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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christians and Politics: Maturity Required

I heard from someone the other night that a friend of his doesn't vote because the only time that political parties are interested in him is around election times.

That, to me, shows a level of immaturity that is all to common among Christians in South Africa. There is a sense among Christians that they want to be spoon fed all the time, all too reminiscent of pre-school and junior-primary aged children. It is at this level that children, to a large extent, still get spoon fed when it comes to teaching them. They haven't learnt the skills of how to acquire knowledge by themselves and need to be directed in the right direction.

When it comes to politics, South African Christians are largely still in the pre-school/junior-primary category.

Yet, these same Christians want positive change in this country. Something that we are still waiting for since the new "democratic" government took over in 1994.

What we did get from the new government is more crime, abortion, pornography, same-sex "marriages" and a constitution that is Godless and completely anti-life.

This is exactly what Christians do not want!

Yet, how many of these "Christians" are actually willing to stand up for a cause! They simply want things to change, but expect someone else to bring about the change. One thing I have learnt from South African politics, is that democracy is a complete fallacy. We have seen that clearly in the same-sex "marriage" debacle. The government simply refused to acknowledge that the people do NOT want same-sex "marriage" legalized! Yet, they went ahead and legalized it anyhow! When asked why they do not hold a Referendum on the same-sex "marriage" issue, one of the ANC members in the National Council of Provinces responded with, "We don’t need to follow the electorate, we must lead the masses – in a creative way!"

If we as Christians do not stand up against this type of anti-democracy, then our nation is doomed! Yet, some don't even want to vote because their is no one to hold their hands! Christians are not supposed to be led by their noses! Stand up and be counted! Make a difference! Bring about change! Don't let negative change overcome you!

Whenever the Bible speaks of social justice, it expects us to be part of rectifying injustices. The fact is, that much of what should be happening in politics can be explained in two terms: justice and injustice. It is government's responsibility to ensure that justice prevails and that injustices are eradicated. However, what we have in South Africa is that the government are the perpetrators of injustice. It is in this context that Christians should stand up and demand justice in the midst of all the injustices.

The problem is that, just like many non-Christians and non-religious people, Christians in South Africa do what is expedient for themselves!

They would rather vote for the DA, who by the way stands for very much the same as the ANC (the DA is just white whereas the ANC is black), in order to hope that the DA as the only real opposition to the ANC will make sure that the blacks don't completely overrun the country. The truth is that many white South Africans stand behind the DA and many black South Africans still stand behind the ANC purely for historical purposes! For whites, the DA is the only party big enough to still hold the ANC (read blacks) at bay and for blacks, the ANC is still seen as their liberators!

What is sad, is that many of these voters claim to be Christians, yet vote for these two parties without knowing that these two parties stand for the same list of abominations that I listed above.

The question, however is, will the knowledge of those abominations make these Christians change their minds on who to vote for? Or, does personal expediency overrule Biblical standards for them? Do they rather want to be comfortable without rocking the boat, or are they willing to stand up for what is right in the eyes of their Lord?

Will Christians stand up against the injustices of this current government, or is the gentle giant slumbering, ready to fall into a coma?

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