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Sunday, December 18, 2011

ANC speaks through both sides of its mouth

anc-two-headed-monsterOver the many years of the ANC’s existence—100 years in 2012—we have now learnt with great clarity that the ANC will change strategies and policies as the circumstances demand, whatever their end-goal is!

The case in point is that several months ago, Julius Malema and his Pied Piper mice wanted to charge into Botswana to “help establish” a regime change in that country. With great fanfare the ANC chastised him and ANCYL for bringing the ANC into disrepute.

Of course, the ANC has a long-standing disrepute that all clear thinking people can clearly see and understand, since the ANC regularly rams controversial laws through parliament when they perceive resistance to their proposed laws. This was clearly the case with abortion on demand, legalised pornography, legalised same-sex whatever-it-is-but-it-is-not-marriage and now lately the secrecy bill. With each of these bills, the ANC simply rammed them through parliament, while not listening at all to what people were saying in consultation with the government. In fact, with each of these votes in parliament, ANC Members of Parliament (MPs) had no right to a vote of conscience. They were told what to vote! Democracy has no meaning to this monster!

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Defend and protect the family–Stop TopTV porn!

Television companies are going full-out to corrupt the minds of people by pushing for pornography on their channels. e-TV has taken porn from their offering quite recently after many people complained about their late night transmission of porn (I hope it is still off!). Next came DSTV who also wanted to create a porn channel on their bouquet of offerings. After many complaints they also decided not to go ahead with this imbecilic idea! Now, TopTV, after claiming in their launch last year that they will keep their offerings clean, have succumbed to the smut-sells idea and want to add porn channels to their offering. The message we have is clear!


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