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Monday, November 13, 2006

Civil Union Bill finalized!

The South African Civil Union Bill (CUB) finally has a final version which has been accepted by the ANC.

The summary of the Home Affairs Portfolio Committee adoption of the bill is as follows:
"After some deliberation the Chairperson ruled that no further debate around the proposed civil union legislation would be allowed. Members would debate the Bill in the National Assembly on 14 November. Allaying Democratic Alliance fears, the parliamentary legal advisors confirmed that the Committee had followed the appropriate procedures in finalising the Bill. The Civil Union Bill was adopted with unanimous support from the African National Congress. The Inkatha Freedom Party and the African Christian Democratic Party opposed it while the Democratic Alliance, allowing their members a free vote, abstained from voting."

Now that the CUB has been adopted by the ANC, since others did not accept it, it will now move forward to the National Assembly where it will be debated before a vote to make it law.

The ANC claims to be democratic, however, when it comes to allowing their own members of parliament (MPs) to vote in parliament on issues that may need a vote of conscience, the ANC allows their members to vote whatever they like, as long as it is what they are told to vote! I will not believe for a second that every single ANC MP wants to go ahead with this ridiculously depraved law!

Unless a miracle happens, the CUB will become law very soon! With the ANC holding more than two-thirds of parliamentary seats, the vote seems to be going only one way! Ushering in legalized depravity.

I have written extensively on the homosexual issue here.

However, I would like to raise one more point. I do not believe that the homosexual agenda has anything to do with having the right to marry. It is about something bigger than their right to marry another person of the same sex. It is all about having their sinful lives validated by law. They are craving acceptance for their wicked lifestyles. The fact is that no matter how much acceptance they beg society for, it is not society they need acceptance from, but from God Himself.

Any acceptance from society for our sinful lives comes with empty promises. No matter how much society tells us our sin is acceptable, and that we are fine as a result; sinful, depraved lives are never acceptable before God. Real acceptance only comes as we humbly submit ourselves before Jesus Christ, and believe in the work He did on the cross of Calvary.

Society can no more promise acceptance for depravity, than it can promise us the moon and the stars! Promising acceptance for sinful lives is out of the jurisdiction of society!

And, that includes any law making body! No Supreme Court, Constitutional Court or Parliament can make what God has termed as an abomination, to be acceptable in His sight! It will remain wrong until Christ returns, and then those who have denied Him His rightful place in their lives will be condemned to eternal suffering in hell!

Is this harsh? Sure it is harsh! However, the fact remains that if I did not warn those who want to lead such depraved lives, then I will be guilty of not doing my duty before God. It is out of concern that we need to warn people who insist on living in sin, that they are walking the path that leads straight to destruction.

May this be a warning to all those who insist on living this homosexual lifestyle. Turn to Christ! Let Him become your refuge! Do not let the lusts of the flesh and of a depraved lifestyle be your hiding place. Rather, find peace and reconciliation with God through Christ!

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