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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ANC ‘mis’-leader calls for burning down of newspapers

The ANC simply does not know how to behave, whether on the winning or losing side of elections. Not so long ago Gwede Mantashu, ANC Secretary-General said:

We must realise that in these elections the main opposition are the media. Leave the DA, leave Cope ... we will work very hard against that strong opposition.”

Nceba-FakuThen, riding on a victory wave in the Eastern Cape after the elections, the Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) ANC chairman, Nceba Faku, called for the burning down of the The Herald, a newspaper in Port Elizabeth, with these words:

“Down with The Herald, down! Go and burn The Herald.”

The ANC has long been the enemy of free speech and a free media. They just do not know how to shut it down without bringing the wrath of the world down on them.

Verashni-PillayConcerning this whole saga, Verashni Pillay has written an insightful, if not humorous commentary called, Faku the hero. Her introductory line is:

It must be difficult being an African National Congress (ANC) hero. One has such large shoes to fill.”

Read the article here.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

The march on e-TV against pornography

My plan on the morning of the march, 21 May 2011, was to leave home one hour and fifteen minutes before the start of the events surrounding the march. The reason for leaving so long before the time is that "they" are still working on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, and if anything goes wrong on that highway, we would have to sit in traffic for a long time!

It just so happens that they had lane closures on the N1 and we did get to sit in very slow traffic for just over 2Kms. That doesn't sound so bad, but the fact is that it almost made us late for the 10:00 start! Well, God saw it fit to get us to Hyde Park Shopping Centre with about 5 minutes to spare! I had decided to take my camera along and play cameraman.

When we arrived there, there were only about 30-40 people there. I had such high hopes for this march. It was an opportunity for Christians and concerned citizens to stand up for what is right! What we do and stand for today, has an effect on the world that our children will one day inherit from us! The question is: What kind of a world are you fighting for them to inherit? A no-care attitude today will ensure a disastrous future-world for our children tomorrow! I was hoping for a couple of thousand people to march today, or at least 1,000. It was not to be! The final tally of marchers only came to between 80-100! After the march I gave ACA a call in Cape Town, as they were doing a march to the Cape Town offices of e-TV at the same time, to find out how many marchers participated there, and they had around 150! This is such a shame, especially if the fact that 75% of South Africans claim to be Christian is taken into account! Christians that want to sit on their deriers and have a good time, I am sure, but not Christians who would rise in society as the salt of the earth!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Some political parties will have to rethink either their strategy or their existence


Image courtesy
Amazingly Pretty and Somewhat Literary

Once again, South Africans have gone to the polls and have made their decision as to which political party they prefer to run their respective municipalities in this country.

At the end of any election cycle, it isn’t always easy to analyse the data, since you do not actually know what the voters were thinking while they voted. As a result, you simply sit with raw data. So, in order to make sense of the raw data, you have to extrapolate from past election cycles into the present and then try to predict what the future holds.

At this point, I am sure many political parties must be thinking about the future. Some parties have had a downward slide for several years now.

Since 1994, we have had 4 general elections (GE) and 3 local government elections (LGE). LGEs are simply municipal elections.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Voting experience with the local government elections 2011

iecWell, this was my first real voter’s experience in a long time. Back in 2006 I was a candidate in my ward for the ACDP. Hence, I did not have to stand in any long lines to vote. In subsequent elections I was an ACDP party agent, and again didn’t have to stand in long lines to vote.

However, this year I was a simple voter ready to make my cross behind my chosen party and candidate. We arrived at the voting station at 11:10 this morning and had a voting line that was only 50m (55yds) long.

Of course, the problem wasn’t the length of the line, but how long it took the IEC to get us to the front of that line to vote! It took us one and a half hours to get to a voting booth! For a 50m line, that is simply astounding, and unacceptable! The problem was not that the voters took their time in the actual voting booths inside the voting room. When my wife and I walked in there, 3 of the booths were empty. That means that if the IEC officials had a better system going, voting could have gone much quicker.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christ and politics: He rules over all

Just received a very short and concise newsletter from Africa Christian Action on Christians and politics. The whole letter is here below.

