Thursday, November 08, 2018


“…who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…” 1 Chronicles 12:32

You are invited to a Understanding the Present Crisis in South Africa Seminar on Saturday, 17 November, hosted by Petra Family Church in Randburg, Gauteng. The Seminar is free.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

South African Parliamentarians walk out as 'Hate speech' definition rammed without deliberation through NCOP

I received the following from the ChristianView Network newsletter distribution. It is clear, and something that I've been saying all along, that the ANC and all its cronies, serve democracy only as long as it is beneficial to themselves. They will break with protocol to force laws through the process. They have defined hate speech so broad, our opinions may one day land us in jail.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Proposed 'Hate Speech' Bill Would Destroy Free Speech In South Africa

I received the following newsletter from the ChristianView Network this past Monday (16 April). It is of great importance in view of massive free speech limitations that may be set in South Africa.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"This is madness" - but is it God?

I received the following in a newsletter.

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Friday, September 08, 2017

New British-Funded Programme to Promote Abortion at Community Clinics in South Africa

The following is from a newsletter I received today. Please read and send the link to this post to others. We have to be aware of entities that promote death squads in our hospitals and medical facilities. If abortion is a choice, it is a choice to murder innocent lives.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Breaking news: Supreme Court of Appeal says Fabricius was wrong on Euthanasia

Last year, South Africa's High Court determined that a terminally ill patient may, with the help of a doctor, kill himself (self-murder)

The following newsletter came from Philip Rosenthal of the Christian View Network, who is also coordinator of Euthanasia Exposed.

BREAKING NEWS: Today, 6 December 2016 the Supreme Court of Appeal said that Judge Fabricius was wrong in his 2015 judgement authorising Robert Stransham-Ford to have assisted sucide/euthanasia.

The court confirmed this is really a matter for elected parliament and not judges to decide.  The decision was made in haste and did not properly consider South African law, the international context, our social values or the impact on the right to life.  The medical information provided to the court was flawed and contradicted the real medical records, which were withheld until a court order was issued.  The case was manipulated by the euthanasia lobby group, its lawyers and the estate, and the medical records indicate Stransham-Ford was actually asking if he could back out of euthanasia/assisted suicide.

The court judgment used many of the same reasons which we wrote in our article 'Why judge Fabricius was wrong':

* The separation of powers requires that parliament as representatives of the country as a whole should decide any changes on the law rather than requiring judges to decide.
* The applicant died before the ruling was given.  Circumstantial evidence seems to indicate this information may have been deliberately withheld from the court.
* Judge Fabricius ruling was decided in haste (one day) on a matter of national importance, an urgency apparently manufactured on an individual case by the lobby group Dignity SA.
* The applicants attorneys had refused to provide the opposing friend of the court legal teams with information they needed to respond.
* The South African situation is different to the juristictions where euthanasia is legal, which argues against foreign cases being used as precedent.  We have different social values, a different socio-economic and
policing situation.
* The applicants affidavit was factually and medically doubtful on many points.
* The organisation Dignity SA was publicly raising funds to pay for the court case, but the application insisted it was just on behalf of the individual.
* The hasty Fabricius judgment did not properly consider South African law or international precedent cases.
* Judge Fabricus was wrong to assume that the common law on murder needed to change to accommodate assisted suicide and euthanasia.
* The court needs to consider whether its decision would undermine the foundational value of the right to life or be supportive of it.

Further reasons emerged from the judgment, which we were not aware of:
* The picture of Mr Stransham-Ford's final illness as depicted in the legal affidavits bore little resemblence to reality as found in his medical records.
* The psychologist who declared the applicant Robert Stransham-Ford to be psychologically fit and his desire to apply for suicide, did not provide reasoning on how the conclusion was reached and previously lived in the same
street as him, which raises questions of independence.
* The applicants doctors medical records indicate he was wavering in his desire for suicide/euthanasia and asked his doctor if he could change his mind and that his real medical situation was very different to that described in the affidavits.  The estate of Stransham-Ford had refused to release these medical records until a court order was issued for them. [Our comment on this is that it is very normal for people to waver in their desire for suicide, but suicide is irreversible, and this is a strong argument against legalising suicide.]

