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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

South Africa is at another crossroad, AGAIN!

Since 1994, annually we think that South Africa is at another crossroad, and since then South Africa have been at 18 crossroads. One per year! Of course, in my opinion, we have moved passed the crossroad, and is heading down the precipice of destruction, resulting in a huge SHPLATT at the bottom!

It simply does not stop! Every year we have strikes, demanding for more and more money. Of course, anyone with more brain cells than an amoeba can see that South Africa’s economy can NOT handle that kind of downward pressure. Right now, every Tom, Dick and other union has instructed their members to go on strike.


Image courtesy of Zapiro

Then we have corruption! This seems like the new sport in government circles. Of course, those that blow the whistle on corruption in government have become targets themselves. Public Protector Thuli Madonsela brought some heat onto the government for corruption, and suddenly found herself in mortal danger. Out of the blue the police had some case against her. Soon after Madonsela found out that a case had been opened against her, the media reported that Willie Hofmeyer, head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), was under investigation. The unusual thing about this is that his submission to the Justice Portfolio Committee in Parliament which revealed that the SIU was investigating an enormous amount of corruption cases in government departments, was submitted in March. The next thing he is also under investigation? It seems that the government is in the business of intimidation! Read more about this here.

Can South Africa survive all of this criminal behaviour and unreasonable demands?

This will undoubtedly continue until Jesus comes. If Jacob Zuma is to be believed, that is, since he claimed that the ANC will rule this country until Jesus comes. If that is true, then South Africa has no hope, for as long as the ANC rules this country, South Africa has no hope of coming out on top! The ANC cadres have this attitude of entitlement, that anything in the state coffers is there for them to take for their own benefit, notwithstanding the fact that that money is public money, NOT ANC cadre money! This is the South Africa which the ANC is growing, and the day of reaping is not far off! When, not if, will the ANC government be overthrown in violence? It cannot be that far into the future, or is it?

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