Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama stories you shouldn't miss

Dan Phillips has a series of posts about the coming U.S. elections, especially concerning Obama, that just shouldn't be missed!

They can be found here, here, here and here!

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The Truth about Obama

I think it is imperative for every sane thinking person to read the Human Events paper, The Truth about Barack Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know.

Of course, the Obamaniacs will probably throw a hissy fit because of this paper. Be that as it may, this paper must be spread far and wide across the U.S. and even the world.
The Truth about Barack Obama must come out.

Here are the first two paragraphs:

"Barack Obama's quest for the presidency is remarkable in many ways, not least of which is the utter lack of close scrutiny by the dominant liberal media of Obama's history. What little we know of it is a history that belies nearly everything those who see him as their political messiah believe to be true: that he is a reformer, an agent of 'change,' a 'new style' of 'post-partisan' politician, that his relationships with (to put it mildly) unsavory characters like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers are irrelevant outliers, and that Obama is a moderate who works well with Republicans and Democrats alike to get important things done.

"In his new book, The Case Against Barack Obama, (published by Regnery and available at political reporter David Freddoso lays out in great detail (averaging 65 footnotes per chapter) the many substantial flaws in Obama, showing him to be anything but a new sort of politician and anything but a force for positive change or real change of any kind, other than change to benefit Obama and advance the liberal agenda. Obama is, as Fred Thompson said, George McGovern without the credentials."

Read it here!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ronald Reagan: Government expansion means contraction of freedom

In a nationwide U.S. survey, Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the U.S.A., was picked as America's best president. Here is one of his great speeches. What timeless ideals he held to! If Obama becomes the next U.S. president, God forbid, all those ideals will become null and void!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Democrats for McCain

Dan Phillips brings up an interesting point concerning Democrats for McCain. The interesting thing is that there are many prominent Democrats for McCain.

Read Dan's post here.

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Google goes Gaygle while the Apple is bitten

In two separate statements, both Apple and Google voiced their opposition to Proposition 8. Prop 8 wants to solidify marriage as between one man and one woman. However, Apple and Google are opposed to this proposition.

This simply means that both companies have decided to side with the homosexual lifestyle, over against the true Biblical family.

Based on this, should anyone of these companies enjoy our continued support? Why should we continue to use Google Gaygle?

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The Candidates on Abortion

Where do the candidates (McCain vs Obama; Palin vs Biden) stand on abortion? National right to Life has put together an excellent flyer to assist you, the American voter, in making a decision on Nov 4. The flyer deals specifically with the issue of abortion. The flyers are in PDF format and come in 3 versions: English (colour), English (B&W), Spanish.

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Christian Coalition Voter Guides available!

"Christian Coalition Voter Guides are one of the most powerful tools that pro-family conservatives have ever had to educate others on where candidates for public office stand on key faith and family issues. They have helped inform tens of millions of voters in every election since 1992.

With the close competitive nature of many races this year, Christian Coalition Voter Guides could make all the difference in who represents you in public office - and it is critical that pro-family voters have the information they need before they go to the polls this November. They need to know where candidates for office stand on the important issues that impact our families."

Visit Christian Coalition of America to learn more.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama surprise!

Dan Phillips has put together a couple of Obama surprise, surprise! links at his blog. To those that want to vote for the infamous Obamanation, read it before sinking your country into the deepest pit of abominable immorality!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

2012: Obama's first four years

In a possible scenario with Obama as U.S. president, the following letter written in 2012, portrays what an Obama presidency could look like after its first 4 years.

"Dear friends,

"I can hardly sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' any more. When I hear the words,

"O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
"O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

"I get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Now in October of 2012, after seeing what has happened in the last four years, I don’t think I can still answer, 'Yes,' to that question. We are not 'the land of the free and the home of the brave.' Many of our freedoms have been taken away by a liberal Supreme Court and a majority of Democrats in both the House and the Senate, and hardly any brave citizen dares to resist the new government policies any more.

"The 2008 election was closer than anybody expected, but Barack Obama still won. Many Christians voted for Obama – younger evangelicals actually provided him with the needed margin to defeat John McCain – but they didn’t think he would really follow through on the far left policies that had marked his entire previous career. They were wrong."

Continue reading this letter here.

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Voting according to race?

