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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Solving crime by making criminals military criminals

It amazes me that so many people, notwithstanding the evidence, still believe that poverty is the main cause of crime!

The fact is, that if one looks at a country such as Mozambique, which is much more poverty stricken than South Africa, it soon becomes apparent that poverty cannot be used as the scapegoat of crime in South Africa.

The crime levels in Mozambique, according to conventional wisdom, should be orders higher than here in South Africa. However, that is not the case! In fact, crime in Mozambique is much lower than in South Africa.

This can also be demonstrated when looking at many other countries that, in fact, are much poorer than South Africa. The fact is that crime statistics in South Africa show that crime in South Africa is of the worst on the planet!

South African Labour Minister, Membathisi Mdladlana (ANC), based on the crime in South Africa, made a call for military conscription.

According to Mdladlana, "The worrying trend whereby our youths are involved in the current spate of armed robberies and other related violent crimes that are ravaging our country could be reversed once they join the army."

Mdladlana also believes the Politically Correct (PC) notion that poverty fuels crime. As a result, the Minister Mdladlana feels that conscription should be reconsidered in order to be used as a weapon against crime.

Minister Mdladlana doesn't keep up with the news and events of the South African military and the people that join the military here in South Africa.

IOL reports that the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) may soon cost the South African taxpayer almost R1billion in civil claims against military criminals.

According to IOL, The Star newspaper "revealed that the most recent list of recorded criminal cases against army members includes 26 charges of murder, 22 of attempted murder, 15 of assault with grievous bodily harm, 25 of common assault, and 31 of reckless and negligent driving." Joining the military will indeed solve crime in this country!

That is, crime by civilians! After joining the military, these criminals will commit crime on the taxpayers' payroll! Ever heard of a bigger Mafia organisation than that?

Crime in South Africa will diminish when the ANC government takes its citizens seriously. The fact that this government does not take crime in South Africa seriously, proves that the ANC government does not take its people seriously. Even Mbeki, South African president, is completely out of touch with crime and the people of South Africa!

I can understand if people are out of touch with the crime situation when nothing happens to them. However, a person must be absolutely blind, or have a heart of stone, when looking at the crime statistics in the country.

The fact that Mbeki claims that crime is not out of hand in this country proves to me that he has a heart of stone, since I know he is not blind!

This government does not care about its people or their opinions.

South Africans need to vote against the ANC in the next general elections.

The government needs to act harshly against criminals and create a deterrence for crime. However, I believe that this government has no categories to explain deterrence.

As a result, we are perhaps stuck with crime as it is!

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