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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Solving crime by making criminals military criminals

It amazes me that so many people, notwithstanding the evidence, still believe that poverty is the main cause of crime!

The fact is, that if one looks at a country such as Mozambique, which is much more poverty stricken than South Africa, it soon becomes apparent that poverty cannot be used as the scapegoat of crime in South Africa.

The crime levels in Mozambique, according to conventional wisdom, should be orders higher than here in South Africa. However, that is not the case! In fact, crime in Mozambique is much lower than in South Africa.

This can also be demonstrated when looking at many other countries that, in fact, are much poorer than South Africa. The fact is that crime statistics in South Africa show that crime in South Africa is of the worst on the planet!

South African Labour Minister, Membathisi Mdladlana (ANC), based on the crime in South Africa, made a call for military conscription.

According to Mdladlana, "The worrying trend whereby our youths are involved in the current spate of armed robberies and other related violent crimes that are ravaging our country could be reversed once they join the army."

Mdladlana also believes the Politically Correct (PC) notion that poverty fuels crime. As a result, the Minister Mdladlana feels that conscription should be reconsidered in order to be used as a weapon against crime.

Minister Mdladlana doesn't keep up with the news and events of the South African military and the people that join the military here in South Africa.

IOL reports that the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) may soon cost the South African taxpayer almost R1billion in civil claims against military criminals.

According to IOL, The Star newspaper "revealed that the most recent list of recorded criminal cases against army members includes 26 charges of murder, 22 of attempted murder, 15 of assault with grievous bodily harm, 25 of common assault, and 31 of reckless and negligent driving." Joining the military will indeed solve crime in this country!

That is, crime by civilians! After joining the military, these criminals will commit crime on the taxpayers' payroll! Ever heard of a bigger Mafia organisation than that?

Crime in South Africa will diminish when the ANC government takes its citizens seriously. The fact that this government does not take crime in South Africa seriously, proves that the ANC government does not take its people seriously. Even Mbeki, South African president, is completely out of touch with crime and the people of South Africa!

I can understand if people are out of touch with the crime situation when nothing happens to them. However, a person must be absolutely blind, or have a heart of stone, when looking at the crime statistics in the country.

The fact that Mbeki claims that crime is not out of hand in this country proves to me that he has a heart of stone, since I know he is not blind!

This government does not care about its people or their opinions.

South Africans need to vote against the ANC in the next general elections.

The government needs to act harshly against criminals and create a deterrence for crime. However, I believe that this government has no categories to explain deterrence.

As a result, we are perhaps stuck with crime as it is!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

South Africa, a "friend of torture?"

Map of BurmaThe South African government, led by the ANC, keeps proving my point.

I have for a long time had the idea that
the South African government is not really interested in real justice and real human rights.

Our government had the ideal opportunity to stand up for justice and human rights when the U.N. Security Council voted on calling on the military government of Burma to ease up on its repression of its people. And what did our government vote in its maiden vote on the Security Council?

Together with Russia and China, South Africa voted against the measure.

What was the so-called reason for this vote? According to Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad, the resolution did not fit the mandate of the Security Council and belonged to the U.N. Human Rights Commission. What a bunch of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo!
Surely, while the ANC was in exile, they would not have agreed with such an argument about the previous apartheid regime?!

For once the South African government could have proven that it had more
back-bone than we all knew it didn't have. Yet, they rather sided with their partners-in-crime, China. China is another major human rights violator, which makes me wonder what the South African government really stand for. It seems that the ANC government was only willing to fight for their own freedom from apartheid, and "basta" with the rest of the oppressed peoples of the world. It seems the attitude is, "I fought for my own freedom; you fight for yours!" Is this what the ANC government seeks to make us believe? From its actions, what else are we to assume?

Has the government ever said anything to China regarding its oppression of
people in that country, especially Christians? I think not! This government would rather side with oppressive governments elsewhere, such as China and several Islamic and communistic countries. I do not think that this government is playing open cards with its citizens. I bet if they do, they will soon lose all their votes! Are they aiming at emulating these oppressive regimes? Is that perhaps why they have been so soft on Mugabe, just north of us? I certainly hope not!