As Christians we cannot afford to vote according to race, no matter which country we live in. Our vote should be squarely based on the Christian worldview. That worldview categorically denies a vote for someone that supports abortion or gay "marriage."

African-American Christians risk being called all kinds of names if they do not support Barack Hussein Obama. But then, can being called names really compare with Jesus who suffered a terrible beating and a death on a cross to save His people? Can being called names really compare with the death of millions of innocent children whose only crime is to be an inconvenience? Has our convenience driven, instant, Western society become so callous that it would murder for a little bit of convenience and instant gratification?

Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine, sat next to a 70 year old female, African-American Christian singer, in a church service, who told him that she does not support Obama, because his principles are contrary to her Christian principles.

"She continued: 'I hear some black pastors saying from the pulpit, "Let's thank God we’re going to have a black man in the White House." Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t think this is the right black man.'

"I'm not going to reveal the identity of this woman—not because she doesn't want me to tell, but because outing her as a McCain supporter could close doors for her in the black church. Sadly, African-Americans who aren't supporting Obama today are viewed as traitors."

Continue reading here.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Value Voters USA

I am not an American (I am South African), but I lived and worked in Columbus, Ohio for 2 years (1999-2000). I have always been interested in the history of the U.S. and what's happening there. I also always have to defend the U.S. among many of the people I know in South Africa.

Everytime elections come around, they are called the most important elections ever. However, the 2008 U.S. elections of November 4, in my opinion are the most important of all time for the American nation. Barack Obama is the most left-leading radical ever to run for president, and if he wins, it will be known in history as the Great Turning point for America.

That is why every Christian needs to think very carefully who they want to vote for. The fact that there are Christians who stand behind Obama simply boggles my mind. The man is a socialist, bent on the continued destruction and murder of babies and of the family in his support for homosexual marriage. He must be stopped now.

It is at this point in the life of America, that Christians need to say "NO!" to the Democratic Party and their left-leading, immoral policies and candidates.

Please visit to find out more. The following video clip comes from their site.

Here is a video from, about the possible ramifications of an Obama presidency:

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama: most extreme abortion candidate ever

Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, member of the President's Council on Bioethics, previously served on the United States Commission on Civil Rights, sits on the editorial board of Public Discourse, wrote a very important expose on Barack Obama's stance concerning abortion.

George wrote:

"Barack Obama is the most extreme pro-abortion candidate ever to seek the office of President of the United States. He is the most extreme pro-abortion member of the United States Senate. Indeed, he is the most extreme pro-abortion legislator ever to serve in either house of the United States Congress.

"Yet there are Catholics and Evangelicals-even self-identified pro-life Catholics and Evangelicals - who aggressively promote Obama's candidacy and even declare him the preferred candidate from the pro-life point of view.

"What is going on here?

"I have examined the arguments advanced by Obama's self-identified pro-life supporters, and they are spectacularly weak. It is nearly unfathomable to me that those advancing them can honestly believe what they are saying. But before proving my claims about Obama's abortion extremism, let me explain why I have described Obama as 'pro-abortion' rather than 'pro-choice.'"

Read more here.

HT: Justin Taylor

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Radical Womanhood

HT: Justin Taylor

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Obama claims to be Christian: Is there evidence?

Marsha West wrote an interesting article on the evidence of whether Obama is a Christian or not.

"How do we know if a person’s life has changed? His worldview will change over time (in some cases overnight) and he will exchange his secular worldview for a sacred worldview. In other words, sooner or later he will leave his old life behind and adopt a Christian worldview. For those who don’t know what a Christian worldview looks like, Paul explains it in 1 Corinthians.

"That said, a good place to start looking for proof to judge whether or not Obama’s worldview is secular or sacred is to examine his view on the sanctity of human life. In that regard the evidence speaks for itself."

You can continue reading Marsha's article here.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

U.K. morality dips to lowest point

The U.K. police is now at a point where they no longer know what is right or wrong. They have been instructed not to interfere with the so-called "human right" of homosexuals to cruise public places, such as parks and public bathrooms, and to have sex with anonymous partners, in those public places!

The U.K. is spiraling out of control, and government entities have become so PC that it is going to cause the fall of a once great empire. Correction: the empire has fallen!

"Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who made all nations drink the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality... Babylon the great, mother of prostitutes and of earth's abominations." Bible, Revelation 14:8 & 17:5.
Is this how Britain would like to be remembered?

In a news bulletin by LifeSiteNews it was reported:
"Public homosexual activity in parks and public bathrooms must not be impeded by law enforcement officials except as a last resort, says a new set of draft guidelines for UK police...

"The report complained that previous activity on the part of police officers to stop public sex has alienated the gay community. The report blames law enforcement for leading to homosexual 'self-harm,' citing the fact that some homosexuals have attempted suicide who 'may have been arrested, charged or come into contact with the police in such a situation.'"

I suppose the next step will be not to enforce the law on murder, or perhaps rape. We can't allow the enforcement of these laws. Don't you know it will alienate the RMR communities? (Rapists, Murderers and Robbers)

Oh, what the heck! Why don't we just scrap all law books so we do not have to enforce any laws? That way, no one will ever be alienated again! What a great idea!

However, if we do this, we would have complete anarchy! Yet, does anyone think that anarchy, or its opposite, tyranny, is achieved in a day? It is a slow process, either retreating on the laws of the day, or infringing on the freedoms of the day. There is a thin line that separates the two. Unfortunately, humans have the great skill of cutting across that line almost on a daily basis. Governments have the great skill to go both ways at the same time. For instance, the police in the U.K. no longer want to enforce the law on public indecency regarding homosexuals, and on the other hand, they most likely will infringe on the free-speech rights of those who say that homosexuality is wrong.

Anyhow, this predicament comes along when people want to create and banish laws based on their own "wisdom." Mankind will just never get it right. According to these clever humans, something could be wrong today but right tomorrow. Why is this? This happens because they no longer have an objective truth to base their laws upon. God's truth! This comes at their own detriment.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" Bible, Isaiah 5:20

God has put out a warning to those who call evil good and good evil. It seems in the case of the U.K., that warning is coming to fruition. The once mighty British Empire, is busy turning into a bunch of weaklings not willing to stand up for what is good in the sight of God like they once did.

Britain, your only escape from being washed away into the ocean of oblivion by those pathetic waves of political correctness, is for you to repent and to return to God! Humble yourself before the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. That is the only way!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

South African Biblical Voters' Guide

It seems like many people battle with which party to vote for. That is not just a South African problem.

However, a Biblical Voters' Guide does exist to help voters make up their minds. The problem does exist that even when voters are given such a guide they still do not whom to vote for.

Looking at Christians in South Africa, it seems they are in many ways the worst when it comes to elections. Something that should be so easy, becomes a mountain to handle. While they claim to believe in the Bible, and to be Christians, thousands upon thousands show which side of the divide they stand. Many still vote for expediency instead of according to their so-called Biblical beliefs.

This is clearly a case of not walking-the-talk. They say one thing but clearly do another. Their personal worldviews do not square up with their claimed Biblical worldview.

Well, be that as it may, you can reach the voter's guide here.

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Obama lies about his pro-abortion record in third debate

"'On partial-birth abortion and on the rights of infants who survive abortions, Barack Obama's answers in the third presidential debate were highly misleading,' commented Douglas Johnson, longtime legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nation's largest pro-life organization."

Read more about Obama's active record for the killing of babies here.

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New York Times outraged over McCain/Palin supporters' rage

Don't you just love the New York Times? That bastion of liberal cave dwellers! The reporting from the NYT is so one sided, only a cave dweller can believe the invective aimed at the right while they consistently ignore or hide the attitudes of hate aimed at the right by the left.

Michelle Malkin highlights how the left keep bursting out in one-finger salutes and one syllable tirades against the right. Amazing how a principled stand can evoke such bad behaviour from the left.

Michelle Malkin:

"Are a few activists on the right getting out of hand? Probably. Between massive ACORN voter fraud, Bill Ayers’ and Jeremiah Wright’s unrepentant hatred of America, and John McCain’s inability to nail Barack Obama on his longtime alliances with all of the above, conservatives have plenty to shout about these days.

"But a couple of random catcallers do not a mob make. And there’s an overflowing abundance of electoral rage on the left that won’t make it onto your newspaper’s front page."

What kind of response can one expect from the left? Here is a video that shows us:

The left must respond like they do because they have such high moral standards. Or, do they? I think not! The following cartoon says it all!

