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Friday, December 15, 2006

Treating the Symptoms and not the Cause

HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that is literally spreading like wild fire. Of course, this epidemic started in the loins of those that are now infected with the virus.

Now, many SADC countries want to start considering fighting HIV/AIDS by having men circumcised. You see, some research have shown that "male circumcision has a 50% to 60% preventative effect." This is where their strategies have gone wrong..., again!

This is like putting Band Aids on the cuts of someone who likes to cut himself! In this way, you simply treat the cuts, instead of the cause of the cuts. Instead of looking at the cause of the spread of HIV/AIDS, SADC simply wants to slap a Band Aid on the HIV/AIDS problem. "There's your Band Aid. Go in peace!"

The problem with treating the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, is that it will not stop the spreading of the virus. HIV/AIDS is, essentially, a moral issue and not a medical issue!

When Uganda started their implementation of the fight against HIV/AIDS, they used the letters 'ABC' to describe this fight. These letters had the following meanings:

  • A - Abstinence
  • B - Be faithful
  • C - Christ
Uganda, thus far has been the most successful in the fight against HIV/AIDS. However, liberal forces have hi-jacked this 'ABC' and condomized it. That's right! Christ was thrown off the team and was replaced with a condom by these amoral/immoral liberals, even though condoms still have a 20% failure rate for protection against HIV/AIDS!

Yet, when these dark forces talk about this fight, you hardly ever hear about the 'A' and 'B' of the 'ABC.' I attended the "1st HIV/AIDS Communications Survey 2006" at the beginning of November, and it was clear in this conference that according to those "fighting" HIV/AIDS, abstinence simply was not an option. Their mantra is: "Use condoms!" There is that Band Aid again!

SADC will lose the fight against HIV/AIDS if they continue this trend. To treat abstinence as a non-option, is to sign the death certificates of millions of people. Yet, the fact is that most of those people who have contracted this moral disease, simply live an immoral lifestyle. This is where the South African government, churches and eventually SADC should take up a leadership role in fighting this scourge. And, that leadership role should not just be a role in which they tell people to use condoms to prevent infection. NO, it should be moral leadership. Certainly not leadership like that of Jacob Zuma!

To keep on suggesting that HIV/AIDS is not a moral problem is to invite massive failure in the war against this disease.

It is with this in mind that the church in South Africa should now start walking the road of the moral high ground. The church must become the example of the fact that abstinence can be followed until marriage. Further, it must also show that being faithful to one's spouse can also be attained. Lastly, the church must uncompromisingly preach the gospel! It is in the gospel of Jesus Christ that there is real deliverance and real forgiveness of sin!

It is time that the church starts speaking out against the sins of our nation, of which sex with someone you are not married to is but just one!

Since HIV/AIDS is a moral issue, the church must start speaking about it as such. We have skirted around this issue for too long. Please, hear me in this! I am not saying that every single person infected with this virus became infected as a result of an immoral lifestyle! What I am saying is that this is true with a great majority of those infected.

The fact is that only the truth concerning this matter can prevent more infections. That truth is that only abstinence can prevent infections. Yet, our government and other institutions keep on lying to the people by telling them that condoms are acceptable to prevent infections. This simply is demonstrably NOT true!

If the death and infections of more and more people can be laid at the feet of someone, it has to be at the feet of those who continue to lie to the people. These liars are in the government and many institutions who claim that they are fighting this virus. Words! That is all they are! Words!

The final solution is not in a small 'c'--condoms, but in the exalted 'C'--Christ!

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