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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pimping their daughters!

Can you believe it? Parents in the town of Kimberley acted as pimps for their 14-year-old daughter (now 16 and pregnant), and only got 5 years effective jail time for it!

It still amazes me that people can do such things to their children! Humanity is still plummeting down the dark hole of its own sin, getting worse by the day. Depravity is at the order of the day with television, magazines and movies trumpeting degenerate behaviour from the roof tops all under the guise of "free speech." And people still wonder why our society is so evil and immoral?

When our own political leaders cannot govern themselves (Zuma), and are such putrid examples to a people who have become stripped of any moral base, it is not surprising to see things like this happen in South Africa!

These parents effectively traded in human flesh and only got 5 years! On top of this, they traded in their own flesh in the person of their daughter! How can 5 years be sufficient for a crime so heinous?

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