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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Terrorists given a pat on the back!

In an article entitled SA's war veterans confront demons in the bush, Florence Panoussian describes the psychological work done with so-called war veterans from the apartheid era.

These war veterans are from the armed wings of the ANC, IFP and PAC.

By calling them SA's war veterans, Panoussian paints a picture of veterans representing the people of South Africa. But, far from it!

These men are not war veterans! They are terrorism veterans! These are men that planted bombs to blow up civilians! Those are not acts of war! They are acts of extreme cowardice that could only be perpetrated by terrorists. But, then again, calling them terrorists is not politically correct (PC)! That is why they are called war veterans! What a war! Blowing up innocent civilians!

Please don't tell me that it was collateral damage expected in a war! If it was a "war" singularly aimed at hitting military targets, I could accept it, since the previous government committed many atrocities that violated the freedoms and rights of many people. However, many of the targets were civilians! That is NOT collateral damage! That is chickenheartedness! Only a chicken with a yellow under-belly will target innocent civilians and call that bravery!

The ANC's yellow under-belly still shows today in that it still murders around 50,000+ innocent civilians every year and then calls it by its euphemism: abortion! I have also shown elsewhere how the ANC has no back bone to stand against atrocities committed in other countries! Just look how South Africa have soft-peddled on the gross human rights violations in Zimbabwe. The result is even more violations!

A spade is a spade and a terrorist is a terrorist. You can take an apple and call it an orange as many times as you want, it will not become an orange!

By calling a terrorist a "war veteran" we are simply spreading lies, and there will never be any truth or reconciliation. Reconciliation can only be accomplished when the full truth is applied. By using softening euphemisms we cannot get to the truth. By doing that, the horror experienced by the many victims of this mindless terrorism is denied, therefore showing great disrespect to those victims.

The fact is that these terrorists need to come to a point where they acknowledge the evil they committed, and they MUST acknowledge it as wrong and evil! By simply letting them deal with their "demons" in a psycho-babble session will not bring peace to their hearts. This will only make them feel that they are fine and that what they did was acceptable, while neither of these assessments would be true!

They need to be brought to the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is only there that they can find forgiveness which will result in peace for their hearts. It is as they admit their heinous sins, and turn from those sins by actively acknowledging that those acts were evil before a holy God, and further believing in Jesus Christ as the One who died for the sins of sinners, that they will find the deliverance that only Jesus Christ can bring!


Roger Saner said...

What's interesting is you've not mentioned what the "terrorism" was against, and left out the fact that if individual acts of terrorism were bad and evil (and need the light of truth shone on them) then what they were protesting against (apartheid) was similarly bad and evil and needs the light of truth shone on it.

The interesting thing with structural evil is that it allows individuals to say, "I didn't really know what was going on," while still condemning individuals who voilently rebelled against their oppressors.

To be consistent with yourself, I'll rephrase you: "The fact is that most older white South Africans need to come to a point where they acknowledge the evil they committed, and they MUST acknowledge it as wrong and evil!" I see very little evidence of this having happened - especially amongst white Christians in South Africa.

Unknown said...

After I posted this post, I realized that someone was going to respond exactly like you just did.

It reminds me of children. In fact, my own do the same. The one blames the other, and without dealing with the blame itself, the other one will simply pass some blame back.

The consistency that you claim for me actually is inconsistent in your own assumption.

I said absolutely nothing about what I expected from whites, since this post was not aimed at whites at all. That is a post for another occassion.

This post dealt exclusively with the misnomer of "war veterans" and therefore it had nothing to say about anything related to the whites.

However, the fact is that most South Africans knew what was going on. Those who claimed they didn't know what was going on are simply disingenuous!

The fact is that rebellion against oppressors are fine. However, to blow up innocent life is wrong. When the oppressed rise up against injustice and target genuine government targets, it becomes a real liberation struggle.

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