Continue reading Michelle Malkin's commentary here.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ACDP can never merge with DA or new ANC split

I just read an article by Mail & Guardian Online, in which ordinary South Africans shared their views on the possibility of a new political party.

One of the respondents, Derek Lerm, says that he will vote for the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).

He also said that "other parties like the ACDP and the DA may want to merge into this [new] party to make it more powerful."

Lerm obviously does not know what the ACDP stands for. The political and moral philosophy of the DA and this new party are diametrically opposed. While the ACDP clearly stands for strong Biblical Christian morals, neither the DA or the new party stand for such morals.

It would be better if Christians in this nation voted for what they claimed to believe. Then they would not vote for the DA or the ANC or any other ANC cloned parties. That would remove the ANC from power.

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Sarah Palin's "Speech of the 21st Century"

British pro-life activist, John Smeaton, director of Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, wrote that Sarah Palin's speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday could be regarded as the “most significant” political speech of the 21st century.

In the speech Sarah Palin said:

"I believe the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and to speak for themselves. And who is more vulnerable, or more innocent, than a child?...

"Yes, every innocent life matters. Everyone belongs in the circle of protection. Every child has something to contribute to the world, if we give them that chance. There are the world’s standards of perfection – and then there are God’s, and these are the final measure."

Continue reading here.

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Ashley Judd is disingenuous about abortion

Ashley Judd, in a short interview with, said that voting for McCain/Palin is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.

It simply amazes me that liberals like Judd and their fellow democrat cronies can be so disingenuous in what they say. Judd blabbed along about "reproductive health" as if it is the great solution to the human problem!

"Reproductive health" is a code word for the murdering of the unborn. Yes, the euphemism for this murdering of unborn babies used to be "abortion," but now has taken another turn to be further euphemised to become "reproductive health!"

This is how the liberals and democrats perpetuate their lies. By giving terrible acts of violence and despicable lifestyles all kinds of euphemisms, they have conned millions in thinking their way. I suppose if people are gullible enough for this type of word play, then the democrats can have them!

If Judd thinks that voting for McCain/Palin is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders, then what should we think of voting for Obama/Biden? That would be like a murdered baby voting for Tiller.

Further, if that despicable Planned Parenthood gave McCain a 0 rating on "reproductive health" for women, then he is indeed a far better option than Obama who received a 100 rating for the same. That simply means that Obama does not give a hoot for the unborn. The devil in disguise!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Relief for the terminally ill?

Assisted suicide for the terminally ill will probably lead to assisted suicide for anyone who so wishes! Assisted suicide is illegal in Montana, U.S.A. Wesley Smith of Secondhand Smoke touched on the issue:

"So we can see that the dying patient is just the point person, the category of suffering persons that many will be willing to accept for the right to suicide, when in reality, these patients are being used to front the broader agenda that can, in time, only lead to a right to be made dead for anyone with a sustained desire to die.

"My, we have become a death obsessed culture. The nihilism is so thick you can cut it with a knife."

Continue reading Wesley's blog post here.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Voting According to the Word of God

Kent Pletcher, from the Grace Remarx blog, in his post Voting According to the Word of God, wrote specifically with the American elections in mind, however, his comments can be directly applied to the South African elections of early 2009.

Here are a few paragraphs:

"If you truly believe the Word of will do all you can to live it!

"Now let me apply this to our God-given right to vote. If we believe the Word of God and hold Him as our highest treasure in life. If we truly believe, as the Bible clearly states, that our greatest duty and pleasure comes through obedience to God's Word than we should always vote according to the Word of God.

"I don't care if your (sic) Republican or Democrat...the Word of God must always trump everything else.

"If the Bible says that murder is sin you better not vote for someone who endorses abortion.

If the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination to God than you better not vote for someone who endorses homosexuality or same sex marriage."

Read more here.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Environmentalists turn 'mother' nature into 'Rights Bearing Entity'

"One of the most radical alterations in the self definition of humankind has just occurred in Ecuador and the world snoozes. But the radical environmental movement sees what is happening and is cheering...

"Well, here's the problem: Even if you want to thwart the evil international corporations, the [Equadorian] constitution doesn't just do that. It makes NATURE a RIGHTS BEARER that is co-equal with people. That means the provision will apply as harshly against the subsistence farmer as the corporation, who being part of the power structure, will often escape the snare."

