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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crime not out of control?

I sometimes wonder, as I did before, whether our government ministers are Martians or not! However, I think that our government, and now especially President Mbeki are even further removed from reality when crime in South Africa is considered. Are the Martians led by a Plutonian? Mbeki might as well be from Pluto, since it seems he has no idea what is going on in South Africa.

Mr. Mbeki, I would advise you to read the newspapers and not just a summarised version prepared by your aids! Further, it may be a good idea to look at the statistics of crime in this country. While there is a war in Iraq, the amount of deaths in Iraq per annum as a result of the Iraqi War is less then those murdered in this country over the same period!

I admire the fact that Mr. Mbeki is so positive, but it just seems to me that he has become the latest spin-doctor in our political scene!

Mbeki is opposite to the boy who cried "wolf." The boy cried "wolf" for such a long time that when the wolf eventually came, no one believed him. Mbeki is crying, "No wolf!", while everyone is staring many wolves in the eye!

When someone tells us that the moon is purple and
we know he is joking, we can play along. But, when someone claims the moon is purple and really believes it, we will call that person a "nut."

Now, in Mbeki's case, he is not merely confusing colours, he is confused about the state of crime in this country!

What should we think of Mbeki's claim that "crime is not out of control?" Is he joking? Should we play along and humour him? Or, is there something more serious afoot?

See the response of the ACDP to Pres. Mbeki's statements on crime here.

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