truth is that only abstinence can prevent infections. Yet, our government and other institutions keep on lying to the people by telling them that condoms are acceptable to prevent infections. This simply is demonstrably NOT true!

If the death and infections of more and more people can be laid at the feet of someone, it has to be at the feet of those who continue to lie to the people. These liars are in the government and many institutions who claim that they are fighting this virus. Words! That is all they are! Words!

The final solution is not in a small 'c'--condoms, but in the exalted 'C'--Christ!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Cars cause accidents?

I am sure, that having read the subject to this post, you are thinking, "Yea! Thanks for stating the obvious!"

Well, let me explain!

One can also say, "Guns kill!" Well, is that simply stating the obvious? I don't think so!

You see, cars and guns are inanimate objects. They can do nothing of themselves. Hence, cars do not cause accidents and guns don't kill!

In both these cases, the causing agent is the human race. Human beings cause accidents and kill!

Now, to the cars...

Yesterday, Transport Minister Jeff Radebe, at the closing ceremony of the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse Campaign, said that "last year alone, 600 000 vehicles were bought, which translated to a drastic increase in our vehicle population and more drivers on our roads."

He first said that due to economic growth, there is an increase in accidents because there are more cars on the road. He only added the "drivers" later in his speech.

I personally do not think that cars and economic growth are the problem!

Driving just for one day on our roads makes it clear that those driving on our roads do not care much for the rules of the road!

Some of these rules that mean nothing to a whole lot of road users are:

  • Speed limits
  • Following distance
  • Lane change indications
  • Turn signaling
  • Solid white, yellow and red lines
  • Driving without seatbelts
  • Speaking on cell phones without using hands-free kits
  • Not stopping at stop signs
  • Using vehicles that are definitely NOT road worthy
  • and many more...
IMHO, it is much too easy to get a driver's license in this country. All the common mistakes that people make on the road are proof enough of that!

The fact that so many people snub the rules of the road also point to some other factors:
  1. There is not a strong enough presence of traffic officers on our roads, and coupled with that;
  2. Traffic officers are not consistent in their legal right to enforce the rules of the road when there are infringements on the road
Infringing on the rules of the road should be dealt with by the authorities, otherwise, the carnage on our roads will continue.

It should also not be easy to get a driver's license. Prospective licensees should prove their skill in driving, beyond driving around for a while and doing proper parking.

There are just too many people who do not care about the rules of the road. Until this problem is sorted out, we will continue to see too many people die on our roads!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Homosexuality a disorder

In the aftermath of the legalization of same-sex marriage (Civil Union Act) in South Africa, I thought that Kathleen Melonakos, M.A., R.N., wrote a very interesting article called Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered A Disorder On The Basis Of Its Medical Consequences? It documents the "[l]ethal consequences to engaging in defining features of male homosexuality-- promiscuity and anal intercourse."

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Christians and Politics: Maturity Required

I heard from someone the other night that a friend of his doesn't vote because the only time that political parties are interested in him is around election times.

That, to me, shows a level of immaturity that is all to common among Christians in South Africa. There is a sense among Christians that they want to be spoon fed all the time, all too reminiscent of pre-school and junior-primary aged children. It is at this level that children, to a large extent, still get spoon fed when it comes to teaching them. They haven't learnt the skills of how to acquire knowledge by themselves and need to be directed in the right direction.

When it comes to politics, South African Christians are largely still in the pre-school/junior-primary category.

Yet, these same Christians want positive change in this country. Something that we are still waiting for since the new "democratic" government took over in 1994.

What we did get from the new government is more crime, abortion, pornography, same-sex "marriages" and a constitution that is Godless and completely anti-life.

This is exactly what Christians do not want!

Yet, how many of these "Christians" are actually willing to stand up for a cause! They simply want things to change, but expect someone else to bring about the change. One thing I have learnt from South African politics, is that democracy is a complete fallacy. We have seen that clearly in the same-sex "marriage" debacle. The government simply refused to acknowledge that the people do NOT want same-sex "marriage" legalized! Yet, they went ahead and legalized it anyhow! When asked why they do not hold a Referendum on the same-sex "marriage" issue, one of the ANC members in the National Council of Provinces responded with, "We don’t need to follow the electorate, we must lead the masses – in a creative way!"

If we as Christians do not stand up against this type of anti-democracy, then our nation is doomed! Yet, some don't even want to vote because their is no one to hold their hands! Christians are not supposed to be led by their noses! Stand up and be counted! Make a difference! Bring about change! Don't let negative change overcome you!

Whenever the Bible speaks of social justice, it expects us to be part of rectifying injustices. The fact is, that much of what should be happening in politics can be explained in two terms: justice and injustice. It is government's responsibility to ensure that justice prevails and that injustices are eradicated. However, what we have in South Africa is that the government are the perpetrators of injustice. It is in this context that Christians should stand up and demand justice in the midst of all the injustices.

The problem is that, just like many non-Christians and non-religious people, Christians in South Africa do what is expedient for themselves!

They would rather vote for the DA, who by the way stands for very much the same as the ANC (the DA is just white whereas the ANC is black), in order to hope that the DA as the only real opposition to the ANC will make sure that the blacks don't completely overrun the country. The truth is that many white South Africans stand behind the DA and many black South Africans still stand behind the ANC purely for historical purposes! For whites, the DA is the only party big enough to still hold the ANC (read blacks) at bay and for blacks, the ANC is still seen as their liberators!

What is sad, is that many of these voters claim to be Christians, yet vote for these two parties without knowing that these two parties stand for the same list of abominations that I listed above.

