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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mugabe walks tall while his country is laid low

Mugabe, arguably one of the most evil leaders that has walked on African soil, continues to walk tall and proud while his country continues to be laid low on every front.

Here is a man that is as racist as they come, he has committed numerous human rights violations, and has driven his country to ruin. He is at the forefront of bringing the former bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe, to its complete demise
. His communist ideals have propped him up as the saviour of nothing and joker of the international community.

Yet, the South African President, Thabo Mbeki, continues with the lunacy of quiet diplomacy!

This quiet diplomacy has proven to be utterly foolish while the people of Zimbabwe go without life's necessities. Further, the racist Mugabe has made sure that whites are not welcome in his country and got rid of almost all white farmers. Many through violent means! Mugabe also throws people into jail on a whim when people oppose his evil policies. Free speech is free only to those who agree with him.

Yet, Mbeki wants to be nice to the guy! While Mb
eki does not have the guts to demand change in Zimbabwe, many Zimbabweans are streaming into South Africa, many taking jobs where South Africans should be working. I do not say that we should be nasty to Zimbabweans. Far from it! They deserve care, which their own government knows nothing about. If South Africa declares this a state of emergency and provides Zimbabweans refugee status, then we could at least get financial help from the U.N. That means, we would not have to use the money that we so desperately need, on the refugees.

Mugabe should be brought down to earth. How that can be done I do not know. Perhaps Mbeki and the SADC leaders must show that they have a little fortitude and tell Mugabe that he no longer has their support. But, then again, the current South African government seems to be a friend of torturous regimes.

Is this really the legacy that
Mugabe wants to leave behind?

It is time Mugabe goes and that proper government is restored. Once he is out, he and all his ZANU-PF cronies should be brought before an international court for gross human rights violations!

Justice must be served!

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