Just recently, reports of escalating persecution against the Burmese Christian minority were confirmed by a leaked secret memo from a Burmese government ministry.

Naturally, the South African government, led by the ANC majority will not do or even say anything against this persecution. My guess is that the ANC does not care about what Christians think or believe, until elections come around again!

How can I say that the ANC-led government feels nothing for its Christian citizens? Well, look at some o
f the major laws it has passed, each of these laws an abomination to God and a source of heartache to Christians! The ANC government has legalized pornography, abortion and same-sex "marriage!"

I just hope that the already weakened U.N. has not been weakened further with a country like South Africa represented. I can see that our government simply does not have the resolve to commit to anything that may perhaps require change of oppressive regimes!

Before the ANC acquired its "freedom" from apartheid, they wanted countries from everywhere to interfere in South Africa's business; yet, now they have changed heart when it comes to other countries that are experiencing violent oppression. Human rights only matter if it concerns them directly, not if someone else is concerned!

Maybe, as someone else has said before, South Africa is a "friend of torture!"

Updated 7 February 2007:
South African government strengthens bonds with China as a "friend of torture!" Also read about the Africa/China connection here!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

A Day of Infamy!

No! Not Pearl Harbour! Something worse than Pearl Harbour! This day of "infamy" has killed 40,000,000 (40 million) people in the U.S.A. alone! 9/11 pales in comparison with THIS day of infamy!

With Pearl Harbour and 9/11, the enemy came into America for all to see! With these two events, the enemy came from outside America.

The day of infamy that I am writing about is different. The enemy is America itself. The enemy is a mother, a father, a judge, a congressman, a senator! Yes, these are the people who have killed those 40 million!

I am thinking of the infamous, evil ruling by the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. in Roe v. Wade, abortion on demand (which is simply a euphemism for murder on demand), on January 22, 2007.

The ruling in Roe v. Wade has always seemed to be impersonal. Well, it IS personal. See for yourself:

HT: Justin Taylor

This is VERY personal!

Abortion on demand (AoD) has been the law in South Africa since 1 February 1997. That means it has been 10 years since AoD was made legal.

By the time 1 February 2007 comes around, approximately 600,000 babies would have been aborted in South Africa. 600,000 legalised murders!

Will the church in South Africa stand up against this injustice? Or, will it fail like it did before 1 December 2006, when same-sex marriage was declared legal? Or, will it fail as it did in the years under apartheid?

It is my contention that if the true church of Jesus Christ stood up against these evils the way it is supposed to, then none of them would have seen the light of day! We would not have seen apartheid, or abortion, or pornography, or same-sex marriage!

Yet, it seems to me that the years of capitulating under the rule of the apartheid government has dulled the moral indignation of the church so much, that it has become totally indifferent to the evils committed in the name of the law in this country.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." (
Pro 14:34)

It is time for the church to stand up against these injustices and these evil practices and to become an example of righteous living. When the church ignores these issues, how will righteousness exalt this nation? The sin and evil of this nation will continually remain its own reproach!

The sin of the church is not only the normal sins that beset us all as humans. No! The sin of the church is that it is silent when evil is committed!

One of the most famous sentences ever is by Edmund Burke who said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

This is the very sin of the church! When issues arise like legalized abortion, pornography and same-sex marriage, the church does nothing! Evil triumphs in this nation because the church does NOTHING!

Politics in this country will never be revitalized while the church does not get involved in the affairs of the nation! When the church does nothing, and says nothing about these issues, the people will assume that these issues, as they stand, are acceptable!

The church has its head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich!

Church... these issues will not get better if you neither say or do anything!

Updated: (24 January 2007)

If abortion does not bother you, or perhaps you have never thought of it before, visit
Abortion NO. Please be warned, it contains a horrific video of an actual abortion. HT: John Piper

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crime not out of control?

