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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sacrifices to the pagan 'god' Molech continues...

You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD. (Lev 18:21)

If anyone was wondering what Molech was all about, here is the short and bitter (not sweet) about it! In the Old Testament of the Bible the pagan nations around Israel worshipped the false 'god' called Molech. These people had it in their minds that this twisted demon (read 'god') demanded the sacrifice of their children to appease him. Every now and again Israel would fall away from God and also worship these sick perverted demons posing as gods. They would join these wayward nations in burning their children to death in the fires of sacrifice.

I bet you think that this is sick and twisted. You would be right in thinking so! However, in the world and in South Africa we have something similar going on!

Sure, the 'god' Molech now has a different look and feel and one can say that he has undergone a radical transformation. Whereas previously he was someone separate from the worshippers, he has now become one with them.

You see, Molech has transformed himself into the personal self of each of his worshippers. Today, each of Molech's worshippers is only looking out for himself and the depraved pleasures of this life.

In the same way that Molech demanded the sacrifice of a child more than 2000 years ago, he still demands the sacrifice of a child today!

That sacrifice of innocent lives that Molech and his endless pleasures demand today has transformed itself from the sacrifice of fire to the sacrifice of abortion. This sacrifice is no longer a sacrifice of appeasement to a 'god' bent on the destruction of his worshippers, but rather it is a sacrifice of all that is good to appease the insatiable desire for endless pleasures devoid of responsibility.

There is a new 'god' on the block and his name is 'self.' 'Self' has proclaimed himself greater than the lives of others, even the lives of innocent unborn children. All of this under the guise that it is legal under South African law. Is it so difficult to understand that the South African law is not an eternal law but can be changed tomorrow or the day after that?

Legality does not make something right! Tomorrow it may be wrong!

While Molech has transformed himself into the personal 'self' and the sinful, selfish desires of a generation that just cannot grow up into adulthood, thousands of children are being murdered because adults, with the mentality of children, cannot become responsible for their actions. This mentality of perpetual youth can only live in the moment and simply cannot see how their actions today will affect them tomorrow. It is time for this generation to grow up and to take responsibility for its actions.

Abortion is simply another way to worship 'self.' While those that have become pregnant are "too busy" with their lives and careers, they simply make the sacrifice of a child in order to avoid the imprisonment of child care. The appeasement of 'self' is all that matters.

The murder of children is wrong, whether it is this side of the birth canal or the other!

It is time to let this government know that we will not just stand here and watch them allow the murder of innocent children in the womb!

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