The question, however is, will the knowledge of those abominations make these Christians change their minds on who to vote for? Or, does personal expediency overrule Biblical standards for them? Do they rather want to be comfortable without rocking the boat, or are they willing to stand up for what is right in the eyes of their Lord?

Will Christians stand up against the injustices of this current government, or is the gentle giant slumbering, ready to fall into a coma?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Slippery Slope into non-Christian nightmare

I was thinking of the new Civil Union Bill and perhaps, some of its implications.

The Constitutional Court (ConCourt) made their decision last year to force government to legalize same-sex marriage based on section 9(3) of the South African Constitution.

It states that "the state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth."

Based on one of the items mentioned in this section (sexual orientation), the government has now gone ahead to legalize same-sex marriage.

By using this list, it would now become fairly easy for someone to challenge the government in terms of this unfair discrimination based on any one of these items.

What would prevent anyone too young to marry to challenge the government on this principle of unfair discrimination? The government would be discriminating against such a person based on age. One of the grounds from the list!

Of course, the issue of marriage was an issue of fair discrimination. Just a pity the government is scared of the constitutional court and 4% of homosexuals.

It simply ignored the voice of its citizens!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

'Pro-Choicers' hard line stance

It seems that those who prefer death to life, claiming to be 'pro-choice' as long as the choice is the death of a baby, are trying to force their views on those who are pro-life.

The Carleton University Students' Association have come up with a way of denying any group university club status if they oppose abortion. So, they are not really 'pro-choice.' It makes me think of Mr. Ford when he built his first car. When someone asked him what colours the car would come in, he replied that it would come in all colours as long as it is black.

In the UK these evil baby murderers are even less 'pro-choice.' There a British Member of Parliament needed to ask for extra security after abortionists sent her death threats.

So much for being 'pro-choice!'

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ANC pushes through Civil Union Bill: A Crying Shame

So, the ANC went ahead and violated the consciences of its own people by "forcing" its members to vote "yes" for the Civil Union Bill.

Read the article by the Business Day here and a commentary of the issue by Defend Marriage here.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

South African (ANC) Democracy at Work!

In my previous post I wrote the following:
"The ANC claims to be democratic, however, when it comes to allowing their own members of parliament (MPs) to vote in parliament on issues that may need a vote of conscience, the ANC allows their members to vote whatever they like, as long as it is what they are told to vote! I will not believe for a second that every single ANC MP wants to go ahead with this ridiculously depraved law!"

Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The ANC has now made it clear that they will not allow any abstentions or contrary votes to the party line on the Civil Union Bill for any reasons at all! What is the ANC party line? "Legalize same-sex marriage!"

The supposed debate of 14 November 2006 (today) on this issue in the National Assembly is purely for show. The ANC has no intention of allowing democracy on this issue. It is either the party line, or no line at all! With the ANC holding the majority seats, and now not allowing any dissensions from their own, this bill surely will become law.

Once again the ANC is showing South Africa, and indeed the world what they stand for! The ANC stands for a degenerate society. A society infamous for its immorality and depravity.

It is under the so-called liberators of the African people that more people (including Africans) are being killed every year than under the apartheid system.

It is the ANC that brought us abortion! The cold-hearted MURDER of babies. Since the inception of the abortion laws, about 500,000 children have been cut apart or burnt to death in their mothers wombs! If you think that crime kills many people a year (21,000+), then think again! Our laws are killing about 50,000 children each year. If that doesn't break your heart, then you are heartless and have no sense of right and wrong!

It is also the ANC that brought us legalized pornography. It has now been proven that sexual crimes are almost always preceded by the viewing of pornographic material. With this vile material freely available via disgusting magazines, the internet, cell phones, television and more, our youth is being subverted into becoming slaves to the sexual revolution. In this way boys are changed into animals driven by sexual urges and girls become sexual objects not worthy of love, but rather of being objects of animal desire and when that desire is no longer there, to be discarded like dirty, used up pieces of toilet paper! Indeed, through this method of changing the minds of boys and girls, we will soon run out of real men and real women!

Further, it is also under the control of the ANC that crime has spiraled out of control. Never in the existence of the South African Union or Republic has crime been as bad as since the ANC took control of government. Now, don't get me wrong. The previous government caused great harm to many people, and as a result they are not absolved from their own sins. However, the ANC has not brought in better government either.

Finally, now the ANC will bring us legalized sodomy!

The writer in the book of Proverbs 14:34 tells us that "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." However, it seems to me that the ANC is not just any people! The ANC is slowly but surely subverting the morals of the nation to accomplish their final coup d'etat. They are reaching towards the conclusion of the revolution they started many years ago.

It seems that they have caught many off guard, and for all intents and purposes it seems that it is too late to reverse the trend.

It is for this reason that the masses MUST be educated as to the anti-value system of the ANC. It is only as the people of South Africa is educated on how the ANC treats the issues that they will rise up with righteous indignation!

Political and Cultural Commentary
with a Biblical Worldview

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Civil Union Bill finalized!

The South African Civil Union Bill (CUB) finally has a final version which has been accepted by the ANC.

The summary of the Home Affairs Portfolio Committee adoption of the bill is as follows:
"After some deliberation the Chairperson ruled that no further debate around the proposed civil union legislation would be allowed. Members would debate the Bill in the National Assembly on 14 November. Allaying Democratic Alliance fears, the parliamentary legal advisors confirmed that the Committee had followed the appropriate procedures in finalising the Bill. The Civil Union Bill was adopted with unanimous support from the African National Congress. The Inkatha Freedom Party and the African Christian Democratic Party opposed it while the Democratic Alliance, allowing their members a free vote, abstained from voting."

Now that the CUB has been adopted by the ANC, since others did not accept it, it will now move forward to the National Assembly where it will be debated before a vote to make it law.

