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Monday, November 08, 2010

Racist South African Idols judge lashes out at Idols racism

maralouwMara Louw, who has already made several racist remarks in her stint as Idols judge in South Africa, has done it again!

In an outburst mentioned in a news article at News24, she is reported to have said:

“White people vote for white people and black people get the short end of the stick.”

She also said that “Black people don't have access to DStv. So a large part of South Africa is excluded.” That may or may not be so, however, there are a lot of up-and-coming black South Africans that are already hooked up to DSTV.

Randall Abrahams, the most straight forward judge of the 3 Idols judges represents my sentiment:randallabrahams

“To say that white people vote white and black people vote black, you have to know every person who is voting and know who he is voting for. And this is impossible.

"M-Net gained many black viewers. How do you know that black people didn't vote for Elvis? People stopped voting long ago for only singing talent, they vote for the whole package. And in any case, it is the white people who buy the albums”

This is exactly true! Louw seems to love spouting nonsense based on her own racist emotions instead of speaking according to fact. The racism, embedded so deeply in the recesses of her own soul, keeps on coming to the fore in these vitriolic outbursts that have marred this judge who only this season also appeared drunk on the show, performing her duties in that state. She certainly is not a good spokesperson for the South African Idols competition.

The fact that Elvis Blue was crowned the king of South African Idols is neither here nor there. There are almost 8 times as many blacks in this country than whites. Should we change our national elections because more blacks have access to voting booths than whites? Absurd!

Further, in my circle of friends and family, I know of no-one that wanted Elvis to win! We all voted for, or at least preferred Lloyd over Elvis!

Mara Louw should get her facts straight. Not all voters vote like she does. Some do vote for people different than themselves!

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