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Friday, April 13, 2007


What can I say about the U.N. (United Nations)?

It seems to me that they want unity at all costs! The problem is that they have no clue whatsoever what the cost is going to be! This organization must be the most inept body of people on this planet! Actually, when it comes to risk assessment, I think the word 'inept' is a way too clever word to use!

They keep on bungling ahead making the weirdest decisions, and some of those decisions have cost the lives of millions, i.e. Rwandan Genocide! See my post, Useless U.N.

Anne Bayefsky, has brought something very interesting to light in her thought-provoking article A Disarming Election.

Can you believe it? Make the wolf the guard of the sheep pen!? Bayefsky calls the move by the U.N. to reelect Iran "as a vice chairman of the U.N. Disarmament Commission" a "moment extraordinaire." This means that she calls it an extraordinary, uncommon, remarkable moment. Is it really that extraordinary, uncommon, remarkable for the U.N. to be so obtuse? I think not! It happens with too much regularity! It is like having some of the greatest human rights violating countries on the Human Rights Council at the U.N.! Oh, sorry, I forgot! Those violators are on that council! Countries like China and Saudi Arabia!

So, as you can see, reelecting Iran
"as a vice chairman of the U.N. Disarmament Commission" isn't really that extraordinaire! It has become very ordinary, common and unremarkable for the U.N. to bungle along as they prove themselves to be so very clever to the U.N. "lovers" while those with discernment can clearly see just how irrelevU.N.t this organization has become!

It is like putting a murderous psychopath in charge of innocent children and defenseless women!

Anybody with the smallest amount of sagacity can see the folly of the actions of this U.N.wise organization!

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