The ANC claims to be democratic, however, when it comes to allowing their own members of parliament (MPs) to vote in parliament on issues that may need a vote of conscience, the ANC allows their members to vote whatever they like, as long as it is what they are told to vote! I will not believe for a second that every single ANC MP wants to go ahead with this ridiculously depraved law!

Unless a miracle happens, the CUB will become law very soon! With the ANC holding more than two-thirds of parliamentary seats, the vote seems to be going only one way! Ushering in legalized depravity.

I have written extensively on the homosexual issue here.

However, I would like to raise one more point. I do not believe that the homosexual agenda has anything to do with having the right to marry. It is about something bigger than their right to marry another person of the same sex. It is all about having their sinful lives validated by law. They are craving acceptance for their wicked lifestyles. The fact is that no matter how much acceptance they beg society for, it is not society they need acceptance from, but from God Himself.

Any acceptance from society for our sinful lives comes with empty promises. No matter how much society tells us our sin is acceptable, and that we are fine as a result; sinful, depraved lives are never acceptable before God. Real acceptance only comes as we humbly submit ourselves before Jesus Christ, and believe in the work He did on the cross of Calvary.

Society can no more promise acceptance for depravity, than it can promise us the moon and the stars! Promising acceptance for sinful lives is out of the jurisdiction of society!

And, that includes any law making body! No Supreme Court, Constitutional Court or Parliament can make what God has termed as an abomination, to be acceptable in His sight! It will remain wrong until Christ returns, and then those who have denied Him His rightful place in their lives will be condemned to eternal suffering in hell!

Is this harsh? Sure it is harsh! However, the fact remains that if I did not warn those who want to lead such depraved lives, then I will be guilty of not doing my duty before God. It is out of concern that we need to warn people who insist on living in sin, that they are walking the path that leads straight to destruction.

May this be a warning to all those who insist on living this homosexual lifestyle. Turn to Christ! Let Him become your refuge! Do not let the lusts of the flesh and of a depraved lifestyle be your hiding place. Rather, find peace and reconciliation with God through Christ!

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Republican Sell-Out

Although I am a South African, I have always been a supporter of the Republican Party in the United States of America.

I know, that makes me, as a non-US citizen, completely anti-Politically Correct (PC).

I read somewhere, just yesterday, an article in which the commentator said that voting for the Republican Party does not prove that you are a Christian, yet he simply did not have a clue how a Christian could vote for the Democrats. What he was trying to say is that he did not see voting for the Republicans as a litmus test for being a Christian, however, he had his doubts about a person's commitment to Christ if that person voted for the Democrats.

Until recently, I had the same doubts. However, my doubts have grown. My doubts are now starting to include the Republican Party.

In my estimation, the Republican Party has betrayed its constituents by allowing government to grow bigger, instead of keeping government small. The Republican Party has always been the party of small government while the Democrats have been the big-government party.

The Reps have also been a haven for moral conservatives (MC). By and large, conservatives of all types, especially evangelicals, have voted for them, while moral liberals (ML) of all types have voted for the Dems.

The amazing thing is that since Bush has taken over, the Reps have not kept to the wishes of their conservative constituency. They have become weak on homosexual issues such as same-sex marriage, with Condoleeza Rice making favourable comments about same-sex partners in public. That certainly violates the conscience of MCs! When leaders in the same party proclaim a divided message, then certainly the house is divided and it will fall! Jesus said that "Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand." (Mat 12:25)

Furthermore, the amount of homosexuals working in the White House is more, even than in Clinton's years. This surely must speak volumes to the MCs. What is it with all the homosexuals in the party? How come they have such a large representation among the Republicans? Why are the Log Cabin Republicans (homosexual movement within the party) so prominent in the party? Has the Republican Party been high-jacked by the homosexual mafia?

Another aspect in which the Reps failed its constituency is in the appointment of MC judges. It is no use blaming the Dems for their continued brattish filibusters. If all Reps moved as one man, then these things could have been avoided and more conservative judges would have been at the bench right now. But, the problem is when there are leaders in the Republican Party who do not run with the vision of the party, who lead committees and do not do justice to the party in those positions. Such a person is Sen. Arlen Spectre. In my estimation he is a closet Dem and should rather be true to himself and come "out!" As a Dem, that is!

The problem with the Republican Party is that it has moved sufficiently to the left, to simply be a shadow of the Democratic Party. That effectively makes the Republican Party useless.

What I see as a need in American politics right now is that there are basically two choices:
1 - The Republicans must realize that they have gone astray and have betrayed their constituency and consequently must start a major overhaul of the party in order to get rid of the dead wood, the depraved clan, the leftists and the corruption.
2 - The American people is seriously in need of a party that will stand true to real moral conservative ideas.

Maybe it was a good thing for the Republicans to have lost so badly. Perhaps now they will think of where they need to position themselves in American politics. It is no use in positioning themselves in left field since the Dems already occupy that space! It is also of no use to become moderates either. That is just a position in which leftists come to hide their true identity from the voters. There are enough people among the Dems that claim to be moderates, but simply stand there to hide their yellow underbellies! The Americans certainly do not need another party to be "moderate!"

In short, the Republican Party has lost its backbone due to capitulation to PC politics! Political correctness is simply a euphemism for "no moral backbone."

However, the church in America must not be too concerned. The universe did not come to a fall when Clinton ruled the US, and neither did the universe become a greatly better place while Bush ruled.

Political parties come and go. Even when they are around for one or two hundred years. They will come to an end.

Yet, on the other hand, Jesus did not tell us to seek political parties. He told us to "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." (Mt 6:33) As Christians we have been influenced too much by the world to think that the correct party will make things better for us. That is demonstrably false.

