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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We want more!

When is enough, enough? When MPs keep on demanding more, but do not fulfill their mandate as given by their constituencies, should they be rewarded with increased salary hikes?

Will any amount of money really be enough?

Members of Parliament say R643,800 a year is not enough!

Here in South Africa we have what is called ministers of parliament. They hold the main portfolios in the cabinet of government. So, there could be a minister of Defence. These ministers are all directly under the President.

After the President and his ministers, there are the members of parliament (MPs).

Now, some of these MPs seem to think that a proposed pay increase of 5.4% just is not enough. After the increase, ordinary MPs will earn an annual package of R643,800. These ordinary MPs wanted a greater increase (some expected up to 50% increases), "to close what they see as a 'gap' between their earnings and the salaries commanded by more senior parliamentarians."

It just seems to me like these MPs are greedy! I will give my eye-teeth for a salary like that! Why do they want so much more? If they did receive a 50% increase, they would earn in the region of R910,000 annually. It is simply a lust for money! The way this country is run, I do not think they deserve a raise at all. Do they realize that the money they want was handed over to them in the form of taxes as payment for serving the people, not that they could go blow it on lifestyles that are not commensurate with the offices they hold! These people are public servants, elected to SERVE in government, not to spend the money of the electorate on frivolous lifestyles!

How many of these people are in government because they want a better life for all, and want to serve their constituencies? Then, how many of these are there because it provides a salary, and that is about as far as they think? My guess is that the second group would be greater than the first!

The fact that the word "minister" means "servant" simply escapes these people. That goes for the ministers and most of the MPs. In my opinion, these people are not there to serve, but to rule and to lust after power and money!

Even though he only recommended a 5.4% increase for MPs, Judge Dikgang Moseneke, head of the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers, said that better pay for office bearers would help combat corruption.

Throwing money at problems will not necessarily do away with them! Some of the richest people on the planet are extreme criminals! Surely, the judge cannot believe what he said?! When the lust for money takes over, no amount of money will satisfy it. Some of the most corrupt people are people with lots of it!

To combat corruption in government, simply have a zero-tolerance policy. Currently, it seems, corrupt officials simply get a slap on the wrist, and some cases they are suspended... with FULL pay! Corrupt government officials should be sent to jail for violating the trust of the people!

While it is an honour for some to serve in parliament as MPs, others seem to be there for the gravy train. Those that do not want to serve, MUST be relieved of their posts.

The reason why this country keeps going lower and lower in corruption, crime and other immoralities, is that the current ANC majority government has a whole bunch of free-loaders as ministers and MPs. Simply look at the ministers' report card! These free-loaders are sucking up the resources of this country like resource-thirsty sponges. They are the parasites of society and need to be replaced!

Why must the people of this country pay the salaries of those who do NOT want to do the work to which they were elected?

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