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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It won't make a difference!

I am still so amazed at many South African Christians.

The final "For Marriage" march will be held this coming Saturday in Pretoria at 09:30 from the Pretoria Art Museum to the Union Buildings. The museum is located on the corner of Wessels and Pretorius.

The amazement is that so many Christians still say "It won't make a difference!"

I was quite astonished when I heard this! What is even more amazing is that it came from people that were supposedly mature Christian folk! It sounds more like Christians whose spiritual muscles have atrophied!

The fact that no
difference is being made in this country is exactly because so many Christians have this it-won't-make-a-difference attitude! Of course, we will not make a difference if 30 million Christians think like that. There are way too many Christians that are apathetic to righteous causes thinking that perhaps someone else will do it for them.

If this was the attitude of great Christian men like William Wilberforce, John Newton and David Livingstone, then perhaps we still would have traded with slaves today!

Listen my dear Christian friend, it is not someone else that must make a difference in this country on your behalf! In this game of life, there are no reserves that can be called up after half-time. We all have to play. No-one is excused! It is not the person next to you that will make the difference anymore. It now depends on YOU!

If you see no difference in South Africa as the years march on, then it would be futile to point to others that they did not do enough. The old saying, "The buc stops here!" has you in mind!

The buc stops with me and YOU!

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