The Centre for Applied Legal Studies, at Wits submitted argument to the court that euthanasia and assisted suicide were working well overseas.  The Health Professions Council of the State and the State submitted detailed evidence rebutting these claims and giving evidence of numerous abuses and problems overseas.  The court provisionally accepted this evidence but after reviewing it, decided that it was too complex and detailed to sift through or decide on.  Possibly the same rebutting evidence may be used again in future on another case.

One point in the judgement which we at Euthanasia Exposed are not happy about is a single sentence in the conclusion that can be interpreted to open the possibility of the court considering another case to legalise
euthanasia/assisted suicide - something that logically conflicts with all its other arguments especially that the decision is really an issue for parliament and not judges.  If another case comes, then the battle will continue.  The euthanasia lobby have no chance success in the government or parliament, having been defeated before.  With the body of evidence collected against euthanasia, ready for any future case, their chances of
success are reduced.

Philip Rosenthal
Euthanasia Exposed
Media queries: 082 6768966


Euthanasia Exposed
Fax:       +27(0)866164452
Mobile:  +2782 6768966
Mail:   Postnet 114, P/Bag X18, Rondebosch, 7701, South Africa


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Friday, July 10, 2015

Journalistic Fraud

Title: JOURNALISTIC FRAUD: How The New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted
Author: Bob Kohn
Publisher: WND BOOKS, Nashville, TN
Year: 2003
ISBN: 9-780-78-526104-9

I have recently finished reading Journalistic Fraud (JF), and while I knew that many, if not most, newspapers slant their news to favour a liberal agenda, I did not know that by 2003 it was as bad as Kohn has clearly shown.

One commenter on Amazon simply wrote, “Conservative Propaganda.” Of course, our liberal friend did not interact with the content of the book at all. The fact is, Kohn gives so much evidence contrary to this liberal’s chant, that it is really hard to come to any other conclusion, that The New York Times, in fact has taken a hard left and in terms of honest news reporting, has become obsolete.

The problem, however, is that so many people still trust The New York Times, and at the time of writing, articles that were to appear in the paper the next day were “transmitted electronically to over 650 newspapers that subscribe to the New York Times News Service; these articles and features then appear in the pages of local newspapers alongside articles written by reporters for those local papers. The Times itself owns over 15 other regional newspapers, including the Boston Globe, all of which echo the articles and commentary appearing in the The New York Times.” (p34) This means that The New York Times has a clout far bigger than its actual usefulness.

Kohn provides a host of examples that show without a doubt, that The New York Times purposefully sets out to paint the Republicans and conservatives as the big bad wolf and Democrats and liberals as the saviours of mankind.

IMHO, this book is a must read to those people that are enslaved to the opinions of newspapers.

Yet, do not think that television news is any better, because what you see isn’t really what you are getting. Here is an example as explained and portrayed by Francis Schaeffer, how that different angles of the camera can manipulate the “news” that you see.

In order to keep track of the media and their slants, you can visit the Media Research Center.

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Thursday, May 07, 2015

South African education on the downgrade

Minister_of_Basic_Education_Angie_MotshekgaWith South African education as impossibly poor as it is, it seems that the ANC has found further measures to make it even worse! And with these measures, they will flood the job market with more people with absolutely no skills!

With our education as bad as it is, and our matric (Grade 12) pass rate as pitiful as it is, you would be forgiven for thinking that our education “authorities” would think of ways of making education stronger in this country!

However, Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, and her band of, dare I say “clowns”, think that it is better to simply let kids that are 15 leave school, thinking that this would address the country’s skills shortages. Leaving school after grade 9 would endow the child with a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC). The next step is for these kids to study at a Technical Vocational Education and Training College (TVETC). I probably don’t have to mention this, but I will anyhow. The GETC will only work if the TVETC is compulsory. Without it being compulsory, all that the ANC would be doing is to load our streets with more unemployed and homeless people, and this country has enough of that already!

