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Friday, November 10, 2006

Civil Union Bill seems to forge ahead!

It seems that the ANC-led government prides itself on ignoring the voice of the people.

After hearings across the country, in which people from all walks of life could voice their opinions to special committees, I am convinced that the majority of people did not want same-sex marriage for South Africa!

However, the power-hungry-people-ignoring ANC simply forged the Civil Unions Bill ahead. The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs voted on this bill within that committee and gave it the go ahead. The interesting fact is that only the ANC members in the committee voted while others either abstained or voted against this depraved legislation. From what I have seen within the ANC is that ANC members simply have to vote party line and cannot vote their conscience. So much for democracy when there is none in the leading party!

The Bill as presented by the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs can be found here.

1 December 2006 is indeed going to be a dark day for South Africa, when this legislation is supposed to take effect, ala our Constitutional Court inJustices!

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