I sometimes wonder, as I did before, whether our government ministers are Martians or not! However, I think that our government, and now especially President Mbeki are even further removed from reality when crime in South Africa is considered. Are the Martians led by a Plutonian? Mbeki might as well be from Pluto, since it seems he has no idea what is going on in South Africa.

Mr. Mbeki, I would advise you to read the newspapers and not just a summarised version prepared by your aids! Further, it may be a good idea to look at the statistics of crime in this country. While there is a war in Iraq, the amount of deaths in Iraq per annum as a result of the Iraqi War is less then those murdered in this country over the same period!

I admire the fact that Mr. Mbeki is so positive, but it just seems to me that he has become the latest spin-doctor in our political scene!

Mbeki is opposite to the boy who cried "wolf." The boy cried "wolf" for such a long time that when the wolf eventually came, no one believed him. Mbeki is crying, "No wolf!", while everyone is staring many wolves in the eye!

When someone tells us that the moon is purple and
we know he is joking, we can play along. But, when someone claims the moon is purple and really believes it, we will call that person a "nut."

Now, in Mbeki's case, he is not merely confusing colours, he is confused about the state of crime in this country!

What should we think of Mbeki's claim that "crime is not out of control?" Is he joking? Should we play along and humour him? Or, is there something more serious afoot?

See the response of the ACDP to Pres. Mbeki's statements on crime here.

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Jiminy "Cricket"

Jiminy Cricket... One of the cutest little insects in all of Disney's Universe.

Jiminy Cricket is no ordinary cricket. He is not merely one of those crickets outside your bedroom window keeping you up all night!


Jiminy Cricket is "Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counselor in Moments of Temptation, and Guide along the Straight and Narrow Path." This is the elaborate title given to Jiminy by the Blue Fairy when she chose him as Pinocchio's conscience.

Speaking of another cricket... That is "cricket," the game. You know! The one with the bat and ball, and 22 players fighting to control the bat and ball while 2 other guys called umpires try to keep order...

Well, it seems that the ICC (International Cricket Council) and the CSA (Cricket South Africa) would like to play Jiminy Cricket in the game of cricket!

Herschelle Gibbs, batsman for the South African national cricket team (Proteas), made a comment about some unruly spectators in the first cricket test between South Africa and Pakistan.

Apparently, and correct me if I am wrong, he called them a "bunch of animals."

Now, to the ICC and the CSA, that was a racist remark! If it was Australia playing here and Gibbs made those remarks about Australian supporters that were white, then no-one would even have flinched! But, unfortunately, the spectators in question are non-white. Therefore, almost any comment made in anger about such non-white spectators may be seen as racial slurs!

The fact is that I have called some people a "bunch of animals" too! And, lo and behold, they were non-whites too! But, then some of them were whites!

It is quite common to say that people are like animals when they act like
animals. We see this animal-like behaviour especially in soccer. I know of no sport except soccer, where the supporters of clubs have been banned from games in Europe when their clubs are playing other clubs in Europe. It has happened with regard to English clubs playing in Europe. And, if I am not mistaken, it happened to more than one English club, more than once.

When Muslim militants in the Middle East capture people and behead them on video for worldwide distribution, you bet I am going to call them a "bunch of animals."

The point is, a comment like Gibbs' might not have been racial at all! Such a comment may or may not have been racist. The fact is that the ICC and the CSA claim to read a person's mind and know the condition of that person's heart! Oh
my! How godlike they claim to be!

Are they now going to become the "thought" police too?! It is one thing to castigate a cricket player for what he says, but to claim to know what he meant when saying it is altogether a different matter!

Further, what a person says in a private conversation has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. That again brings back the idea of the
"thought" police!

What Gibbs said to his team mates was picked up by the stumps microphone.
His conversation was not meant for the microphone and neither was it meant to be part of the broadcast. That means that it was an intrusion into a private conversation Gibbs had with his team mates! It was simply unfortunate that the microphone was so close!

Now, had he meant it as a racial slur, then it certainly was wrong to do so!