The fact that there are educationists that are in favour of the GETC simply boggles the mind. In their educated minds, all that is necessary to win the confidence of prospective employers is that these grade 9 kids should write a credible exam! And then what? Employers will fall over their own feet to employ 15/16 year-olds who have written a credible grade 9 exam? That is absolutely foolish! Employers don’t think that our matric (Grade 12) exams are credible, yet these educated people think that a grade 9 exam will be credible; an exam that makes kids marketable in the job market?

We used to have technical colleges years ago, but these were closed down. Then Technicons came onto the scene, that provided diplomas in a more technical direction. Next thing, these technicons were all converted to universities to be more academic and inline with universities. And now they want to go back to TVETCs.

When will these people realize that their policies never amount to anything and that is why every five years or so, a new curriculum must be devised to replace the previous one, and so the downgrade continues!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Republicans win senate, but this is not the time to gloat

In an article by the lovely Katie Pavlich, she quotes RNC chairman Reince Priebus as saying that winning the U.S. senate shows that the "American people have put their trust in the Republican Party."

While on the surface that may seem to be the case, I wonder if it isn't rather a case of the American people being sick of the way Democrats have run the U.S. into the ground! Perhaps, in their minds, anything is better than the Dems right now.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Big government and jobs for the youth


Image courtesy Africartoons

The University of Cape Town (UCT) recently did some research for the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) which showed that 67% of South Africa’s youth believe that the government is the best way to earn a good living. Big brother has really done his job admirably to get the youth of the nation to the point of thinking that their chances are best when employed by the government!

The issue with this idea is that government should never be a nation’s primary job supplier. It simply cannot be. It is an entity that produces nothing! Unless, of course, the South African government moves over to a socialistic model, or even worse, communism. That is not very unlikely when it is considered that some of the ministers in government have strong ties to the South African Communist Party (SACP)! When the government becomes the biggest provider of jobs, it will have to raise taxes to be able to provide the salaries for those jobs. Since it produces nothing, raising taxes can only go so far before they will have to move over to a communistic model, meaning that private ownership, private businesses and more will come to an end, and the government will end up owning everything, producing everything and no-one will have the incentive to better themselves.

jobseekerGovernment’s job is to govern, and to ensure that services are supplied that make running homes and businesses most effectively. Government must come up with policies that make it easy for businesses to grow and become job suppliers. When a government’s policies restrict businesses to become primary job suppliers and entrepreneurs to be successful, then it is failing in one of its primary purposes.

Big government is not a good idea, since a nanny state is not interested in the welfare of its people, but in how those people could be kept in line.

The kicker of the research done by UCT is the fact that 61% of the youth that were surveyed thought that starting your own business means that you have to work too hard to be successful. This already tells me that the youth are clearly in the pockets of this government even at this age. The government has already created a culture of hand-outs, and when a government starts giving something to people, to take it away later becomes almost impossible. Of course, the youth now expect the government hand-out policy to continue when it comes to jobs. Do they even realize that you don’t simply walk into a government office and get handed a well-paying job?

With this attitude in the minds of the youth, we have to turn to our education and wonder what they teach the kids in the state high schools. We already know that the quality of South Africa’s maths and science education is so bad that it places last out of 148 countries. That puts us behind countries like Haiti, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, etc. It is seriously not a stretch of the imagination to think that we do not do much better in other areas of our education.

With an education of this pathetic level. no wonder our youth think that the government is the best option as a provider of jobs.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Porndemic: a quick book review

porndemic-9780987016553I have just written a review of the book, “PORNDEMIC: How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can Do About It.”

You can find the review here. I thought that the book and the review is applicable at this blog too!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Rape: Identity of a nation


South Africa, as the rape capital of the world once again shows why that is the case.

Just recently a 5 year old girl was raped at her school. . . , by three 7 year old boys! I know! You are probably shocked and rightly so! Should we surprised that something like this could happen in this country! No! If you are surprised then you have been living under a rock! Boys of 7 don’t learn to act like this in a vacuum. They learn this from what they see and hear.

