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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strikes in South Africa show the heart of a brutal nation

In a previous post on the strikes in South Africa I wrote:

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"Striking in this country is never just a matter of downing tools. It inevitably leads to violence, intimidation, destruction and in several cases, death! This is a culture that the ANC bred under the previous government, and has lost control of since they took over the South African government."
These strikes show the heart of a nation that is brutal, a nation with demands that show no sympathy for those that are truly in need. It is a nation that truly shows no love for its fellow citizens that are in dire need and in some cases dying. This is a nation where the plight of the poor fall on deaf ears and promises of help are just that, promises! It is a nation where promises lead to votes, as in the case of the ANC, but where the promises lead nowhere!

This is a nation where a man in desperate need of an arm saving operation after his hand had been cut off, is turned away from 2 hospitals by strikers who have no sympathy for those in real need.

This is the South Africa that the world did not see during the FIFA 2010 World Cup. This country suffers from the Gremlin syndrome.

Gremlins are cute, furry  little creatures called mogwais, that turn into evil, violent little monsters when they come into contact with water.

During the world cup, all the world saw of South Africa was the cute, friendly, furry side of the nation. Now that the world have left our shores of furryness, and we once again have come into contact with the waters of reality, South Africa once again returned to its true nature of "violence, intimidation, destruction and [] death!"

What is the solution for those that need desperate care at our hospitals during the strike? According to the leaders of these striking unions, the patients must negotiate with strikers. This is proof that the monsters in charge of these strikes are heartless, and have no compassion! What about throwing these Gremlins into jail for preventing people from receiving essential care!!!

When will these fools realize that in a life and death situation, being prevented onto the premises of a hospital is not an inconvenience! It is a CRIMINAL offence to prevent someone from primary health care! These strikers are unethical, but we all know that this is the very Gremlin that the ANC bred before they came to power.

At least the Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, had this to say:
"If somebody gets into an operating theatre where somebody is being operated on and wants to disrupt somebody who is vulnerable, who is on life support - in exercising certain democratic rights (to strike) you get in there and disrupt - that's murder.
"I'm not surprised but shocked, extremely shocked at the willingness to murder because you can't have that kind of country.
"It shocks me that there is any living, normal South African who thinks like that."
Several other government ministers stood behind Motsoaledi and supported what he had to say. They were all shocked at the way strikers abused their rights through violence and other actions. What surprised me was that they were shocked by the actions of the strikers! This is nothing new! This has been going on since the 60's, and these 'ministers' are shocked? Where have they been all that time? Living on Mars? This is the very thing that many of these same ministers encouraged in the years of the so-called "struggle!" And now they are shocked? It is like these ANC and government leaders have Multiple Personality Disorder! (This is not schizophrenia.)

On the one hand, this is exactly what they did before 1994, and now they are shocked at what these strikers are doing post-1994.

The brutality we see today in strikes and crime have many reasons. One of them is that South Africa has turned its back on its morality that used to be based on the Biblical God, Jesus Christ. Sure, there is much lip-service to Him still, but without the conviction of the truth of the Scriptures.

How will we see a restoration of this nation? Certainly not through political manoeuvres or psychological mumbo-jumbo! That restoration can only come through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ which He accomplished on the cross for His people!

"A democratic freedom that has no accountability,
provides not for stability, but anarchy!
-- William Dicks

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