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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Global Warming Hysteria: coming for you this month!

Where do you think this AGW hysteria is leading to? BTW, AGW stands for Anthropogenic Global Warming, man-made global warming. To learn more about the global warming hoax being foisted upon the people of this planet, see my post of links on global warming here. Remember http://tinyurl.com/agwlinks, because this is where I keep adding more links to articles debunking the notion of AGW.

So, have you wondered about the question I posed at the beginning of this post? If AGW wins the day in Copenhagen and in similar meetings in the future, then the future for humanity will be sealed… extinction! And to wit, at the hands of humanity itself.

China has already spoken up concerning their fool-proof method for stemming the AGW tide… population control! Even now, there are voices from countries like Canada pointing to this same solution.

Wesley J. Smith, author of the blog Second Hand Smoke, featured at First Things, highlighted the call for this solution to population control:

Global Warming Hysteria: The Potential for Tyranny
Global Warming Hysteria: The Potential For Tyranny 2

So, will you be standing first in line to show your commitment to the "cause," or will you rather keep standing against the tyrannical hysteria of the AGW proponents?

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