Our nation truly is in a steep perverted decline and no-one seems to care! It is an environment created by the liberal policies of the ANC with regard to pornography and the death penalty. Murderers and rapists, if they are ever caught, get to live in our prisons at our expense. We, as the citizens of this country, become victims by proxy of these violent crimes when we have to keep on paying to house these criminals for many years. By 2010, South Africa had 132 rapes per 100,000 people. That put us at 40 rapes above the country second on the list of countries with the most rapes per capita. The U.S.A. were at only 27 rapes per 100,000.

It is time South Africa does something about this epidemic of Gomorrhic proportions. We can start by putting a stop to pornography in this country. Scores of rapes have been preceded in the hours before the crime by the viewing of pornography. We can start by educating ourselves, and this we can do by reading a book like PORNDEMIC: How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You can Do About It.

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God votes ANC?

Image courtesy Mail&Guardian
Once again, it is the moron silly season here in South Africa. Which means that we are in election season. Parties make all kinds of claims concerning their plans to make South Africa a better place to live. Yet, none is as bold and crass as the claims of the ANC! These people once again claimed that they would rule till Jesus returns. However, they have made that claim a bit more edgy, as when President Jacob “Shower Head” Zuma said as reported by the Mail&Guardian, “Even God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. This is why we will rule until Jesus comes back."

Many empires in the past have proclaimed their eternal existence with great boldness. All of those empires have ceased and are not simply stories in history books. The ANC would do well to learn from history, which they are obviously not very familiar with, and certainly do not know what happens to empires, and kings and despots that claim to be ruling for all eternity.

The king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, viewed himself as this great and wonderful king, and was in awe of his own greatness.

“’All this happened to Nebuchadnezzar the king.  (29)  Twelve months later he was walking on the roof of the royal palace of Babylon.  (30)  The king reflected and said, “Is this not Babylon the great, which I myself have built as a royal residence by the might of my power and for the glory of my majesty?”  (31)  While the word was in the king's mouth, a voice came from heaven, saying, “King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is declared: sovereignty has been removed from you,  (32)  and you will be driven away from mankind, and your dwelling place will be with the beasts of the field. You will be given grass to eat like cattle, and seven periods of time will pass over you until you recognize that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind and bestows it on whomever He wishes.”  (33)  Immediately the word concerning Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled; and he was driven away from mankind and began eating grass like cattle, and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair had grown like eagles' feathers and his nails like birds' claws.’” (Dan 4:28-33 NASB)

The complete passage can be read at BibleGateway.

The difference with the ANC is that they, in their own self created deep deception, actually believe that God is on their side. Little do they know that in God’s sovereignty, and in His providence He is merely using the ANC at this time as a tool to accomplish His purposes, certainly not because God is on their side. Once God has accomplished His purposes in using the ANC, He will discard them like He did with Babylon, the Medo-Persians (King Cyrus) and others through history like them.

Zuma, as the demon-empowered head of the ANC, has also said that voting for the ANC ensures voters’ entry into heaven. It is obvious that these ANC cadres don’t have a clue as to how one gets into heaven, especially with regards to his invoking the name of Jesus in such a blasphemous way. Entry into heaven has never been, and never will be according to a voters’ roll, and neither is it according to one’s genealogy! Mr. Zuma, entry into heaven is only through belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul wrote that “by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.” (Eph 2:8-9)

Boasting by the ANC will ultimately secure their demise. Unfortunately, the tool of an empire’s demise (in this case an empire of fools) is not always what we had hoped for; but if terminated it must be, its termination will be deadly!

Some reasons why God is NOT on their side:

  • Murder of babies on demand became the law under their government (abortion on demand)
  • Legitimization of perversion as marriage became law under their rule (homosexual marriage)
  • Objectification of women was signed into law by the ANC (legalization of pornography)

There are more reasons, but I believe these are some of the big ones.

The ANC knows their constituency, that they are easily duped into believing the deception of the ANC. As a result, many that normally vote ANC, believe the drivel being vomited up by the Abortion Nepotism and Corruption party.