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Who to vote for in the South African municipal elections in 2011, Part 2

I wrote part 1 of this short series last night, although I only got to publish it after midnight, hence its date is 17 May 2011. As you may expect, I was quite tired by that time. Hence, I forgot to say some stuff. So, here I will continue in that vein.

The thing is, as a Christian, I would like to vote my convictions. And, based on my convictions, and policies that are available to ponder from the different political parties in South Africa, I can only side with two parties, and they are the ACDP and the CDP. But, as you can see from my previous post on these matters, it certainly isn’t easy to choose between these parties. They are almost exactly the same.

I know people from both parties, and I have to admit, they are good people. As I said in my previous post, I was part of the ACDP for several years, and have met some really good people there. Naturally, there are some kooks there too. On the side of the CDP, I have met and spent an entire weekend with the leader of the CDP, Theunis Botha and his wife Kerry, at a worldview seminar that the Biblical Christian Network hosted (where I am involved). We had good discussions, and although many in the leadership of the ACDP have a huge axe to grind with them, I found him very cordial, but also direct, which I like.

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Who to vote for in the South African municipal elections in 2011

flag_southafricaI would like to tell South Africans who to vote for definitively but alas, I can’t! This is the first year since 1994, in which I don’t know who to vote for. All other years it was easy for me. It was a foregone conclusion even before the election date was declared, in those years, that I would vote ACDP. However, this year, I am not sure whether I want to vote for them or not! This post will probably make many people come after me with baseball bats, ice-picks, shot guns and more! Hey, but that is part of the fun of blogging!

It is definitely easier to know who I will NOT vote for: the ANC, PAC and what I would call the communistic left. It is here that the devil’s plans find root for South Africa. It was under the leadership of the ANC and “Saint Nelson Mandela” that abortion, pornography and homosexual marriage were legalised in South Africa. It is they that are leading South Africa into the ocean of despair just like the Pied Piper led the mice to a watery death!

However, living in Pretoria, I have been toying with the idea of voting for the DA. I know that the DA, as a political party, is not against abortion, homosexual marriage or pornography. In fact, according to the DA, they do not have any policies regarding these issues. When votes on such issues come up in parliament the DA gives their members of parliament (MPs) the right to vote according to their conscience. That means that different DA MPs could vote opposite to one another in a true democratic system. This is something that does not exist in ANC ranks. Their MPs are consistently told what they are to vote. However, while the DA certainly does not seem to be an upstanding moral party, there are other issues that must be considered. The ANC has brought Pretoria to brink of financial disaster, and corruption in the ANC-led council in Pretoria seems like a bottomless pit. Currently, if we are to be realistic, no other party apart from the DA has even the remote capability of taking over the reins of the city from the Abortion Nepotism and Corruption party. Many areas around Pretoria have not received adequate services and hostels that were promised by none other than Jacob Zuma to be rebuilt, after several years never happened. Also, the DA only needs another 20,000 votes to topple the ANC out of ruling this city. That is certainly something to think about!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

South African municipal elections down the toilet!

With the open toilet debacle in the Western Cape implicating the DA and also in the Free State implicating the ANC, the Local Government Elections of 2011 on 18 May truly ARE down the toilet!

Cartoon courtesy of Zapiro at M&G

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Julius Malema proves that racism is not just a “white” problem, calls whites “criminals”

Malema, who is affectionately called Juju (a waaaayyy to cutesie name for a person of his incrementally hateful jibes at white people), by the masses, seems not to put his foot in it, since he knows exactly what he is saying, and, I believe he is very calculating about it! A person puts his foot in it when he says something he didn’t plan and it comes out wrong. On the other hand, Malema is very calculating, and he plans very well what he says. He knows how to get people all fired up and ready for action.