For too long, Christians have sold their souls and their values for political parties. "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." (Mat 13:44) It is when we give up everything for the kingdom of God that we will find peace. It is in the advancement of the kingdom of God that change will come, not in the ideals of political parties.

Did Jesus promise us that He would build political parties and the political futures of countries? No! "I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," Jesus said! (Mt 16:18) No matter what the world tries in its desperation to live its debauched, depraved lives; it will not destroy the church. Many have tried and they have all failed. Christians have suffered persecution for millennia, yet the church continues.

King David put it in perspective for us, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God." (Ps 20:7) Our trust is not in political victories, but in God alone. If He uses political parties to accomplish His will on earth, then that is the method He has chosen. Yet, our trust is in the Lord.

We should rather have Habakkuk's attitude. "(17) Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, (18) yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation. (19) GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer's; he makes me tread on my high places." (Hab 3:17-19)

Am I saying that there is no place for political parties? No! They have their place in this world and God certainly makes use of the Godly and the ungodly to accomplish His purposes. What I am saying is that we should not lose focus of why we are on earth. The Westminster Confession of Faith in its Larger Catechism asks its first question, "What is the chief and highest end of man?" The answer to this is, "Man's chief and highest end is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever." Our focus should be to glorify God in everything that we do (1 Cor 10:31). In glorifying God, we march forward with the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaiming redemption in His name to all mankind.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Civil Union Bill seems to forge ahead!

It seems that the ANC-led government prides itself on ignoring the voice of the people.

After hearings across the country, in which people from all walks of life could voice their opinions to special committees, I am convinced that the majority of people did not want same-sex marriage for South Africa!

However, the power-hungry-people-ignoring ANC simply forged the Civil Unions Bill ahead. The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs voted on this bill within that committee and gave it the go ahead. The interesting fact is that only the ANC members in the committee voted while others either abstained or voted against this depraved legislation. From what I have seen within the ANC is that ANC members simply have to vote party line and cannot vote their conscience. So much for democracy when there is none in the leading party!

The Bill as presented by the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs can be found here.

1 December 2006 is indeed going to be a dark day for South Africa, when this legislation is supposed to take effect, ala our Constitutional Court inJustices!

I have written a few posts on the issue of homosexuality:
The gene and homosexuality
The gene and homosexuality - the sequel
Morality by Constitution?
Constitutional Court replaces God
Christians Living in a Politically Liberal World

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

1st HIV/AIDS Communications Survey 2006

I attended the report-back of the 1st South African National HIV/AIDS Communications Survey 2006.

Several institutions, together with USAID and the South African government and its Khomanani program completed a survey on the understanding of HIV/AIDS among South Africans. It also included the sexual behaviour of South Africans. In this program of fighting HIV/AIDS in South Africa, several TV programs such as Tsha Tsha by Cadre and Soul City, and radio programs were developed. Other major players in this survey are USAID, Health Communication Partnership together with Johns Hopkins University. This survey attempted to find out how successful these TV and radio programs are.

The problem with the TV programs is that every single TV and radio program used in the prevention of HIV/AIDS in South Africa was made from a liberal worldview. What is this worldview? A worldview that sex before marriage is OK, as long as condoms are used!

The researchers have found that there is still a stigma attached to HIV/AIDS as a result of sinning. This they saw as essentially nonsense. This, notwithstanding the fact that the majority of infections are still related to illicit sex! How is this stigma simply nonsense? HIV/AIDS as a result of sinning is simply seen as a negative stigma that should be done away with.

In my opinion, this whole survey is meant to see how many people use condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS. It obviously does not see any other method of prevention as justified or even to be usable. In the Khomanani program, with all these participating TV and radio programs, a change of behaviour is seen as using condoms during sex instead of not using them. The researchers do not see that using a condom is not a change of behaviour, but simply a change of the packaging of the tools of the "trade," so to speak. A change of behaviour would be to stop having illicit sex outside of marriage!

In this workshop, the ABCs of HIV/AIDS is being referred to as the "traditional" method of prevention. This referral as "traditional" is used in a derogatory manner since emphasis is heavily on condom use. As a result, a lifestyle of free sex is condoned and even preferred. They may claim that this is not true, yet I still have to hear anyone of them come out strongly in favour of complete abstinence. Oh, yes, free sex with condoms is preferred!

I am not a statistician, but when the control group is 7006 people (ages 15-65) from a possible +-29,400,000, how can the results be used to correlate to a percentage of the 29,400,000? 7006 is only 0.024% of the 29,400,000. How can 0.024% be called a nationally representative group?

In reducing sexual partners to '0', many women discovered that their HIV/AIDS infections did not decrease. My question is, how many of these women were already infected? What else did they do to expose themselves to the virus if they were not infected already? Did they really abstain?

These programs wonder why virgins are being laughed at. Isn't it obvious? They perpetuate the idea of free sex (by just using a condom) and then wonder why virgins are laughed at. In fact, virgins should be laughing at those that are no longer virgins. Those that are no longer virgins are used goods. Like a second-hand car. The value has decreased! How can anyone be so stupid in this day and age to continue sexual activity when it is so easy to contract HIV/AIDS?

Among the 14 respondents in a set of interviews, it seems that they simply have no moral base. Among these 14 interviewees, only 3 of them have only had 1 lifetime sexual partner. The others range from 2 to 25, to not being able to remember how many sexual partners they have been involved with. These interviewees had sex for all kinds of reasons. Reasons such as:

  • love
  • fun
  • belonging to a group
  • status
  • access to money and resources
  • proving oneself
  • passing the time.

Does this suggest any kind of moral knowledge of right and wrong? Certainly NOT!

