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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anti-Trafficking Legislation - A Waste of Time?

In this day and age when human trafficking is rife all over the world, it is difficult to understand how someone sitting on the Justice & Constitutional Development Portfolio Committee, representing the IFP, could suggest that current statistics on human trafficking suggests that anti-trafficking legislation is a waste of time. This man obviously has no understanding of the dignity of human persons and the fact that we as humans are made in the image of God. That we are made in the image of God cannot be quantified into statistics. Human beings aren’t just accidental numbers that make up statistics. Further, this man, Mario Gaspare Oriani-Ambrosini, has no idea of justice in society and fighting crime. If crime was merely about statistics, then why have certain laws, since the lesser crimes should not be bothered about. Crime fighting is not just about apprehending criminals and putting them in prison. Crime against fellow humans is an affront to God.

Of course, the question to Oriani-Ambrosini is, how much of any given crime must be committed before he would be willing to give time to it?

Anyway, please read the newsletter from FPI below.

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