Read more here.

This happens when you hug a tree too long!

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Online Christian School in South Africa

The school my children attend, Hatfield Christian School, here in Pretoria, has come up with a way of assisting children that are out in far flung areas, or those involved in home schooling here in South Africa, with an accredited online school called the Hatfield Christian Online School.

Essentially, there are three programmes to choose from:
The Online Option

"In this option, the student elects to do all of his / her subjects online and they become fulltime students of our Online Programme. These subjects lead to an Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric. There will be regular assignments and assessments which will need to be completed timeously if a student is to progress."

The Top Up Option
"You have the option of signing up for one or more subjects which will supplement your other studies."

The School Based Option
"The current educational system in our country means that there are numerous schools that are not adequately staffed. There are also other schools, where the designated staff member is alone in the department and is not confident that he / she is on track. It is our intention to be of assistance to these schools and ensure that as many young South Africans as possible receive a sound and quality education."
The Hatfield Christian Online School is launching in 2009 with Gr 10, offering the following subjects:
Afrikaans (1st additional language)
Maths Literacy
Physical Science
IT (Information Technology)
CAT (Computer Applications Technology)
Business Studies
Life Orientation

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

California: "Gay" agenda trumps everyone else's rights!

Well, there you have it. Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California has signed into law three bills that essentially squashes moral values and religious freedom.

The Bible warned us that the time will come when good will be called evil, and evil will be called good. Apart from degenerates that are already thinking that, the Governator has now signed that concept into law.

One of the bills,

"AB 3015 forces foster parents to train foster children to support homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality. The 2000 law upon which AB 3015 is based resulted in homosexual, bisexual and transsexual activism on school campuses from 'LGBT' students and teachers. AB 3015 will do the same for foster children, many of whom have already been emotionally damaged by sexual abuse and neglect."

Read more about this horribly anti-family governor's abuses of other people's rights here.

For a graphic display of the "rights" that Arnie signed into law, go here. Are these truly the "rights" that you want our children to learn about?

This is social re-engineering in the open!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Family Policy Institute misrepresents African Christian Democratic Party

The Family Policy Institute (FPI), in its July 18th reporting of the launch of the Christian Democratic Alliance, said that the "African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) opted out of the CDA choosing to remain in their multi-party governance arrangement with the Democratic Alliance (DA)."

In their reporting on the ACDP's so-called alliance with the DA, they used a bit of mix-n-matching with their reporting. After they made this categorical statement in their article, two paragraphs down they quote the president of the ACDP, Dr. Kenneth Meshoe as saying, "The agreement is a multi-party governance on a city basis only and will never be on a national basis." I call this maneuvering by the FPI as ducking-and-diving.

In my opinion they had absolutely NO need to make their initial statement. Dr. Meshoe clearly stated that there is no nationwide alliance with the DA, and that the alliance with them in Cape Town was limited to Cape Town alone.

The article by FPI shows absolutely no objectivity, as they are making a statement that was clearly debunked by the ACDP president. The facts, as alliances go, also speak volumes in this regard. Apart from Cape Town, the ACDP has no alliance with any other political party in the country.

The decision by the ACDP not to join the CDA has therefore nothing to do with its current city alliance with the DA and several other parties. That of course is never mentioned in the article by FPI.

In my opinion, the initial statement in the article by FPI, which is stated as fact, should never have been made.

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Constitution Party's Chuck Baldwin on Paltalk radio

Gary Baumgarten will be interviewing the Constitution Party's candidate for president, Chuck Baldwin, on on 7 October at 5p.m. EST.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Schwarzenegger signs bill authorizing killing of patients

'AB 2747 pushes suicide through the back door at the hands of non-physicians taking advantage of depressed patients,' he said in a statement. 'AB 2747 cheapens the value of human life by endorsing suicide as an option.'

"The measure allows physician assistants and nurses to decide whether a person is 'terminally ill' and deprive them of basic life-sustaining necessities such as food and water.

"'Depressed patients who succumb to this pressure will be drugged unconscious and die from dehydration, usually within five to 10 days,' Thomasson said. 'Nothing in the bill prohibits this horror.'"

Read more about this bill here, signed into California law by the alleged Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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