This report suggests that these respondents

  1. have no morals and do not understand right from wrong, and
  2. have exceedingly weak characters. They seem not to be able to stand on their own feet and make decisions for themselves based on their own values, if such values do exist.

An interesting aspect of this survey is that it did not target, in my opinion, the group with the greatest risk of spreading and of being infected by HIV/AIDS: homosexuals. Studies have shown that homosexuals remain the most sexually active and deviant group of all sexually active groups. Why were homosexuals not targeted in this survey? It may be that homosexuals have become a preferred group in South Africa and the authorities decided not to target them specifically.

A comment was made that HIV/AIDS is not a simple epidemic. This is true. However, programs such as that led by Khomanani make it difficult for themselves by speaking with a forked tongue. On the one hand they proclaim the risk of HIV/AIDS with a primary method of spreading via sex, yet on the other hand they still say it is acceptable to have sex outside of marriage. Currently, there is absolutely no 100% sexually-preventable solution against HIV/AIDS except abstinence. However, abstinence is not abstinence when one abstains sexually between regular partners. Abstinence is only abstinence when sex is being abstained from all of the time until marriage. There is perhaps a problem with those who have been infected with HIV/AIDS before total abstinence, however, that does not prevent someone to abstain totally after infection until marriage and then taking the proper precautions after marriage to minimize the risk of infection for the marriage partner.

One speaker said that abstinence is not a viable message since many only get married later rather than sooner. What does the age of marriage have to do with sexual activity? The problem is that if we do not do something about the moral fiber of our nation and teaching people the most powerful word "NO," then our epidemic will not cease.

Of course, this would mean that our nation must be taught about morals, and this is (it seems) by definition unacceptable to groups like USAID and the government and its sex-propagation partners!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Proud Dad!

I am sorry for the cross-posting between my blogs today, but I just thought I'd tell you why I am particularly proud of my children today!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry Shows Why He Could Not Beat George Bush in an Election

In this huge gaffe by Sen John Kerry (D-Mass), even some Democrats did not want to go on the campaign trail with him anymore.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

HOV 3 Lane Project a complete failure - Part 3

I am hoping that this would be my final installment on the HOV.

Yesterday, while driving home, I decided to use my phone a little bit constructively. I took some pictures of the cars and traffic around me.

We were traveling slowly most of the time, so I thought that I'd get some pics for this post.

Here I am going through the Buccleuch Interchange at a snail's pace.

Naturally, while sitting in traffic like this, there is a lot of time to do some thinking. I was wondering why the government would want to come up with an idea like this. Who would really benefit from this? Surely, when they thought of this idea, it must have crossed their mind (I hope) as to who would benefit most from HOV?

Asking that question in the negative may also be a bit revealing. Who would benefit the least from such an arrangement?

In this pic on the right you can see one of our "highly esteemed" taxis dashing across a solid yellow and white line. This is one of the "small" taxi infractions. They would usually come from behind on my right from the highway, ride on the right-hand side of the solid white line till they get to the position in this pic and then decide whether to go to the left or the right. In the past, before the HOV started, they would get to the front and then dash across to the yellow shoulder on the left of the left-hand lane at this position. That way they would cruise as far as they could without being stopped by the Metro Police (MP).

In fact, these taxi drivers have become quite pushy on our highways to the extent that they will drive on the outside of the white or yellow lines and simply shove the noses of their taxis in front of the car where they would want to push in. It has come to the point where it seems that they feel it is their right to drive
anywhere and anyway they like to.

Again, I noticed the police standing on the right of the HOV lane. In this case, they were just standing there doing nothing. In fact, I saw several MPs standing there having a good chat ignoring the traffic.

However, there were those MPs who deemed it their job to instruct non-compliant vehicles to move back to the middle lane. This became a bit of a laugh, since many drivers simply ignored the police and carried on driving in the HOV lane. Like this vehicle on the right, there is just no way that it could have had 3 or more occupants!

Other drivers would quickly jump back into the middle lane about 100m
or so from the police and then only meters after passing the cops would they get back into the HOV lane! There is very little regard for the cops or this new HOV lane. And, it is not a case that only whites or only blacks showed contempt, but all kinds of people ignored the rules regarding the HOV lane!

What frustrates people is that the left and middle lanes are sometimes jam-packed while the HOV lane is free flowing with large gaps between cars! Then it is expected of non-HOV vehicles to just keep moving at a snail's pace while the HOV lane is quite capable of taking more traffic. Traffic rules should be used to keep traffic flowing, not stifle it!

Back to the question I asked in the beginning: who would the HOV benefit the most? It seems to me that it certainly would not benefit people with their own cars most. As I have explained in part 1 of this series, I am the only one in my company that travels from Pretoria to Johannesburg. I would even venture to say that there are many cases similar to mine. The point is, if those who drive this route everyday are compared as a percentage of all people working in Johannesburg, then I am sure it would make up a small percentage of the whole.

What does that mean? The chances of finding someone who lives relatively close to you in Pretoria and who works for the same company or another one close by, are quite slim. Include into that the fact that most people, even in the same company simply do not work the same hours.

If you are wondering what happened to the answer to the initial question: I am getting there!

Now, the reason given by the Department of Transport for this "brainy" project, is to minimize the amount of vehicles on the road and the stress they cause on the existing road infrastructure. The fact is that this will not happen until we have a good public transport system (PTS)! Without a good, reliable PTS, people that have their own vehicles will not opt for anything else. Yet, I am sure the government knew this even before they thought of this plan.

So, what remains? Who will then really benefit from this?

