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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pro-life lobby sowing confusion?

As usual, the pro-murder lobby, um, excuse me, pro-choice lobby, blames the pro-life lobby for the abortion amendment bill not making it through parliament this last week and therefore that this bill has to wait until next year.

This murderous pro-choice lobby claims that the pro-life lobby is sowing confusion among people.

At least, according to the pro-choice definition of confusion, the pro-life lobby is only sowing confusion. On the other hand, the pro-choice lobby sows death wherever they go. They are actively campaigning for a culture of death, while using the euphemism of "pro-choice!" What they are really standing for is infanticide. That is the direction they are heading for. They are simply pushing the envelope a little further as they move along.

The fact is that these pro-choice groups unashamedly stand for the murder of babies under the smokescreen of pro-choice.

This needs to be stopped.

It is at this point that Christians all over the country start voting against this culture of death and immorality that parties such as the ANC nd DA stand for. Christians need to stand up and vote for a party that will stand strong on moral, and life and death issues. That party is the ACDP.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

200 lashes for being raped!

Well, next time you are a victim, just hope you are not in the oppressive Islamic Saudi Arabia. If you get raped there you might end up being punished. How ridiculous and barbaric! Punish the wrong doers, not the victims! But, that happens when the godless are in control!

Read "Rape case overshadows PR blitz."

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Government to blame for South African HIV/AIDS pandemic!

Here we go again!

By now, the government-issued Choice condoms, have had 3 recalls of defective condoms in recent memory. Two of these recalls were within the last two months.

Together with these condom failures, top government figures such as Jacob Zuma (in the running for the presidency of the ANC, and hence that of South Africa) make light of the HIV/AIDS pandemic by comments and practices that lead to the wrong message for our people in this country.

Zuma had sex with a woman not so long ago without knowing whether she had HIV or not! His solution to prevent himself form getting the virus? A good shower after his escapades with this young woman! If this is not a bad message to our people, then what would be?

Then, our health minister, Dr Mantombazana Tshabalala-Msimang, tells people that they need to eat potatoes and other vegetables to fight this battle.

The government has shown time and again that they do not have the resources or the know-how to fight this battle. With them, it is mostly talk and no action. For that, they are to blame!

However, in a recent article in the Mail & Guardian, Warren Foster laments the problem of the HIV/AIDS pandemic by placing all the blame on the government for the spread of this deadly virus in South Africa.

Some people were interviewed for this article, and they all blame the government! How can the government be blamed for the spread of HIV/AIDS, when the spread of this virus is almost completely by having sex with another person? Is the government organising orgies for people to attend? Is the government forcing people to have sex with others?

The fact is that our society has become a society of victims. Whenever something goes wrong in our own lives, we need to blame someone else. Even when we cut off our own hands with some tool, we have this urge to blame someone else, who "should have" put a warning on the tool to keep it away from our hands.

We no longer want to take responsibility for our own lives. That is why people blame the government for getting HIV/AIDS, and when the government is too slow in the fight against the virus, then these same people blame the government once again!

I have to agree that the government keeps on sending out the wrong signals in this fight, but it is because professionals and the industry gave the government the message to pass along. The message is that as long as you use a condom while having sex, you will be fine. However, that is a simple lie that is proven to be false within the condom industry! The fact is, that condoms still have around a 20% failure rate when it comes to fighting HIV, or pregnancy for that matter. This however is not disclosed to people. So, when the government, and all those clever professionals tell people that they need to use condoms during sex, what do people think?

The initial thought is that government finds free sex outside of marriage as acceptable behaviour. So, these people simply go along with the flow!

The fact is, the best method of fighting this virus is not through condoms (the misnomer of "safe-sex"), or medicine, but through the simple practice of chastity. With this chastity comes abstinence, which up till now have proven 100% safe against the spread of this virus.

Of course, your first thought will be, "But people will not stop having sex outside of marriage!" Of course they will not! As long as we tell them that they do not have the ability to abstain, why should they even try? They are victims of this over-sexed society anyhow, aren't they? So, they are victims and victims just sit back waiting for things to happen to them.

No, we need to start the real "moral regeneration" of this country by telling people that sex outside of marriage is sin in God's eyes. There are consequences to having free sex. Two of those are unwanted pregnancies and STDs. By following God's laws in this regard, neither of these would be a problem!

When the government does not protect its citizens from crime and invasions, then blame it. But, when your own actions lead to your own demise, don't blame someone else. Take responsibility for it!

Please understand, I am not saying that we should abandon sick people, but when a lifestyle leads to disease, don't shift the blame onto others!

Read this statement by the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) on HIV/AIDS.

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