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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Show your support for the Right to Know Campaign today! ACTION item!

The South African government is busy looking at the Secrecy Protection of Information Bill. I wrote about this in my post called "South Africa soon to experience its own Body Snatchers." In this post I wrote:

"The problem with any government, is that as soon as the government starts intervening in the area of the free flow of information (FFOI), it is usually (read: almost always) because the current government (political party in charge) does not like what is being said about them. When it comes to the ANC, that is exactly the case. The ANC does not have the social make-up or maturity to handle criticism well. [...]

"A government that does not like, and cannot handle, criticism, soon turns into a totalitarianism."
South Africa is currently at a cross-roads in more ways than one, and the issue of the freedom of the press and of the Free Flow of Information (FFoI) is but one of them. However, for the South African democracy this issue rates as one of the most important, if not the most important issue.

It is for this reason that the Right to Know Campaign has been launched. Please show your support by signing up! You don't only have to be South African to sign up. There are also categories for companies and international friends.

Click on the Right to Know Campaign logo below to sign up! You simply cannot be apathetic about this issue. It is on this issue that South Africa's democracy stands or falls! I would even suggest that it may be a good time to open your own blog or Twitter account in order to become active in fighting the Secrecy Bill and other issues. We simply cannot be quiet any longer. Do you have what it takes?

START now!

Read more about this issue here, here and here.

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