Who cannot currently afford their own vehicles and MUST make use of the currently dismal public transport system or buses and taxis? It is sad to say, but the black people of this country cannot afford it yet. Further, the voter base of the ANC led government is mainly black. It is my contention, that the HOV project seems to me to be more a political venture in order to secure the loyalty of the ANC's voter base, than it is to make life better for all South Africans!

Almost all taxi drivers are black, and therefore make up a considerable amount of the ANC's voter base. They are the ones that would break the laws on road use most flagrantly. They are also the ones that, in my opinion, are the most dangerous drivers in this country. Obviously not all of them! There are those that stick to the rules of the road. However, every single day, as I travel through places like the Buccleuch Interchange, these taxis would be traveling on the yellow shoulder to bypass the traffic. And, it is never just one or two of them! I have counted as much as 15 at a time doing this! With the new HOV, they would no longer have to jump from lane to lane, or even yellow shoulder to lane, in order to get to their destination as quick as possible. They would have their own lane to use with no interference from those pesky car owners!

Just yesterday, there was a taxi strike in Cape Town that turned violent. These taxi drivers complained about cops giving them fines. Why would cops give them fines? For a total disregard for the rules of the road and for unroadworthy vehicles! Do they not get it? Break the law and you must be punished. I guess they would rather want to, as taxi drivers, have the right to drive what they want, where they want, anyhow they want without fear of the law! The fact is that taxi drivers like to see themselves as a law unto themselves!

It amazes me that, when the government shows its incompetence in creating better, affordable traveling infrastructure, they would rather punish the people of this country than provide real solutions. They hardly punish the ones who cause the problem, and would rather like to make it easier for the unruly voter base to be appeased. This concept of government is quite glaringly obvious in the fact that this government is doing their best to remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens while criminals run around with AK47s! Yet this is another subject not at hand right now.

I just hope that the government will sit and think hard and continuously for more than 5 minutes before they decide that the HOV pilot project was successful and then to implement it!

The real challenges are still ahead!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HOV 3 Lane Project a complete failure - Part 2

In my first missive on the subject of the HOV 3 Lane Project (HOV), I am sure I came across as irritated, frustrated and just plain angry.

To tell you the truth, by the time the first day of the HOV was over and the authorities dared to call it a success, I was livid. It was almost as if they came from a different planet and did not see what was happening on the tarmac!

Well, this morning ushered in the 3rd day of the HOV. The flow of traffic was certainly better than on Monday, and instead of it taking me as long as 1 hour 55 minutes as on Monday, it still took 1 hour 22 minutes. Certainly it should not take someone that long to travel between the eastern suburbs of Pretoria and the northern suburbs of Johannesburg at that time of the morning?! When leaving at 05:50, one would expect good traffic flow.

Yet, this is still not the case with HOV! From my observations this morning, I can see why it was a bit quicker than on Monday. Many, many more people simply ignored the HOV and even ignored the Metro Police telling them to move over to the middle lane. These Metro Police officers also were not consistent this morning. Out of the blue they would step out into the HOV lane and force non-compliant vehicles back into the slow lanes. Then, for no apparent reason, they would just chat among themselves until they felt like stopping someone again. In the meantime, many non-compliant vehicles would pass them without a problem.

What did the Transport Department expect? People are not just going to sit happily in the tortoise lanes while the rabbit lane is cruising along with long gaps between rabbits, and then not make use of the easy cruising in the rabbit lane?!

I would like to know how they are going to enforce the HOV? If they decide that the HOV was successful at the end of this week, are they going to have Metro Police sitting next to the middle lane until the return of the King, slowing down traffic, telling people to move to the middle lane? This would be pure blindness to the effect that that will have!

If I had to implement the HOV, I would not use the right-hand fast lane, but rather the left-hand lane. Why would I do this? There are three reasons:

  1. The left-hand lane will then have less traffic and will be more open for vehicles joining the highway.
  2. Related to the first, when there is less traffic traveling in the left-hand lane, then the merge with the cars coming onto the highway will be smoother causing less consternation to vehicles already on the highway.
  3. Vehicles using the HOV lane (left-hand lane) which do not comply with the HOV rules will be able to be taken off the tarmac for fining purposes without having an adverse effect as bad as it would be when the HOV is the right-hand lane.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

HOV 3 Lane Project a complete failure

Many of us travel on the N1 Ben Schoeman highway from Pretoria to Johannesburg during peak traffic hours to get to work in the mornings.

Those that do were met with a traffic jam worthy of writing home about yesterday morning, 23 October 2006! I was so fed up by the time that I arrived at work that I wrote the following letter to the South African Department of Transport and also to the Pretoria News letters page.

Re: the article by Trevor Goshi called "N1 dedicated lane aims to change behaviour."

I travel to Woodmead from Pretoria every day. I leave at 05:50 every morning and get to work usually at 06:45. Sometimes I get to work a little earlier at 06:40. However, my average travelling time is 55 minutes. This morning was the first morning of the HOV 3 Lane Project. I decided to remain in the middle lane for the duration of my trip.

Instead of travelling for 55 minutes, this morning it took me a full 1 hour and 55 minutes. That is more than double the time it usually takes!!!

In my opinion, this idea is like a still-born baby. It is a dead project from the beginning.

Most cars with less than 3 people tried to stay in the first two lanes, and as a result the right-hand lane moved much faster than us. Yet, there were empty taxis, empty buses and trucks with only the driver that travelled in the right-hand lane! It is quite pointless to have these High Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs) use the right-hand lane when they are empty!

This is most certainly one of the most profoundly stupid ideas that the government has ever come up with yet!

