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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ASCR 72 - ESCR 0!

It is now ASCR 73 - ESCR 0!

In a contest that is no match at all, ASCR has beaten ESCR with great ease!

This contest that has lasted several years by now, has clearly shown that research for cures of all kinds of diseases using ESCR (Embryonic Stem Cell Research) has led to nothing, nada, zip!

On the other hand, research using ASCR (Adult Stem Cell Research), has led to 72 known cures 73 known cures.

Naturally, the driving forces behind ESCR, will not tell you that ASCR is winning this battle hands down. In fact, they will not tell you that they have nothing to show for their research!

Read this list of links to articles about known cures, achieved by ASCR.

Read more at the website of The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics.


  • 5 April 2007 - British researchers have for the first time grown part of a human heart, using "adult" stem cells derived from bone marrow, British media reported this week.
  • April 2007 - DoNoHarm has updated their PDF document, 75 New Reasons, to 90 New Reasons to consider the alleged need for stem cell research that destroys human embryos.

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