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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Top 10 posts for 2010

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It is always interesting to see what others find interesting, and that is no different from the list of top 10 posts here at ΒιβλιοΠολιτ! Unlike my Top 10 at Theo-Enthumology, a post from 2010 actually made it to number 1 here at ΒιβλιοΠολιτ! At Theo-Enthumology, only 2 posts from 2010 made it to the top 10, whereas here at ΒιβλιοΠολιτ 5 made it! (And, of course the #1 spot!)

So, what are the top 10 posts?

# Post Year

10 Obama's police-state tactics 2008
9 Aren't you glad this is not your dentist 2010
8 Ashley Judd is disingenuous about abortion 2008
7 When the wicked seize the Mother City (Cape Town) 2010
6 Looting just the beginning: South African government
starts reaping
5 Obama, drugs and homosex 2008
4 The dark side of human trafficking: children! 2010
3 Swallow mourns his mate 2009
2 China has created monsters 2010
1 Abortion is MURDER! Marches and Lifechains against abortion 2010

Why don’t you visit the top 10 posts and wonder why they made it onto this list! I also wonder about some of these!

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