This time, Malema told a crowd in Kimberley that whites should be treated as “criminals.” Read about it here and here.The man is already in court for hate-speech (singing “Kill the boer, kill the farmer”), and now he wants to make a blanket statement that whites should be treated as criminals. Surely we will be able, according to this logic treat Malema as a criminal. Perhaps somewhere in his family’s past there was a criminal, and therefore we can treat him as one!

To claim that people living on those land areas should be treated as criminals smacks of insanity! But, perhaps Malema has a plan. Is he intentionally provoking people into hating whites? And, it can be demonstrated that some people act out their hatred and turn to violence to satisfy their hatred. Therefore, Malema has another “proclamation” that he can be sued for in a court of law. The charge can be hate-speech to provoke others to violence.

The fact that the ANC never does anything of any value to put a stop to Malema’s outbursts proves just once again that they are making good political use of him as their gunslinger. This is all part of their policy; they just don’t want to come out and say it in the open, because they will end up in the fire for that.

The ANC has shown the world that they are racists as much as the previous government was under National Party rule. The only difference is that the world is blind to the ANC because of its Nelson Mandela worship.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Does the ACDP want to invade your privacy through compulsory HIV testing?

Cheryllyn Dudley
Image courtesy Cheryllyn Dudley’s
Facebook profile
. . . probably not!*

BushRadioNews reported today that the ACDP, via ACDP Member of Parliament, Cheryllyn Dudley, is calling for compulsory HIV testing for basically anyone within the borders of South Africa, that is for residents and visitors!

I don’t know if this is a new call for compulsory testing, since BushRadioNews does not provide any link to the original news story or press release. However, I do know that the ACDP has been calling for this since at least 2004. It can be viewed at their website here, here and here, and also in the IDASA report entitled HIV/AIDS and Democratic Governance in South Africa: Illustrating the Impact on Electoral Processes (PDF).

It is funny to hear of such a call from a conservative party. Usually you see this kind of thing from “progressives” and liberals. Liberals always want to control others, even under the guise of helping people. Taking away someone’s liberty is not helping them. It simply replaces the dependence on something else. (Again, I did not mean to imply that it is the ACDP's meaning in this call to control others.*)

Calling for compulsory testing from someone who does not have the disease is to invade that person’s privacy and dignity. Testing can, and should only be on a voluntary basis. Remember, this is not just about mandatory testing for HIV. Once a freedom, any freedom, has been usurped, no matter how small, the next freedom will be so much easier to take away, and even given up by the populace without even thinking about it. Freedoms are lost in small steps. Hardly any freedoms are lost all at once, unless they are taken away by force! What would be the next step? Tattoos on the foreheads of those that are HIV+?

There are always exceptions to almost anything in life. While I am against compulsory testing on just about anything, in the case of rape, the victim has a right to know the HIV status of the rapist, for obvious reasons.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

ACTION: South African E-TV continues to push porn

stop_e-tvAs Christians we need to be concerned when evil takes over our country, especially via the airwaves. It is in the minds of people that the battle is either won or lost! When it comes to images, most often, words just cannot compete. This is why pornography is so quick to enslave its viewers, almost never to let go of those people.

E-TV is continually at the forefront of degrading women, defending their stance without a hint of blushing! E-TV has shown itself to be the hand-maiden of the devil when it comes to spreading filth, while claiming it is a free-speech right.

You, the viewers can put a stop to it, if you dare! Do not live in a dream world in which you think someone else will fight this battle for you! If you think like this, you are gravely mistaken, living in la-la land! It is you, and you, and you who need to fight and win these battles, NOT, them, and them, and them!

To reiterate Edmund Burke’s quote, mentioned below:

“All that is necessary for evil to prosper is that good people do nothing.”

That’s right, while we sit and do nothing, evil grows like a sickening, deformed cancer all over our country!

So, please take some time to write to these people at E-TV mentioned by Errol Naidoo of FPI in his Action Alert below. Seriously, it will not kill you, and it certainly won’t lessen you as a human being. In fact, maybe it will build some more courage into the fibre of your being!

I know YOU can do it!

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