Existing road usage laws could have been used to ease the traffic currently on our highways. The one that would have been most effective would have been the 3 second "following distance" law! The highway gets congested because people do not keep their distances and as a result the traffic does not flow but "concertinas." If people kept their following distances then the flow from entrances onto the highways would be easier when they merge with highway traffic. This law should have been enforced, rather than disadvantage 90% of cars travelling between Pretoria and Johannesburg!

That is my piece for now!

Well, a reporter from the Pretoria News called me this morning and wanted to know more. He asked me some questions and then asked me to keep in touch in order to give him more info about how it is going with the HOV 3 Lane Project.

Click picture to enlarge

The amazing thing is that yesterday afternoon when I left work for home, I reached the Buccleuch Interchange and we really travelled through that interchange at a snail's pace. It usually takes me one hour to get home in the evenings. However, it took me one hour just to get through the Buccleuch interchange!

And you would never guess what the cause of this delay was! Oh, you know?! The Johannesburg Metro Police!

If you look at the map you will see that there are three circles on the map. The circle at the top marks the Allandale exit. There was an accident just north of the exit. Now, the idea with this HOV 3 Lane Project is to give preference to vehicles with 3 or more people. However, with this accident blocking the first two lanes we just could not move. The Metro Police had a new baby project to enforce, and enforce it they would! The first two lanes were practically standing still.

However, the right hand lane had very few cars in it and these cars were really motoring. What these police officers would do is to stand on the edge of the third or right-hand lane and force cars with less than three occupants to move over to the first two lanes.

With an accident ahead, I would have thought that it would be MUCH MORE important to get traffic flowing than to enforce such a puerile idea as the HOV 3 Lane Project!

This government of ours is trying so hard to create car free days instead of organizing CRIME FREE days!!! Read about the crime in my suburb!

At the bottom of the map you will see a big circle surrounding the Buccleuch Interchange and a red line with an arrow pointing in the direction of traffic flow. From the left-hand edge of this circle on the N1 to the first little circle with the N1 sign in it, it took me an hour! One of the square blocks on the map equals 1Km (0.62mi)! The distance covered in that one hour is less than 2Kms (1.24mi)!

The most amazing thing of all is that the officials from the transport department and the Metro Police saw the first day of this foolish endeavour as a success!

The problem with deciding that it was a success is that these people do not ride this road everyday to get to work and back! So, it is easy to make such a horrendously foolish statement!

The government wants less cars on our roads, so they want us to ride in lift-clubs. My problem with this idea is that:
  • I am the only one in my company that travels to Woodmead from Pretoria.
  • We all work on different time schedules. With my extra-curricular involvement, I can have up to 3 meetings in one week after hours. I need my car in order to make these meetings. These meetings can be anywhere from Pretoria to Alberton.
  • If I am part of a lift-club, then I will always have to wait for others before we go, or if I need to get home for one or other reason I will have to wait for the driver of the day.
Further, the government also wants us to use part of the proposed Park&Ride facility. There are three pick-up points in Pretoria and three drop-off points in the larger Johannesburg Metro. We are expected to leave our cars at the pick-up points and then to travel with these vans to Johannesburg. Three vehicles leave every 15 minutes from 06:00 to 08:30. Each will take you to a different drop-off point: Jhb CBD, Sandton and Rosebank. From there we are expected to put our lives at the mercy of kamikaze taxi drivers that we all too often see manoeuvering their mini-van taxis very daringly on our roads. Next, we have to somehow make it back to these three drop-off points that become pick-up points at 15:30 in the afternoons. See the schedules here.

It has been said of this government:

"Everytime they make a joke it is a law, and everytime they make a law it is a joke!"

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pretoria judge clueless

"A woman whose mother was murdered is fuming at Pretoria High Court judge Justice Ntsikelelo Poswa's decision to grant R1 000 bail to the 64-year-old's alleged killers.

"Judge Poswa's decision to grant bail to Abram Mabena, 22, and Oupa Frans Bofu, 25, has also been slammed by a full bench of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA), who have just released their reasons for nullifying the bail order last month and reissuing warrants for the men's arrest."

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sacrifices to the pagan 'god' Molech continues...

You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD. (Lev 18:21)

If anyone was wondering what Molech was all about, here is the short and bitter (not sweet) about it! In the Old Testament of the Bible the pagan nations around Israel worshipped the false 'god' called Molech. These people had it in their minds that this twisted demon (read 'god') demanded the sacrifice of their children to appease him. Every now and again Israel would fall away from God and also worship these sick perverted demons posing as gods. They would join these wayward nations in burning their children to death in the fires of sacrifice.

I bet you think that this is sick and twisted. You would be right in thinking so! However, in the world and in South Africa we have something similar going on!

Sure, the 'god' Molech now has a different look and feel and one can say that he has undergone a radical transformation. Whereas previously he was someone separate from the worshippers, he has now become one with them.

You see, Molech has transformed himself into the personal self of each of his worshippers. Today, each of Molech's worshippers is only looking out for himself and the depraved pleasures of this life.

In the same way that Molech demanded the sacrifice of a child more than 2000 years ago, he still demands the sacrifice of a child today!

That sacrifice of innocent lives that Molech and his endless pleasures demand today has transformed itself from the sacrifice of fire to the sacrifice of abortion. This sacrifice is no longer a sacrifice of appeasement to a 'god' bent on the destruction of his worshippers, but rather it is a sacrifice of all that is good to appease the insatiable desire for endless pleasures devoid of responsibility.

There is a new 'god' on the block and his name is 'self.' 'Self' has proclaimed himself greater than the lives of others, even the lives of innocent unborn children. All of this under the guise that it is legal under South African law. Is it so difficult to understand that the South African law is not an eternal law but can be changed tomorrow or the day after that?

Legality does not make something right! Tomorrow it may be wrong!

