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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Government bullies bank out of crime initiative

The ANC government seems not to understand the state of crime in this beautiful country of South Africa.

The Sunday Times reported today that the First National Bank (FNB) "chickened" out of a major crime initiative that would have involved thousands upon thousands of South Africans that are sick and tired of crime.

According to the Times, "The bank had comm
issioned 2.8 million pamphlets containing a patriotic message on the concern about crime. Attached to each was an envelope addressed to [President] Mbeki. Postage had already been paid."

Officials from the Presidency met with mana
gement from FNB and "explained" sensitivities surrounding a campaign aimed at the president, "especially" since there is a current battle for succession in the ANC. According to the Times, government spokesman Themba Maseko saw this campaign as incitement against Mbeki, and that this "incitement" of "people to behave in a certain way towards the head of state cannot be condoned."

It is very interesting that the ANC holds several accounts with FNB, and the ANC must have threatened the closure of their accounts with the bank. This would have been a huge loss for the bank and as a result they must have backed down on their initiative.

Why is it that whenever the subject of crime rears its head, the ANC government must run around like chickens without heads trying to mislead the people about crime in the country? The fact is that the crime situation can be laid at the feet of the current government without any argument. This government has been soft on crime since it came into power. Why shouldn't they be? They would be hard on their own voter's base if they did become hard on crime. The vast majority of criminals in this country vote for the ANC. Why should the ANC government resist their own voter's base on this?

More and more, this government gives us unequivocal proof that it has no idea on how to solve the state of crime in this country; or,... they have no plans on stopping the crime wave! When the Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula, states that people make too much fuss about crime in this country, and then a short time after that President Mbeki states on national television that crime is not out of control; then, together with the FNB saga, we have incontrovertible proof that the current ANC government simply is not serious about crime and does not care about the welfare of its citizens. A government like this does not deserve to be in power!

On the other hand, the fact that FNB backed off so easily from this campaign has simply proven that they can be intimidated by government. The fact that governmental "sensitivities" are more important than the more than 18,000 people annually that die by violent crime, is simply beyond me! So many of FNB's own branches have undergone waves of crime, and this should have pushed the resolve of FNB's management to go ahead with their campaign!

A government that does not care about the welfare of its people simply does not deserve its power base, and it is time that those who vote for the ANC open their eyes to the truths about the ANC.

The ANC is a typical humanistic organization that would do anything to gain power, even if it means doing exactly what the people stand against. A case in point, in fact several cases: legalization of pornography, legalization of abortion and legalization of same-sex "marriage."

A "democratic" government, elected into power by a democratic vote, who simply does whatever it wants no matter what the people say, is in fact a false government that usurped the power of the people and is aiming at ruling by tyranny.

If, as the statistical claim goes, 70% of people in South Africa are Christian, then those Christians need to rise up and withstand this government and its "tyrannical" laws by voting them out at the next general elections in 2009.

It would be the duty of every Christian to vote against the ANC!

UPDATED 5 February 2007:
The latest in this saga according to News24 is that FNB will go ahead with their anti-crime initiative, but at a later date. It is my opinion that FNB should go ahead in order for the ANC government to feel the pressure from the people in order to bring about REAL change with REAL crime-fighting initiatives!

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