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Monday, June 20, 2011

Julius Malema, ANCYL declare war on South Africa

To Malema, South Africa can be divided into two groups: the haves, and the have nots. In his mind, with his business deals and all, he sees himself as belonging to the have nots. What is the solution for inclusion in the haves? Simply take from the haves, and he will become one of them too, while making the haves the future have nots. Malema believes in taking, and if he can’t just take right now, he will force the current ANC leadership to change their policies in order for him to take whatever he wants. Of course, to any sane human being, that boils down to stealing, no matter what policies or laws say. It remains stealing! If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it IS a duck!

Malema has once again called for land invasions, taking from the whites what “rightfully” belongs to blacks. He does not want the current system, “willing buyer, willing seller” to remain in place. He doesn’t want to have to pay for land that already “belongs” to them. The funny thing is, the majority of tax paid into the national coffers come from whites, and those taxes pay for these land-exchange deals, hence, the land is bought from whites with their own money! He wants to simply walk onto a piece of land and take it. In other words, he wants Zimbabwe: the Sequel. The funny thing is, I cannot think of any country off the top of my head where this land grabbing policy existed, where that country has made a success in anything else! It creates an environment where every Tom, Dick, and Julius think that they can take what they want without working or paying for it. Therefore, thievery, killings and in the end civil wars abound! It WILL return South Africa to the barbaric days of Tshaka, and Dingaan! Is this really what Malema wants? If this is what he wants, he is more of a clown than I thought!

Surely everyone can see that Malema is busy with incitement to violence, once again? The call to taking the land is clearly that! At what point will the youth, after repeated calls of such incitement, no longer sit and wait, and actually react to Malema’s calls of land grabs? Can everybody see that we are heading, as a nation, towards a civil war?

Violent revolutions never simply end peacefully. We can see that from history, especially in the French and Russian revolutions. The leaders of the revolutions, who had overthrown their governments, after some years were overthrown themselves, by more violent revolutionaries. It simply leads to more bloodshed. We can even see that from the history of the ANC, since their takeover of South Africa. From the time of Thabo Mbeki as president, there has always been some behind the scenes scheming going on to overthrow the current South African president and/or ANC leaders. Violence begets violence! We can see how violent crime has escalated since the ANC took over South Africa! Revolution begets revolution! Somewhere, someone will have to call an end to it!
Malema is a hate-filled person. He hates and vilifies anybody and anything that does not agree with his ideas. If you disagree with him, he will want to overthrow you. The way that things are going right now, it is very possible that Malema could become one of our next presidents. Under his ANCYL leadership, he has radicalised the youth like no one has before, leading me to think that the time is coming, sooner rather than later, when this country will be dumped in a free-fall that will happen so speedily, that South Africa will become like Zimbabwe, or even worse. The problem with the ANC youth, is that they cannot see this coming. All they can see is what the will have, having taken it from someone else. The question is, how radical will Malema and his lieutenants become. In taking the land, will they employ a scorched earth policy? Will they destroy everything in their path, as happened in Zimbabwe, especially if resistance is given? Only time will tell! The youth will inherit a country that is devastated and in ruins, and I just do not see them rebuilding this country to any of its former glory! The Bible tells us that we will reap what we sow! The ANC/ANCYL will eventually reap what they sowed over many years of violence!

Of course, the question remains: Has the time come for us to pack our things and leave the country? Only you, the reader can answer that question for yourself. The problem is, that is exactly what Malema wants! If the whites are out of the way, the job of land grabbing will be so much easier.
What would be the solution to this country? We know we cannot trust the ANC! I don’t think the DA is the solution either, since they essentially promote the same immoral policies (apart from the economic ones) s the ANC. Any of the other parties are just too small, and cannot even make a dent in the political landscape of South Africa.

It is perhaps a good thing that we don’t really have any political recourse, since that will only ensure that we keep on putting our trust in GOV instead of GOD. This is where we need to put our trust for South Africa’s future. In His providence, and in His sovereign power, He will lead this country to wherever He wants it to go. All we can do is pray, and trust that He will do to this country that is best for it and His people in this country! In the end, there is only one Lord and King, one God that we can put our trust in: Jesus Christ!

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South Africa after Malema's "affirmative" land-grab!
Image courtesy Zapiro.

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