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Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013): An Imperfect Hero

ComicHeroesNormally, when most people think of heroes, they think of Superman, Ironman, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman and many more. First, these heroes don’t die. They were conjured up in the minds of people and as long as people are willing to conjure up more stories about these heroes, they will live on. Second, these heroes do not exist. We do not have a Man of Steel flying around with people saying: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Superman!”

Some of these super-heroes have made some real memorable quotes, as non-existent heroes.

"In this world, there is right and there is wrong, and that distinction is not difficult to make." (Superman – D.C. Comics)

"Wars are never won, regardless of who might be the victor. The very act of war is itself a horrible defeat." (Green Lantern – D.C. Comics)

“What do you think the A stands for? France?” (Captain America – Marvel Comics)

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Is the ANC feeling the pinch?


The next general elections in South Africa is in 2014. As usual, the elections machinery goes into overdrive and the elections trickery gets under way. However, I am not sure if the following is just elections trickery, or whether the ANC is starting to feel the pinch and pressure of electioneering. Especially now that Julius Malema started his own party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF for short).

Cyril Ramaphosa (Felix Dlangamandla, Beeld)It is very clear that the ANC no longer has any ideas as to the running of the country, especially when taking into consideration how many poor and unemployed people we have in South Africa. How do we know this? ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, visited the hometown of EFF leader, Julius Malema. How did he counsel a woman who was disappointed with the ANC and did not want to vote? He told her, “If all South Africans don’t vote, we will regress. The Boers [white people] will come back to control us.” South Africa is long past that point, and all this so-called leader of the ANC (Abortion Nepotism and Corruption/Condoms) could tell her is to watch out for the white monster! The ANC is policy-less. They have no answers for the problems of this nation. The fact that he told this woman to beware of the “dangerous” whites is because the policies of the ANC have not brought the freedom they promised. It has brought greater unemployment, creating a greater welfare problem, and invited more criminals into the fold.

Zweli Mkhize (Picture: Sapa)In an unrelated event, “ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize wants companies to fund political parties and has suggested the establishment of a trust fund, the Sowetan reported on Monday.” This was reported in a news article at News24. If it wasn’t so sad that the ANC now thinks that businesses should pay them for democracy in this country, it would be quite laughable. Don’t think for a moment that the ANC is doing this for the good of democracy in this country. They have this demented idea that they would reign in this country until Jesus comes. Further, with a current, almost two-thirds majority vote, they sometimes actually believe they will never be dethroned. Hence my belief that this democracy trust fund, is simply a ruse to get companies to bank-roll the ANC. Further, Mkhize believes that the fund should be “administered by the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly, which would allocate the funds in line with proportional representation of parties.” Of course, the fact that the speaker is just another ANC crony should not alarm us, should it? OF COURSE IT SHOULD! The fact is that large companies such as Anglo American have followed this idea of proportionate funding for many years. All that this does is to perpetuate the current situation. The parties that roll in the money, such as the ANC, will always come out on top since their budgets allow for so much more marketing of their brand. Small parties, with real answers for this country such as the ACDP, can’t get anywhere since they do not have the funds to market themselves and to make sure that people know what they stand for.

What Mkhize is proposing, is to perpetuate crony capitalism in South Africa. That is a capitalism that benefits the ANC and the businesses that support it. Herman Mashaba, chairman of the Free Market Foundation, is against this type of capitalism.


“has been an outspoken and uncompromising champion of the free market in the new South Africa. His great strength is that he is beholden to no political party or politician. He believes the opposite is true of too many business leaders in South Africa.

“This is their great weakness, and the whole country is suffering because of it.

“They keep quiet because they are terrified of losing their political connections, fearing that if they lose them, they will lose government business, he says.

“In effect, this means that crony capitalism rules -and crony capitalism is a devastating threat to democracy in South Africa, he believes.” (Business Day Live)

He said that

“Draconian labour legislation has destroyed entrepreneurship in this country.”

In the end, I believe that the ANC is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. On the one hand they need to scare people into voting for them, and on the other hand they believe that they are the party of the Almighty. Or maybe it describes schizophrenia?

On the one hand the ANC claims to uphold democracy, but on the other hand they want to force businesses to pay for that democracy. Weird!

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