Yet, the fact of the matter is that it was said in a private conversation overheard by a bunch of overzealous teeny-bopper-like tattle-tails; and, unless Gibbs admits to the racist quality of the statement he made, the ICC, nor the CSA could punish him for making a racist comment, since they have no proof that it was racist!

It simply amazes me how political parties and other bodies such as the ICC and the CSA try through political means to rid the planet of racism.

They create endless laws to prevent racism, but to many people those laws mean nothing. Sure, these laws are good, and we need some artificial way to at least create obstacles against the advancement of racism. Many people will not climb over these obstacles in the obvious way, and so, in a sense, it would seem that there is racial harmony.

However, the problem with many laws against racism, is that they become racist themselves! What usually happens is that laws are passed that now simply advance the previously disadvantaged. Thus, racism all over again!

Racism cannot be done away with politically! It is a moral matter of the heart, and unless people have changed hearts, the racism will continue!

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Politically speaking, the year 2009 is not so far away!

However, in real terms, the way people live from day to day, here at the start of 2007, 2009 can seem a lifetime away! That is the problem!

Before the political parties can say "Crusoe Robinson," the General Elections of 2009 (GE2009) will be here!

The time between now and GE2009 should be used in educating Christians all over South Africa, so that when GE2009 comes around, they would be ready!

What should Christians be educated in politically? I know many will answer with things like fiscal policy, service delivery and the like. However, I believe there are issues that outweigh the aforementioned issues by a landslide! These issues are moral issues! Issues such as legalized abortion, pornography, same-sex marriage and more.

Since the ANC has taken over the ruling of South Africa, they have had free reign in "immoralizing" South Africa. It is because of the ANC that approximately 50,000 babies are murdered each year. They are the ones that legalized pornography and also same-sex marriage.

In all of these issues the DA party simply has no policy that stands against these issues with any conviction. The DA calls these issues matters of conscience, and allows its representatives free votes on these issues. In the case of
pornography the DA wants protection for children. But that is as far as it goes. In these matters the DA has been no opposition to the ANC in government.

The problem with giving party representatives free votes on issues of conscience (which are clear moral issues), is that the party has no objective stance against the
"immoralization" of South Africa! This will lead to a clear divided stance against issues of morality.

This is where the ACDP takes a clear moral stand. While other parties equivocate at best on these issues or simply stand for the
"immoralization" of South Africa, the ACDP believes that it should stand firm on these issues according to what the Bible teaches!

It is my conviction that while blacks vote for the ANC and whites vote for the DA, this country will never see change in this country. The Christians that continue supporting the ANC because of historic, so-called "freedom" reasons, and those Christians that continue to support the DA because of their own historic, "protective" reasons, should start approaching the elections from a purely Christian, Biblical Worldview.

That Worldview tells us that while Christians continue to vote dividedly for parties that have no convictions concerning objective Biblical morality, South Africa will continue to evolve into a more progressive, sinful and immoral state!

We are in search of Godly leaders! I find it hard to swallow that Christians would vote for parties that have no clear moral stand against immorality! It might not be impossible to find Godly leaders in any party, yet I do believe that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for such parties to have real Godly leaders! If such a leader could be found, it would probably be a very confused leader!

I in no way want to declare that the ACDP is perfect, but what I want to declare is that the ACDP leaders want to do right in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ! It is for this reason that the ACDP stands against this legalized immorality.

It just amazes me that liberals will always tell conservatives that we can't legislate morality. If that is the case, why would it be right to legislate immorality? In fact, what else can be legislated but morality? Any law that is in the law books discerns between (according to the current government) what is right and what is wrong! That presupposes some kind of morality for the nation. Just a pity that the ANC is so consistent with its own version of morality--which actually is immorality!

Yet, this kind of "morality" was prophesied about by the prophet Isaiah more than 2500 years ago, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" (Isa 5:20) Matthew, one of the apostles of Jesus wrote, "The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure brings forth evil." (Mat 12:35) This is so true of our current government! They have produced all this evil simply because "out of [its] evil treasure" it is bringing forth evil!

Now is the time for Christians to wake up and to stand for what is right! What the current government has done, is not right!

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