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Monday, February 18, 2008

What is Zuma hiding?

Zuma's actions lend themselves to great suspicion of the man.

He has travelled 3000Km+ to stop the NPA from gaining access to some documents in Mauritius. The state has described these documents as "damning evidence" against Zuma and Thint, a French arms company.

What made Zuma travel all the way to Mauritius to stop these documents to be released into the NPA's hands?

When someone goes to such great lengths to ensure that documents remain buried, I can hardly bring myself to thinking that it may perhaps be to ensure that justice is done!

Both Zuma and Thint argue against the release of these documents, claiming that it would impact their rights. What would those rights be? Defrauding and stealing from the South African nation? Hiding criminal activities? Amazing! I always marvel at the ability of people who are involved in criminal activities to use mental gymnastics in order to justify their abhorrent behaviour! Some blame the devil, or even God, who made them or told them to do it. Others claim that their criminal activities are protected by some misguided bill of rights.

Zuma must be the crown prince of Coocoo Land. He also claims that the very fact that the NPA requested these documents from the Mauritian government "would tarnish his international reputation and cause him to 'suffer grave and potentially irreparable prejudice'."

The fact that he is doing his utmost to stop these documents from seeing the light of day seems like a big cover up by him and his lawyers. "THAT alone, Mr. Big Shot ANC man, has tarnished your
international reputation and caused you to 'suffer grave and potentially irreparable prejudice'." Zuma should have thought of his tarnished reputation before he got involved in all these things.

And, it is not just these corruption charges that have "tarnished" his reputation. As a former chairman of the SA National Aids Council, he had sex with a woman whom he knew was infected with the AIDS virus. This of course became international news since he was accused by the woman that he had raped her. At the rape trial, when asked if he had used a condom, he replied that he didn't, but that it was fine as he took a shower to minimise the chances of infection.

As can be seen in the picture above, his reputation as a "showerhead" was created by him and him alone. Zuma does not need anyone else to tarnish his reputation. Zuma is his own victim!

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