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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scarborough comments on Obama's meeting with Christian leaders

For those in the United States of America wondering who they need to vote for in November, maybe this will inform you as who not to vote for.

If you stand for Biblical, Christian values, then Obama is not your man.

Just a few pointers on Obamanation (read Abomination):
- He fully supports abortion, right down to partial-birth abortion.
- He supports gay rights and gay 'marriage'.

Read more about Obama's unChristian ideas as highlighted by Rick Scarborough here.

For an alternative in November, visit the Constitution Party and their candidate, Chuck Baldwin.


Anonymous said...

He does not support gay marriages. I wish that he would, but he doesn't. Try to get accurate facts.


William Dicks said...

He may not directly support gay-'marriage' but he does support civil unions. How is a civil union--in reality--different from marriage?

He also voted against DOMA. That is a very indirect and disingenious way of supporting gay-'marriage'!

Anonymous said...

The change that is coming with our new Pres. will change your life forever....If I was you I would be studying on how to deal with Obamas change policy!

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