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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pro-life lobby sowing confusion?

As usual, the pro-murder lobby, um, excuse me, pro-choice lobby, blames the pro-life lobby for the abortion amendment bill not making it through parliament this last week and therefore that this bill has to wait until next year.

This murderous pro-choice lobby claims that the pro-life lobby is sowing confusion among people.

At least, according to the pro-choice definition of confusion, the pro-life lobby is only sowing confusion. On the other hand, the pro-choice lobby sows death wherever they go. They are actively campaigning for a culture of death, while using the euphemism of "pro-choice!" What they are really standing for is infanticide. That is the direction they are heading for. They are simply pushing the envelope a little further as they move along.

The fact is that these pro-choice groups unashamedly stand for the murder of babies under the smokescreen of pro-choice.

This needs to be stopped.

It is at this point that Christians all over the country start voting against this culture of death and immorality that parties such as the ANC nd DA stand for. Christians need to stand up and vote for a party that will stand strong on moral, and life and death issues. That party is the ACDP.

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