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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pitching in baseball

Kent on the right My wife and I, together with our kids lived in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. the whole of 1999-2000. It was during that time that I met Kent Justice, who was a radio sports announcer some years before in California, and at the time was a morning news anchor at NBC-4 in Columbus. The reason that I met him was that he was our next-door neighbour.

Our families quickly became close, as we had quite a bit in common. Our daughter and their daughter were the same ages and the same was true for our sons. Further, we were all Christians.

One day Kent invited us all to a local minor league baseball game between the Columbus Clippers and another team. Right through the game he explained what was happening on the field, strategies and how the scoring worked. Well, needless to say, I walked away there with a new vision of baseball. It is here that I received my love of baseball. Of course, it is unusual for a South African to love anything other than rugby, cricket and soccer. In fact, I like baseball more than these sports.

Kent was my buddy when we lived in the U.S. and I thank God for him and his family.

Of course, when we came back to South Africa in December 2000, I entered into my baseball winter, and was unable to watch any baseball until this year when I finally decided to hook up to DSTV. It is on ESPN that I now get to watch baseball. Usually the games are on when we are sleeping (01:00). Then a replay will be on in the afternoons here in SA when I am at work. So, I would usually get to see the last hour of a shortened version of the game.

Then came last night when the Rockies vs. Phillies game was on from 20:30 SA time (14:30 in Philly). I got to watch a game as it was being played. I sat there with my laptop and tweeted my thoughts as the game went on. I really enjoyed it. However, what disappointed me is that right after that game, the Yankees/Twins game came on. I just couldn't keep on watching, as it would have kept me awake till 03:00!

Anyhow, I have waffled enough for now. I found two neat online pages on baseball pitching.

Baseball Pitches Illustrated is simply a guide to identify pitches when they are pitched.
How To Grip And Throw Different Baseball Pitches gives descriptions of several grips and throws in baseball pitching.

Next time you watch a game, see if you can identify those pitches!

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