While Molech has transformed himself into the personal 'self' and the sinful, selfish desires of a generation that just cannot grow up into adulthood, thousands of children are being murdered because adults, with the mentality of children, cannot become responsible for their actions. This mentality of perpetual youth can only live in the moment and simply cannot see how their actions today will affect them tomorrow. It is time for this generation to grow up and to take responsibility for its actions.

Abortion is simply another way to worship 'self.' While those that have become pregnant are "too busy" with their lives and careers, they simply make the sacrifice of a child in order to avoid the imprisonment of child care. The appeasement of 'self' is all that matters.

The murder of children is wrong, whether it is this side of the birth canal or the other!

It is time to let this government know that we will not just stand here and watch them allow the murder of innocent children in the womb!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

South African Constitution is anti-life

"Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, president of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, has described the South African constitution as 'fiercely anti-life through its drive to promote contraception, abortion on demand and same-sex marriages'."

I agree completely with this sentiment. Read the whole article here.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Informal Car Guards Earn More Than Cops

In the city center of Pretoria, in the streets around Church Square, informal, untrained car guards are making more money in a month than trained police constables. What makes this even worse is that the police constable's salary includes R400 danger pay per month!

This is revealed on the front page of the Pretoria News of Monday, October 9, 2006.

A police constable, who is supposed to put his life on the line for that of fellow citizens, after medical aid, pension and other deductions can take home as little as R4,800 a month! Just to put this into perspective for our international readers, at today's exchange rate, this currently amounts to a paltry $612 (486 euro) per month. From this the constable must pay for the school fees of his children, clothes for his kids, petrol, food, insurance, etc.

While some of our government officials take their buddies to dinners worth R95,000 ($12,120), police constables are living right at the edge of starvation and perhaps bankruptcy! Even though it is wrong for the police to take bribes, I can understand it!

It amazes me that our government is willing to spend many billions of rands on military acquisitions, yet we have a situation in our police force which is terribly underpaid and completely understaffed! At the same time, they do not have enough resources such as police vehicles.

I heard a little birdie sing in my ear (whether it is true or not, I do not know) that the police is in possession of millions of rands worth of forensic equipment, but no one qualified enough to use it! No wonder crime is so ridiculously high in this country.

I was also at a Community Police Forum meeting a month or two ago, and we heard that the Tshwane (Pretoria) Metro Police business plan has not been approved by the city council since 2001!

All of this adds to the current status of South Africa as one of the most crime ridden countries in the world!

What is the government doing about it? All the government does is talk about a 6 month plan and this type of plan and yet another. It is all just talk! There is no visible change on the ground.

It is time this ANC led government does something of real value concerning the remuneration of its police members and the crime in this country!

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It Still Won't Make a Difference!

This last Saturday, October 07, 2006, the last of the "For Marriage" marches was held in Pretoria, South Africa.

As I wrote in my previous post concerning th
is march, it amazes me that people can still have this it-won't-make-a-difference attitude.

Well, it doesn't amaze me therefore that there were only about 300 people that participated in the march. At least, these
it-won't-make-a-difference Christians stuck to their defeatist worldview and didn't come to the march.

Here is a city of about 1.3 million people and only 300 participated in this march! My guess is that almost all churches were informed about this march. There are at least 2 mega churches in the city (2,000+ members). Both of these have more than 5,000 members. I am a member of one of these, and have been since 1986. I had a look around at the people at the march and recognised 11 people from my church. I have to add that of these 11, 9 were there because of political affiliation to the ACDP. That means that my church had only 2 people there!

I wonder why there were so few from my own church? My guess is because NOT one of our 24 pastors was there. Yes, you read correctly! We have a church with about 2
4 pastors and not one of them came to the march! I suppose if the pastors don't lead, the sheep won't follow!

From the other 5,000+ church at least the head pastor was there. However, his denomination (supposedly Reformed in theology), made it clear on national Christian radio that they do not support these marches.

What will these men and women who did not stand up for Biblical marriages in the public arena tell their children one day when they are asked why they did not march? "Dad, did you not care enough about my future to march against evil?" "Am I not worth marching for?" "Do you love your sport more than you love me?" "Am I not even worth a day's wages?"

Some parents saw their children marching but were unwilling to march themselves! What kind of a message does this send to our children? That we are not willing to stand up for what is righteous? "Backbone, oh backbone! W
here art thou?"

It all comes down to priorities and worldview. The priorities can only be in order when there is a proper Biblical worldview! A correctly applied Biblical worldview will make adjustments to priorities, so that other things like sport and money and personal welfare will not stand in the way of our battle for a righteous government who would be willing to enact righteous laws.

I kind of asked a rhetorical question as to why not one of our church's pastors was there and the answer from someone was that the pastors are tired. Too tired to stand up for what is right? I wonder what Paul would say in situation like that? Paul was shipwrecked and left for dead 3 times and so many more terrible things happened to him. Yet, our pastors are tired!

It seems to me that the church is in a coma or at least not
conscious at the moment and is in real need of resuscitation! What will it take for the church in South Africa to be willing in the day of God's power? Oh, yes! The church is waiting for some mystical wind to blow over them to give them some sort of supernatural power! Until then, it is business as usual.

These Christians that are unwilling to stand up for righteousness in the political arena are the typical "couch" Christian. They are the armchair Christians. They sit and watch and have lots of comments to the team playing, but are unwilling to participate.

I suppose that when all "hell" breaks loose around us, these same people will say, "It won't make a difference!"

Like I said before, and I say it again, when
30 million Christians do nothing, I guess, then "it won't make a difference!"

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke

Update 10 October 2006: Here is a picture and article on the march from the Pretoria News of 9 October 2006.

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