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Monday, October 09, 2006

It Still Won't Make a Difference!

This last Saturday, October 07, 2006, the last of the "For Marriage" marches was held in Pretoria, South Africa.

As I wrote in my previous post concerning th
is march, it amazes me that people can still have this it-won't-make-a-difference attitude.

Well, it doesn't amaze me therefore that there were only about 300 people that participated in the march. At least, these
it-won't-make-a-difference Christians stuck to their defeatist worldview and didn't come to the march.

Here is a city of about 1.3 million people and only 300 participated in this march! My guess is that almost all churches were informed about this march. There are at least 2 mega churches in the city (2,000+ members). Both of these have more than 5,000 members. I am a member of one of these, and have been since 1986. I had a look around at the people at the march and recognised 11 people from my church. I have to add that of these 11, 9 were there because of political affiliation to the ACDP. That means that my church had only 2 people there!

I wonder why there were so few from my own church? My guess is because NOT one of our 24 pastors was there. Yes, you read correctly! We have a church with about 2
4 pastors and not one of them came to the march! I suppose if the pastors don't lead, the sheep won't follow!

From the other 5,000+ church at least the head pastor was there. However, his denomination (supposedly Reformed in theology), made it clear on national Christian radio that they do not support these marches.

What will these men and women who did not stand up for Biblical marriages in the public arena tell their children one day when they are asked why they did not march? "Dad, did you not care enough about my future to march against evil?" "Am I not worth marching for?" "Do you love your sport more than you love me?" "Am I not even worth a day's wages?"

Some parents saw their children marching but were unwilling to march themselves! What kind of a message does this send to our children? That we are not willing to stand up for what is righteous? "Backbone, oh backbone! W
here art thou?"

It all comes down to priorities and worldview. The priorities can only be in order when there is a proper Biblical worldview! A correctly applied Biblical worldview will make adjustments to priorities, so that other things like sport and money and personal welfare will not stand in the way of our battle for a righteous government who would be willing to enact righteous laws.

I kind of asked a rhetorical question as to why not one of our church's pastors was there and the answer from someone was that the pastors are tired. Too tired to stand up for what is right? I wonder what Paul would say in situation like that? Paul was shipwrecked and left for dead 3 times and so many more terrible things happened to him. Yet, our pastors are tired!

It seems to me that the church is in a coma or at least not
conscious at the moment and is in real need of resuscitation! What will it take for the church in South Africa to be willing in the day of God's power? Oh, yes! The church is waiting for some mystical wind to blow over them to give them some sort of supernatural power! Until then, it is business as usual.

These Christians that are unwilling to stand up for righteousness in the political arena are the typical "couch" Christian. They are the armchair Christians. They sit and watch and have lots of comments to the team playing, but are unwilling to participate.

I suppose that when all "hell" breaks loose around us, these same people will say, "It won't make a difference!"

Like I said before, and I say it again, when
30 million Christians do nothing, I guess, then "it won't make a difference!"

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke

Update 10 October 2006: Here is a picture and article on the march from the Pretoria News of 9 October 2006.

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