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Sunday, December 18, 2011

ANC speaks through both sides of its mouth

anc-two-headed-monsterOver the many years of the ANC’s existence—100 years in 2012—we have now learnt with great clarity that the ANC will change strategies and policies as the circumstances demand, whatever their end-goal is!

The case in point is that several months ago, Julius Malema and his Pied Piper mice wanted to charge into Botswana to “help establish” a regime change in that country. With great fanfare the ANC chastised him and ANCYL for bringing the ANC into disrepute.

Of course, the ANC has a long-standing disrepute that all clear thinking people can clearly see and understand, since the ANC regularly rams controversial laws through parliament when they perceive resistance to their proposed laws. This was clearly the case with abortion on demand, legalised pornography, legalised same-sex whatever-it-is-but-it-is-not-marriage and now lately the secrecy bill. With each of these bills, the ANC simply rammed them through parliament, while not listening at all to what people were saying in consultation with the government. In fact, with each of these votes in parliament, ANC Members of Parliament (MPs) had no right to a vote of conscience. They were told what to vote! Democracy has no meaning to this monster!

Right on the heels of Malema’s chastisement of his meddling in the affairs of Botswana, the ANC, via the mouth of ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe, offered to help Zimbabwe's tyrant-President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party to win elections. That is clearly meddling in the affairs of Zimbabwe! Why is that so different from Malema’s meddling in Botswana?

The ANC has been speaking through both sides of its mouth for many years now. Before they came to power, they wanted the whole world to meddle in the affairs of South Africa. When they came to power any meddling from other countries, especially if they were western countries, was chided as colonialist interference in Africa. Of course, the ANC would always accept the money of those western countries as long as there were no strings attached!

The ANC can sometimes really blow smoke out of nether regions we won’t mention. In this case Mantashe said: "The ANC wishes to affirm her commitment to being a good and trustworthy neighbour to fellow liberation movement.(sic)" The ANC has drawn the line. What they mean by “liberation movement” is very one-sided. It is liberation from white, colonialist rule, and nothing else! It does not mean liberation from black tyrants like Robert Mugabe, or liberation from human rights violations, or liberation from genocide. You know, silly stuff like that!

In the minds of the ANC, and Zanu-PF for that matter, evil comes in the form of a white skin. Evil simply cannot come inside a black skin, no matter what men like Mugabe (or even Gaddafi) have done to their own people! The ethical scale that these people work from is very different from that of the 1st world countries. Why would the ANC support Mugabe so vehemently against parties in Zimbabwe such as the MDA, who want freedom and equality for all Zimbabweans, no matter if they are black or white? Oh yes, according to Mugabe and the ANC, freedom, liberation, is only available to humans with a black skin. Whites have to be thrown off their land, and if they do not want to move, they will send their hit squads to make sure these whiteys leave, dead or alive! This has been Mugabe’s strategy for a long time now. This is where the ANC is moving towards.

The ANC has allowed Malema to breach the subject of nationalisation, while claiming on the other hand that it is not their policy. They have simply used Malema to break the ice on this issue of nationalisation. Once they feel that the idea has settled in the psyche of the citizenry, in a good or bad way, they will move ahead with nationalisation, straight from the pages so violently written by Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF thugs in Zimbabwe.

What is the future of South Africa in light of its persistent support of men like Mugabe and Gaddafi? While the ANC is in charge of this country, I find it completely inconceivable that there would be any rosy future for the people of this country, no matter the colour of their skin. I am convinced that reconciliation between all cultures in the nation will not be accomplished while the ANC and their tri-partite buddies are in charge. We need people to run this country with the needs of all the people of the country in mind, not just one group. While taking from one group and giving to another seems like a good idea, it would be fallacious to think that the people of this country will be better off. All that is happening is the shifting of poverty between groups. That is no solution!

The ANC consistently moves from one evil idea to another, bringing this country to ruin. If only the people could think through the ideas of the ANC in a selfless way, they will discover that the ANC cares only about itself!

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