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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ACDP stand on Marriage Act Amendment

This statement was emailed yesterday on the ACDP's Parliament News email list.

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Statement by Reverend KRJ Meshoe, MP
President: African Christian Democratic Party
11 September 2006

The ACDP believes that marriage, as is known all over the world, is a voluntary union between a man and a woman.

We believe that calls to amend the Marriage Act to include the so- called same- sex marriages should not be headed or supported by both government and the general public. Not a single person making or supporting such a call is a product of such an unnatural and sinful relationship. We are all products of heterosexual relationships and not homosexual ones.

The ACDP rejects the notion of the so- called homosexual marriages based on our biblical and cultural beliefs as African Christians. The fact that not a single cultural group, religious group, tribe or nation on the African continent agrees with the promotion of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, is a clear proof that the concept of homosexual marriage is foreign to us and should therefore be rejected.

The ACDP believes that the best way to address concerns raised by the Constitutional Court’s decision in the Fourie case in 2005 is to amend the Constitution of our country and not to amend the Marriage Act. We will table a constitutional amendment in Parliament which will protect the traditional view of marriage from legislature or judicial challenge by stating that marriage in section 39 of the Constitution should read that “a marriage is a voluntary union of a man and a woman.” Those who want to continue with their sinful unions have a right to do so, but they should not interfere with the definition of marriage as it is known and accepted throughout the world.

The ACDP calls on all Christians in SA who believe in the traditional and Biblical definition of marriage to support a demonstration called by the Marriage Alliance of SA planned to take place in major SA cities on Saturday 16 September 2006 at 10:00.

Reverend K. Meshoe, MP
ACDP President

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ACDP Parliament Media Liaison
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